Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 15: Day Seven

“I swear this is illegal,” Jazz whispered hoarsely, her eyes darting around the dark area. Juliette squinted toward her prize

“I’m pretty sure a night market isn’t illegal Jazz,” Juliette admonished, her fingers fondling the silky fabric of the blue dress.

“We will be on the run, criminals, culprits, delinquents!” Jazz exclaimed, her eyes wide and worried. Juliette rolled her eyes, grabbing the hanger of the dress and holding against her body.

Juliette had managed to convince Jazz to sneak out to an all night market at 2:30 in the morning. She needed a dress for Jaxon’s birthday, and a birthday present.

Yes they had snuck out when they weren’t supposed too. But Juliette knew she had no other time.

“Does this look good?” Juliette asked. The dress was just enough for her to afford on the card she obtained from her mother. They wouldn’t miss what money she needed right?

“Yes yes, buy it and lets get out of here,” Jazz said nervously. Juliette sighed, obliging.

The dress was nice enough, and it would have to do.

“What do I buy a Alpha King, who probably has everything?” Juliette asked. Jazz had originally agreed to come to the market with Juliette because she was happy for her and the King.

Now she could smell the danger.

“Oh you know what he really wants,” Jazz teased nudging Juliette. She was momentarily distracted with the opportunity to taunt Juliette.

“What?” Juliette asked, genuinely confused. Jazz rolled her eyes, nudging her again as they made their way through the bustling market.

The market was meant for rogues, so they fitted right in. And for a night market, it was pretty busy.

“You know, don’t play innocent with me,” Jazz said. A bemused expression still on Juliette’s features.

“He wants to sleep with you, silly,” Jazz confessed, letting out a playful giggle. Juliette scrunched up her nose.

“He wants to sleep in my bed?”

Jazz smacks Juliette’s shoulder.

“No, goodness me. Have you been under a rock dear Juliette? Locked in a castle high up in the sky?”

Juliette frowned. Jazz was just a confusing mess.

By four AM, Juliette had given up.

There was just nothing a cheap old rogue could get or a high and mighty King.

“So…you and the King huh.”

Juliette’s head shot up, her eyes darting around. She had fallen asleep right after Alpha Drakes morning training. He was a hard worker.

He loomed over her, his milky brown eyes gazing down at her with masked curiosity. She bit her lip.

“Complete misunderstanding,” Juliette lied. Drake raised an eyebrow.

“So you kissed for no reason?” Drake asked. Juliette stared up at him, trying to get past his mask of impassive expression.

“I guess so,” she answered carefully.

“So he just came up, and kissed you.”

“Yes, okay.” Jeez, what is his problem.

Well that’s not what the news said this morning. Juliette’s eyes widened. What was said about them?

That’s how Juliette ended up sitting inside Drakes room, her eyes glued to the Television. He had offered her lunch because she decided to skip it, but she wasn’t hungry.

She felt uneasy and nauseous that perhaps the news people had twisted the truth. She bit at her bottom lip, waiting anxiously or the lunchtime news report.

“You know that things might have changed over the course of the morning hours. I only watched the morning review,” Alpha Drake said from behind Juliette. He didn’t sit on the couch like she did.

Suddenly the famous news jingle filled the room, and Juliette focused her attention on the screen. To very primp and poised news reporters sat behind a desk, pieces of paper in hand.

“Hello and welcome, this afternoons news report not short of any drama,” the woman reporter stated. Both the man and the woman had massive smiles on their faces.

“Yes Mary, looks like the Alpha King and his new girl got caught again in another steamy kiss,” the man said, in that annoying commentary voice reports sport.

“Now this, I haven’t seen,” Drake said, plonking down beside Juliette like a excited child. Juliette swallowed.

A sudden video of her and Jaxon kissing popped up on screen. It had originally happened that morning.

Juliette slammed her face to her palm, cringing.

“My life is over,” she wailed, holding her head on her hands. This was surely going to ruin her chance of getting into the pack. She waited for Drake to flip, but he didn’t.

“Apparently a source states something about him punishing this female in his daily reports!” The female reporter said, like it was the most captivating thing in the world.

Both Juliette and Drakes mouths fell right open.

“Do you think our King is into bondage and sadistic practices?” The man asked. Juliette wanted scream and rip her hair out.

Drake burst out laughing, clutching his chest as rakes of laughter flew over him. Juliette whacked him with the back of her hand.

“Perhaps. Send us your thoughts…”

Juliette grabbed the hot tea Drake had made for her, and started sculling it down. It burned at her throat like liquid fire, but she needed a distraction.

“Woah there,” Drake said. His hands were over hers, trying to pull the cup away from her.

Bad move.

In a second it spilt over the both of them. Hot tea soaked straight through Juliette’s shirt, and burnt he skin. She screamed and shot from her seat, tearing at her shirt.

“Help help!” She screamed. Drake was wiping at his hands, right where the tea had hit. Juliette threw her top off, snatching the towel from Drakes hands to mop up the stinging liquid.

Her stomach was bright red and clammy. She wimpered, looking up at Drake for help.

His brown eyes were glued to her chest, which happened to sport a very soppy bra. Juliette blushed, covering herself with the towel.

Why did I do that.

Right now, standing under Alpha Drakes heated gaze, his eyes turning black with lust, Juliette wished she had let the tea burn her to a crisp.

She backed up, toward the front door, wishing the bulge in his pants wasn’t so obvious. He followed, his wolf taken over, the sight of a young female body just to much for him, even if she wasn’t his.

