Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 14: Day Six

“The early bird catches the worm!”

Yes, Juliette had kept to her promise, and had woken before Jazz again. Jazz sat up instantly, shooting a death glare at Juliette’s figure.

“Please don’t make a habit of waking me with witty Good Morning lines,” Jazz grumbled, practically rolling out of bed.

“I’m not going to make any promises. Look, I found where you keep the towels,” Juliette said, her smile growing. Jazz glowered at her.

“Great, do you want me to call up the Famous Five, I hear they have a spot opening to make it the Famous Six!” Jazz said sarcastically. Juliette rolled her eyes.

“No, but do you want to Shrink to deal with those anger issues you got going on,” Juliette retorted, throwing a towel straight at Jazz’s face.

“Can we shower already, I’m not a morning person,” Jazz said, stalking to the door.

“Clearly,” Juliette muttered under the breath before following Jazz. She grabbed her phone, scrolling through whatever app she was on.

“Move,” Juliette hissed, pushing at Jazz, who had stopped in the doorway. Slowly Jazz turned around, her mouth hanging open, her eyes glued to her screen.

“Holy shit,” she breathed. Juliette tied to get a look at the phone, but Jazz kept dodging.

“What?” Juliette asked, clearly frustrated. Jazz looked up at her, eyes filled with confusion and shock.

“You and the Alpha King?”

Juliette felt dread spill over her, as she snatched Jazz’s phone from her hands. Juliette took a long look at it, her eyes drinking in the picture on screen.

King’s new She Wolf; just a fling?

Juliette’s eyes trailed down from the news headline, and to the enlarged picture of the Alpha King, and Juliette making out on the middle of the field.

Juliette could feel the blood drain from her face.


Anyone could have seen this by now!

Her eyes took in the full article written about the picture:

Who is the Kings new mystery girl? Witnesses say they spotted the pair kissing late morning on Sunday, right after the Alpha King declared his love, and was rejected by Maya Green, a favourite in the pack.

Protesters state that this was the cause of Maya rejecting the King. Perhaps Maya was being threatened? The identify of the Kings new She Wolf is still uncertain, and if you happen to nothing of the girl, or their relationship, please contact the number below.

Juliette gaped at the writing, her eyes swimming with emotions.

“They made me seem like the bad guy! This was such a mistake.”

Juliette needed to talk to Jaxon, now!

“I don’t have time right now,” Juliette spat, as she stormed her way to the gymnasium. Blaise padded along beside her.

“Listen, I know what you are doing,” Blaise said, keeping pace with Juliette. She rolled her eyes and shot him a glare.

“I said I don’t have time,” Juliette hissed. She wasn’t in the mood to hear his flirty antics.

“I get it, really. But you don’t need to kiss the King to get my attention,” he said matter of fact. Juliette skidded to a stop.

“You have seen the photo?” She asked, completely astonished. Blaise nodded.

“That is what you intended,” he said, a smirk playing on his lips. Juliette blanched.

“What no,” she admonished, shaking her head. She resumed walking, Blaise following.

“You don’t have to lie to me, I get it. I’m all yours,” he said, in what sounded like a seductive voice. Juliette growled, but didn’t hit him; they were at the gym already.

Juliette flung the doors open, walking in such a speed it was almost a run.

Not many people were at the gym at this time, and neither was the King. Juliette took a seat away from everyone else.

“Can I write you a poem?”

Juliette clenched her fists by her side. Blaise scooted closer, a goofy grin on his face. Juliette ignored him.

“Do you know how eatable you look in that uniform,” Blaise whispered seductively in her ear. Juliette resisted the urge to throw up.

“Blaise McVeigh, please sit elsewhere.”

Juliette and Blaise looked up in surprise. The Alpha King stood in front of the group, his eyes burning holes into Blaise’s scull. He watched with careful silver eyes as Blaise scuttled over to an empty spot away from Juliette. Knowing the King, he probably heard every word Blaise had to say to Juliette.

Once he had stared down Blaise, Jaxon’s eyes swooped back over to Juliette. She at first, was struck by his awe inspiring beauty; the way his vivid mercury eyes burned into her, they way his black hair was slightly disheveled and how it contrasted to his black jacket and grey under shirt.

