Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 13: Sunday

“Top of the morning to you!”

Juliette flung the curtains open, letting in a stream of bright light that almost blinded her in.

Jazz groaned from behind her, shoving a pillow over her face. Juliette pushed the window open, enjoying the cool breeze that brushed over her clammy skin.

“That’s more like it,” she murmured to herself. She turned, seeing Jazz still hibernating under that bloody pillow.

“And this is when you reply with, ‘and the rest of the day to yourself’,” Juliette’s finished. Jazz mumbled something incoherently into her pillow.

Jazz stuck her head out, inspecting her watch which lay on her bedside table. Once she had seen the time, she gave a death glare in Juliette’s direction.

“Seven thirty? Seven bloody thirty on a Sunday!” Jazz hollered like she couldn’t believe it herself. Juliette gave her a slim smile.

“Well yes. One key to success is having lunch at the time of day most people would be having breakfast,” Juliette said merrily, making her bed.

“That’s not what you say most mornings when I try to wake you up,” Jazz mused, slipping from bed. Juliette rolled her eyes, knowing perfectly well Jazz couldn’t see.

“Those are days are in the past,” Juliette said, turning to give Jazz a smile. Juliette had already slipped down to the showers that morning.

“I see being late to class on Friday has motivated you,” Jazz said, picking up a towel to fling over her shoulder.

“Totally, from now on I’m going to wake before you,” Juliette said.

In fact, that only reason she had woken early this morning was because she wanted to keep her mind of Chance. If she mulled on the subject, she would surely feel depressed.

“And its a big day today. We got to get ready for the Alpha Kings mating ceremony,” Juliette said, putting some excitement in her voice. In other words she needed to see the inevitable downfall.

Jazz seemed to perk up at that news.

“You’re right. Its all fancy dress and everything! I cant wait to see what Maya looks like, she’s a total fashion icon within the She Wolves. Did you see what she wore yesterday…”

And with that, Jazz started rambling.

“I don’t even own anything the royal family would even consider fancy,” Juliette said with dismay. Jazz gave her a pointed look.

“Well I do, and we happen to be the same size,” Jazz hinted, wiggling her orange eyebrows.

“Would you really let me borrow a dress?”

“What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t?”

Juliette tugged at the thick, black fabric that hugged her body a little to tightly. Jazz nudged her in the side, urging her to stop.

They stood amongst a crowd a Wolves, all eyes glued to the stage where Bluey stood, microphone in hand. This was like a promotion for her, so the massive smile on her face was understandable.

“Welcome students. I’m sure you are all aware of the fact that this is the first time anything like this has happened in the 30 day trial history!” Bluey said with such enthusiasm it was nauseating.

“This is so exciting,” Jazz whispered to Juliette. This was the best Juliette had ever seen Jazz, who was marvelously dressed in a purple dress.

Juliette found herself still pulling on the short, bandage dress Jazz had let her borrow.

“You look fabulous, so stop fiddling,” Jazz said, slapping Juliette’s arm, who grumbled something rude in response.

“First, the abdicated queen will be speaking,” Bluey said. She departed quickly, Jaxon’s mother Maria taking her place.

She looked magnificent, in her red gown. Everyone was in a trance of her, all thinking how they never thought they would see a monarch.

“Students. You are the packs future, which is why we have granted you the honor of watching such a special date in history,” Maria said, a polite smile on her lips.

“This will be broadcasted live across the pack, and those wealthy rogues will be tuning in also,” she said. Juliette glanced at one of the camera men.

“I would finally like to thank you all for dressing so appropriately, and using your Sundays for such an occasion,” Maria said swiftly. With a curt nod she left the stage.

After a moments pause, Jaxon stepped on. A few people professed their love for him from the crowd. He flashes the crowd a beautiful smile that had all the girls swooning.

Juliette assessed him thoughtfully. He wore a black suit that matched his hair, and a black button down shirt. He looked deliciously handsome.

He kept an air of mystery around him, as he smoothly sauntered in stage. Once he took his place in the middle, he pulled his hands away from where they were tucked behind his back, and flashed the crowd the yellow rose he was holding.

It was his offering, his offering of love to Maya. He looked so calm and collected, like he was confident everything would go as he planned.

He had no idea.

Juliette felt sick watching him, his cool composure and cocky smile.

“Thank you all for the support you being today,” Jaxon said. A few cheered, which made his smile widen. Oh Alpha.

He had that way of speaking a few words that had girls dropping their panties. He let out a calm breath and turned to face off stage.

That was her que.

Maya walked on, and Juliette nearly wailed at her appearance. To everyone, she would looked like a beautiful, enchanting Princess in her mint dress that flowed around her perfectly.

But Juliette saw her look of pain and fright as she walked on stage. She almost hobbled till she came to stand in front of Jaxon.

Her eyes were wide and petrified, as she twiddled her fingers in front of her nervously. Jaxon kept a smile as he kissed her on the cheek with affection, causing awes to fill the room.

Juliette watched Jaxon whisper something in her ear. It made her relax slightly, as hint of a smile on her lips.

She didn’t say anything to the crowd, but Jaxon had that covered.

“Everyone, I have something to announce,” Jaxon said loudly, taking Maya’s hands in his own. Juliette felt like throwing up, wondering if she would really say yes.

“Maya Green, will you be my mate?”

The crowd went silent, waiting for the answer they all craved. Jaxon blinked nervously, a bead of sweat forming on his forehead.

Maya shook, as she breathed rapidly. Juliette held her own breath.


Jaxon was the first to visibly relaxed, as he dropped the rose to the ground. Maya was in tears in seconds, as shouts and screams filled the area. People were pushing towards the stage, as Juliette stumbled back.