“Don’t run, you’ll tempt me,” he growled out, making Juliette’s fear spike to abnormal levels. The couch was in the way, so she was trapped, and so close to the damn door!

He stood over her, his eyes glued to her body, his hands twitching. The real Drake inside him would be trying to hold back, but his wolf was already surfaced.

Two very curious hands reached out, clawing for her chest.

“Hey Drake, I heard screaming before, is everything-“

Drake froze, his hands only centimeters away from Juliette’s breasts, which she covered in fright. His head snapped toward the figure in the open door.

Jaxon stood in the doorway, looking strikingly handsome as usual. His silver eyes were locked on the position of Drakes hands.

Drake was back in control, but he didn’t move his hands. A few minutes passed, as Jaxon took in every detail of the scene

Juliette shirtless and backed against a wall. Drake with his hands so close to her chest. Even her top thrown carelessly away.

“Step away from her right now Drake,” Jaxon murmured finally. Drake dropped his hands. He stumbled back, ready to flee at any moment.

Jaxon entered the room, with fox like stealth. He swiftly moved around the couch, and toward Juliette. She stood in stunned silence, as he pulled his large black shirt off, and handed it to her.

“Put this on. Now,” he ordered. Juliette tried to keep her eyes from his incredibly sexy torso. She slipped the shirt on, which was much to big for her.

“As for you, Drake. Do not even think about recalling this event. If I even catch you telling someone, or if you even think about Juliette naked, I will ruin you.”

Drake swallowed, his eyes wide with fear. Jaxon didn’t look at Juliette.

“Miss Kerson, please head back to my room instantly.”

Juliette froze. She didn’t want to leave Drakes room in just the Kings shirt.

“I said go,” Jaxon said more firmly, finally turning to glare with his molten orbs at Juliette. She made a break for it, but not toward Jaxon’s room, but toward her own.

She made it quite far considering, till Alpha Chris came into view. He was standing outside her room door, talking to Jazz. He was doing most of the talking, while Jazz listened intently.

Juliette stopped to observe. After what Alpha Chris had said yesterday, Juliette had made a break for it, and hadn’t talked to him at all since then.

Who knows how long Juliette stood there, before Alpha Chris finally stalked off. Jazz closed the door behind her.

“And what was Alpha Chris doing outside our door?” Juliette asked once she had made it safety back into their room. Jazz sat on her bed, peering up at Juliette over a magazine.

“I will tell you once you tell me why you are wearing the Alpha Kings shirt,” Jazz said, testing the waters. Juliette flushed bright red, fingering the hem of his shirt.

“I asked you first.”

“You’re really pulling that card?”


“Alpha Chris just wanted me to remind you that you have something on tonight. He didn’t tell me what, do you care to bless me with your knowledge.” Jazz has set her magazine down, and was watching Juliette with interest.


She dreaded going to tutoring, mainly because she was afraid of being alone in a room with the man who confessed the shocking news.

She had literally stared at him for a few seconds before practically beating the door down to get out. He hadn’t followed her.

“If you’re going to see him, don’t let him kiss you. An Alpha is incredibly hard to resist, no matter how hard you try,” Jazz said when Juliette wouldn’t say no more. Juliette swallowed her dread.

“Don’t I know it.”

“Come in.”


Juliettes fist hadn’t even connected with the door yet, and Alpha Chris knew she was there.

She wandered in, leaving the door wide open. Being confined with him scared her, no matter how good looking he was.

He was stooped over his desk, pen in hand. He looked flustered, like his work was very challenging.

But he still looked breathtakingly handsome. Damn Alphas.

His green eyes shot up as Juliette walked in. He stood up so fast his chair hit the whiteboard behind him.

“I want to apologize!” He blurted, jumping straight to the point. Juliette blanched.

His eyes were wide and frantic, searching her face for any sign of anger.

She crossed her arms.

“For?” Oh the power, she just had to do it.

“I didn’t mean to be so blunt! I was brooding on the subject since I saw you and the King kissing, and it just came out,” he admitted.

“So you knew about me and the King, yet you still decided to tell me that?”

“Everyone knows.”

“Well isn’t that just great.”

“I can make this easy for you.”

“In all due respect Alpha, you are as complicated as it gets.”


“Seriously? No.”

“Why not?”

“Are you hearing yourself right now?”


“Relationships are forbidden in the trial.”

“That doesn’t seem to stop you and the King.”

“And if I’m not interested?”

His eyes suddenly darkened, and he stepped closer.

“Close the door, and I will tell you the answer to that Juliette,” he said lowly, his eyebrow raising.

She swallowed, dread spilling over her, hot and sticky. No way was she doing that.

“I asked you do something, are you going to turn down an Alpha?” He asked. Now he was just being cruel.

He stepped closer, leaning his large figure over hers to push the door closed. Juliette tried to keep her shaky breath in check.

She had no defence against the Alpha.

“I wouldn’t come closer. I think you know how the King feels about me. If he smells your scent on me, think of the consequences,” Juliette said, forcing some authority into her voice. She needed him to think that her words weren’t as empty as they may sound.

He narrowed his green eyes into little slits.

“Let there be war, darling.”

She couldn’t resist him, when he pushed her against the door, and claimed her lips for his own.

Juliette Kerson

Alpha Drake had a glowing report for this student, and he has said that she performed well physically and in theory.

Alpha King

Jaxon poured all the spite he had into the report. How dare Drake see his female in such a vunrable, naked state before he did.

He would crush anyone who even touched her.

I reread the chapter and realized I wrote that when Chris was holding the pen, he was holding a penis. I nearly died, but I changed it now

*wipes sweat away*

That would have been awkward!

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