Juliette mouthed ‘I need to talk to you’ to him, which he responded with a nod.

“Welcome back class. As you can tell, I didn’t need to eliminate anyone from the group,” Jaxon said, a look of relief on his tan features.

“Today we will be covering how you use your fists. You will be paired up to box. This is a stress reliever as well as a way to build your strength and fitness,” Jaxon said, his hands clasped together in front of him.

“As Rose has decided to not show up on time again, we have an uneven number. Juliette, you will be my partner.”


Everyone was bound to know, as all eyes shot to hers I’m curiosity. She shrunk down in embarrassment.

“You’re an idiot you know that,” Juliette hissed lowly to Jaxon, once everyone had gotten their gloves. Jaxon was currently strapping black ones onto Juliette’s fists.

Jaxon’s gaze lifted from his occupation, and into her eyes. He raised an eyebrow.

He stood so close his sweet scent was intoxicating, his warmth seeping right onto her. She hated how she had to fight for control.

“How is that Miss Kerson?” He asked. He looked ultimately amused, and it annoyed Juliette because she felt to flustered with the situation.

“Have you seen that ridiculous article about us?” She asked, flinching when Jaxon chuckled.

“Indeed I did. Nice isn’t it?” He asked, a teasing taunt in his voice. Juliette pulled her hands away and punched him in the shoulder.

“How is that nice?”

“I want everyone to see you belong to me.”

“I don’t belong to you. Did you read the article, I’m just another fling.”

His eyes darkened as he stepped closer. Juliette responded by thumping him in the chest with all her might to keep him away; she couldn’t think clearly if he kissed her again.

“You are surely not a fling, you are mine.”

“Look, I don’t know what you have been smoking, but I’m not yours, nor do I belong to you.”

“Yes you do.”

“Since when.”

“Since I kissed you that’s when.”

“People kiss without meaning all the time.”

“It meant nothing to you?”

“That’s not what I meant…look I don’t even know you, it been a goddamn week Jaxon.”

He sighed and closed his eyes, a look of almost pain on his face. Juliette went to strike him, but he blocked her cunning move.

Juliette bristled.

“How about you join me for lunch, and you can ask me whatever you please,” Jaxon offered, a mischievous glint in his eye.

Juliette narrowed her eyes, not sure his offer meant all he was letting on. But who was she to let down some information, and it was the King.

“Alright then Alpha.”

“So what is my punishment for today?” Juliette asked as Jaxon let her into his suite first. She took a welcome breath of whatever was cooking for lunch.

“Hmm, the gymnasium floor needs mopping down. Meet me there after dinner,” Jaxon ordered, securely closing the door behind him.

Juliette nodded and wandered down the hallway, taking in the pictures on the walls. One caught her eye.

It was of a young girl, maybe fifteen. Her long brown hair was plaited neatly. Her yellow dress was full of fun and youth, just like he smile.

“Who did this?” Juliette’s asked. Jaxon stood behind her, looking easily over her head.

“I did,” he breathed, his arms wounding around Juliette’s waist as they stared at the picture.

“Who is it?” She asked, leaning back against his chest. He was so warm she just wanted to sleep on him.

She was amazed by his immediate talent.

“My sister,” he said gently. The mood in the room plummeted below Arctic.

“Lets get lunch aye.”

Juliette looked up through her eyelashes, gazing at Jaxon. He looked calm, impassive as he read through the article again.

Juliette sighed, looking at the brazen male who had suddenly grinned boldly.

“These news people really have a way with words don’t they,” he murmured, his index finer playing with his bottom lip which was curved in a smile.

“Tell me about it,” Juliette muttered, rolling her eyes. Jaxon looked up, giving her a wink.

“How long have you and Maya’s mating been arranged?” Juliette asked suddenly. Jaxon froze, his muscles going ridged, his jaw tensed. He dropped the paper article he was holding.

“Since my mother and Maya’s found out the sex of their babies,” he said gently, an ice to his voice. Juliette shivered at his cool, sharp silver gaze locked on hers.

“And you had no choice?” She asked. His eyes seemed to dim in sadness, glaze like he was recalling a memory.