She had to get away from them, so get away from the sadness and heartbreak that hung around.

But it wasn’t from either Maya or Jaxon.

The nation would be in tears, the moment they had been waiting for crushed in front of them.

But why on earth had Jaxon looked so relieved about his rejection. He initially had seemed fine with their relationship.

Juliette found herself running in her ridiculous heels, trying to get away from the scene.

She felt guilty, tears pulsing at her eyes. It was like she had watched the betrayal of a relationship, even if it was none of her business.

She was running across the field, feeling like she had no place to go.


Juliette’s flashed a look over her shoulder, to see Jaxon chasing her. She kicked of her heels to run faster.

What on earth did he want?

To accuse her of ruining the lives of many pack members most likely. It gave her the power to run faster.

Even in a suit, it took less the 10 seconds for Jaxon to catch up.

He grabbed Juliette’s wrist, pulling her to a stop. She found herself struggling for air.

“Calm down,” Jaxon said calmly. He didn’t looked very flustered, only calm, perhaps amused. Juliette raked a few breaths into her lungs.

“Why did you run?” He asked, his expression suddenly impassive. He allowed himself to not to let her in to anything he felt.

Juliette felt dizzy and nauseous, his intoxicating scent that she loved so much was choking her almost, clouding her sanity.

“Why did you bloody chase me?”

Jaxon gave her a deadpan look, his silver eyes glowing with seriousness.

“We need to talk,” he said slowly. He looked over his shoulder, to see everyone occupied with whatever was happening on stage.

“I get it, I ruined everything for you. Maya rejected you, it was probably my fault,” Juliette confessed.

She couldn’t think straight, they way the Alpha King stood so close to her, his warmth radiating off him.

“You ruined nothing. In fact, you have made everything so much clearer,” he said gently. His eyes burned into Juliette’s, making her want to cower away.

“How?” She asked, looking up at him meekly. His eyes drifted out of focus.

“Let me try something.”

And with that, he grabbed her petite figure, and pulled her right against his chest, swooping down to press his lips against hers.

He kissed her with such a passion, such need it nearly sent her stumbling back in shock. But he held her, he held her so close and so romantically she nearly melted to the ground.

Anyone who might be watching, any reason she had against it flew right away, as she kissed this beautiful man on the field.

He tasted like something fresh and rejuvenating, almost like mint. His lips were so soft, yet his body so hard against her it made her swoon.

But as soon as it happened, he pulled away, leaning his forehead against hers.

“You look beautiful by the way,” he murmured, his arms wounding around her waist in a protective nature.

Alpha King.

“Shit what am I doing!” Juliette shrieked, pushing away from him, even it did take all her will power.

He looked rejected, more rejected then when he asked Maya to be his mate. His eyes filled with sadness and regret, which tore at Juliette’s heart.

“You are the King! I cant be with you,” Juliette said loudly, holding her hands up. She didn’t trust being near him.

His eyes filled with realization.

“Juliette, why should me being a King matter?” He took a step at her, which she matched backwards.

“It matters a whole damn lot! You are my teacher, my leader! I should bow to you, not be kissing you,” Juliette almost yelled. She needed to get it into his head.

“Your ranking means nothing to me, not when you have the chance to be my Luna,” he said softly. He took a large step closer, his eyes full of love and trust.

Juliette felt like crying; she couldn’t handle these emotions!

“Don’t bring that up, you know it cant happen!” Juliette said. He was in tears now. She felt so weak.

To prove her point, she fell her knees in front of him, bowing her head in submission. She was nothing to him, nothing up a rogue.

He paused.

“Juliette, stand up.”

She ignored him.

“You don’t belong on the ground,” he whispered. His hands were pulling her up, pulling her to him.

She didn’t fight it.

“Let me show you how your ranking doesn’t matter to me,” he said softly in her ear, his warm breath fanning against her neck. She shivered.

She looked up at him, loving his silver eyes.

“I am having a birthday party on Thursday night next week. I want you to be my date,” he offered. Juliette froze, ready to decline.

But his lips were on hers again, melting her instantly.

Who knows how long they stood there, consumed in each others warmth. The public display of attention went unnoticed to most.

“Ill go,” Juliette craved, once she pulled away for air. Jaxon’s smiled broadly.


“Someone looks smitten.”

Juliette looked up from her simplifying, and straight into Alpha Chris’s dashing green eyes. He gazed down at her with curiosity.

“I think confused is more proper for my situation,” Juliette mused, putting her pencil down. Tutoring had been going well, till he decided to bring up the goofy smile she couldn’t wipe from her lips.

Yes, she loved kissing Jaxon, but she could barely wrap her thoughts around it.

“Want to tell me about it?” Chris offered, turning in his chair to fully face Juliette.

“Its this guy…” Juliette started, slumping down. Chris gave her a knowing smirk.

“I think I like him, but I’ve barely known him for long,” she said. Chris frowned slighty.

“You can be with someone for two years and feel nothing. You can be with someone for two weeks and feel everything, don’t let time defy your relationship.”

Juliette stared at Chris is surprise, astonished by his wise words. It took her a few moments to continue.

“Its not just that. I mean I’ve just been cheated on, its hard to trust again. And don’t get me started on his ranking in the pack,” Juliette said, slightly exasperated.

“He an Alpha?”

“Of sorts. And I just can’t fathom what he sees in me. His future is bright and full, while I struggle to even get into the pack.”

“Love is blind,” he mused.

“Are you calling me ugly?”

“No! Not at all.”

Juliette sighed and picked up her pencil again.

“You could make this simple, and be with me.”

Woah there Alpha Chris!

Drama drama drama

Hope you enjoyed this chapter, dunno if I did :/

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