“No, not at all. It was for the packs best interest,” he murmured, taking a sip of his ice water. Juliette found her gaze on her lunch in front of her.

“I cant go to the thing,” she blurted. Jaxon gazed at her quizzically.


“Your birthday…I mean,” she mumbled. She made stupid mistakes like that all the time. He chuckled, the mood instantly lightened.

“Why not? You said yes once, it would be rude to withdraw now,” he said. His eyes held a mischievous edge, like he knew he would get his way.

“No one will like me!” She blurted. Jaxon looked instantaneously surprised.

“Enlighten me into what you are thinking.”

“I mean Maya was, is…I don’t know, so perfect!”

“What makes you think you’re not?”

“Have you seen me.”

“Yes, I do have eyes Miss Kerson.”

“Don’t get cheeky with me Alpha.”

“Sue me.”

“Must you be so goddamn difficult Jaxon?”

“I promise I wont if you come to my birthday.”

“Are you dealing with me?”

“If that’s how you see it.”

“That’s not an answer.”

“Yes it is.”

“Not a proper one.”

“What would you like me to answer with then, Juliette?”

“The truth!”

“That was the truth.”

Juliette huffed; he really did no how to antagonize people. He gazed at her, his eye assertive.

“You look cute when you banter, Miss Kerson,” he said, his tone melting into playfulness. Juliette, raised an eyebrow, bemused.

“You look painfully sassy when you banter,” she retorted, folding her arms.


“Yes,” she finished, pushing her plate of food away to signal she was finished.

He watched her stand, pushing her chair back. Quietly, deliberately.

“Now if you don’t mind, I have a class to get to. And I think you do too,” Juliette said as she walked towards the door, flicking a wink back over her shoulder.

She made it to the hallway, where she was open, in the public eye, before she felt her body being pushed against the wall.

Warm, hard wall of muscle trapped her against the wall, eyes of mercury silver gazing wickedly down at her.

“You think I would let your pretty little behind walk straight out my door?” He taunted, his lips so close to Juliette’s ear she felt his breath, still cool from his ice water, tickle her neck.

“Yes,” she breathed. Stupid, perhaps. He was close, much to close for her sanity to remain intact, especially since his scent had enveloped her.

“I thought you wanted to get to know me better?” He teased, pressing his soft lips to her neck in that sensual way. His hands were planted firmly on the wall behind Juliette, while her hands clutched his shoulders.

“You have a class to teach Alpha King,” Juliette exclaimed, a ghost of a smile on her lips. Jaxon smiled.

“Ah yes, but first…” (No he will not be taking a selfie)

*Those comments though ^^*

His head swooped down, his lips meeting Juliette’s. She melted in his arms, falling into his warm embrace. She let his tongue invade her mouth, let him bring her pleasure and contentment.

“We are dead.”

Juliette looked up from her mopping, rubbing her forehead, that was wet with sweat. Jaxon was charging into the gym.

Juliette leaned on the handle of the mop, gazing pointedly at the flustered Alpha.

“I was just talking to the Alphas, and they are all curious as to how our relationship is.”


“This isn’t a joke Juliette.”

“I wasn’t joking, I mean who just asks that?”

Jaxon Stopped his pacing to give her a quizzical look.

“That’s not what they meant Miss Kerson.”

Then what did they mean?”

“That is their way of warning me that their should be no relationships in the trial.”


“But we aren’t in a relationship,” Juliette said simply, resuming her mopping. Jaxon sighed rather audibly.

“Well we need to be more careful more careful about where we kiss,” he said, rubbing his chin with his fingers. Juliette rolled her eyes.

“Last time I checked, it wasn’t me who starts all out kissing,” Juliette pointed out, Jaxon shooting her a weak glare.

“And anyways, I am sure that the Alphas will see us together at your birthday party,” Juliette retorted.

“But that will be outside of the trial.”

Juliette sighed. No way she was getting out of this one.

Juliette Kerson.

A good day of training, she improved and showed skill in many aspects, but in some she may need some more training. She attended her punishment. Over all a good report.

Alpha King.

Jaxon watched Olivia’s reaction.

He relaxes when she put it down and continued. No questions asked.

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