Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 16: Day Eight

“He’s gonna…I’m gonna…he’s gonna…we’re gonna die!”

Jazz watched Juliette curiously, as she paced the room, the warm morning sun glowing over her tan skin. Juliete seemed to be nearly ripping her blonde hair out.

“I mean you can smell it right?” Juliette questioned. She already knew the answer, but she had been babbling for over ten minutes now, and no one would be stopping her now.

“You smell like pheasant, if Chris’s scent was a perfume,” Jazz mused, a slight smile on her face. Juliette groaned and flopped back on her bed.

“I hate my life!”

“No need to be over dramatic, what happened anyway?” Jazz asked. Juliette flushed at the graphic memory.

“Trust me, you don’t want to know. He kissed me, now his scent is all over me. How on earth do I get an Alphas scent of me!” Juliette was getting desperate.

“Soap and water, that’s the best bet. Perhaps a whole ton of perfume.”

Worth a try.

“Tell me why hiding Chris’s scent is so important?” Jazz whispered in Juliette’s ear, as the pair stalked into class that morning. Juliette kept her eyes on her desk, not on Chris’s.

She knew that today she would have to be vigilant.

She sat down, Jazz taking the seat beside her. Slowly Juliette raised her gaze to where she knew Chris would be.

But instead of sitting behind his desk, where he would usually have a pen in one hand, and his other hand would in his dark brown hair, he was standing in front of some girls desk.

Juliette knew her as Bella, a girl in her accelerate group.

Her uniform just seemed to fit better the Juliette’s. Her hair was just longer and more silky then Juliette’s. She was taller, leaner and slimmer. Her eyes were bigger and brighter then Juliette’s. Her legs were longer, her skin more flawless. She was just better.

They were obviously flirting, it showed in the way Chris looked and smiled at her. She was playing along perfectly.

And Juliette was almost…jealous.

She groaned inwardly and slumped her head on the desk, waiting for the lesson to start.

The lesson went fine, and not once did Chris look at Juliette, not once did he even speak her name or ask her a question. And it annoyed her.

At lunch, Juliette sat alone with Jazz and Sara. Her and Sara had become quite good friends, mainly because Jazz and Sara’s brother Cody would flirt often and it got rather dull to listen too.

“How come you have Alphas all over you, and I don’t?” Jazz asked Juliette, while the girls sat eating their sandwiches. Cody was sitting right next to Jazz in front of Juliette, but Jazz chose this time to question Juliette.

“You can have them,” Juliette said, heaving a big sigh. The way Chris had kissed her last night had confused her.

She didn’t feel as enchanted and breathless as she had with Jaxon. Yet when he kissed her, she couldn’t. So her plan was to keep as much space between herself and Chris.

And she had an idea on just how to do it.

“Miss Kerson.”

Juliette shivered, knowing exactly who was behind her.

“Alpha King, sir. Ah…” Jazz was flustered as she stood to bow. Juliette resumed eating after a brief pause.

Jaxon mumbled something to Jazz, which caused her to sit and bow her head in submission. Juliette chewed carefully.

She felt Jaxon lean over her body, his delicious scent consuming her. She ignored everyone’s eyes, as she felt Jaxon’s lips near her ear, his breath hot and erotic against her neck.

“Now baby, care to tell me exactly who has kissed you?”

Juliette froze, realizing she was choking on her lettuce.

He knew!

She swallowed the big lump of food, and swivelled to stare straight up at Jaxon.

His eyes weren’t silver, but obsidian black. His jaw was clenched, his muscles tense and rigid.

“Excuse me?”

A low growl rumbled from him, as he narrowed his eyes.

“I can tell someone has kissed you. If only I could smell exactly who did it under all that artificial shit you wear,” he spat. Juliette subconsciously smiled.

It worked!

“Perhaps its yourself you smell, idiot.” Juliette just couldn’t help herself. Jaxon slammed his palm against the metal table, sending the salad flying. The bang caught everyone’s attention immediately.

“Nobody touches their future Luna but me!”

Well shit.

Juliette blanched. He was pissed, and an angry Alpha King was bad news for everyone.

“Look Jaxon-“

“You didn’t come back to my room yesterday like I told you to! Were you to busy kissing another male?”

He was yelling now, and everyone was watching.

“Jaxon please, calm down. I wasn’t with another male,” Juliette pleaded. She wanted him to know she didn’t belong to him, but that would only make the situation much worse.

“Then why do I smell another male on you Juliette? Is it my brother? Did he see you naked because you let him?”

Oh boy.


“Whoever it is, I’m going to find him.”

And with that, the angry King stalked off.

Alpha Chris stepped into the room, seemingly confident about his last class. It had taken a lot to ignore Juliette, but he knew it had worked.

He walked into the Alpha meeting room, his head high. They always had meetings at lunchtimes.

Chris was usually the first to arrive, but every Alpha but the King was already seated.

His seat at the front was left vacant.

“Where’s the King, usually he gets here first?” Chris questioned, taking his seat. He sat furthest away from the Alpha Kings chair.

Drake had his head in his hands, looking away from the scene. Kade looked slightly amused, like he knew something they didn’t. Noah like impassive, bored even, and Cain looked zoned out.

(Noah being the Alpha Juliette would have had on Thursdays if she wasn’t with the King :p)

“Probably with our new Luna,” Cain commented, snapping from his trance. Chris narrowed his eyes slightly.

“We have a new Luna already?” Noah asked. He wasn’t the brightest Alpha, but he could really pack a punch. Kade shook his head and chuckled.

“Not yet, but soon.”

“Have you seen her? Interesting pick huh,” Kade inquired. Drake started laughing.

“Trust me, I’ve seen a lot of her,” he said, raising a dark eyebrow. Everyone’s gazes shot to his.

“A wet shirt incident. It was how I got this,” Drake said, pointing to his swollen eye. Chris swallowed his anger.

“If you are all done gossiping about my female, I would like to speak to you all about a pressing issue.”

Everyone turned swiftly to see the Alpha King at the door. His power radiated around the room, having everyone bow their heads.

He stalked around the table, and took his seat at the front. He stared everyone down.

“I need you all to keep an eye on anyone who comes near Juliette,” he said, his face serious. Chris chocked on his water.

“Who’s Juliette?” Noah asked.

“You and Alpha Cain don’t have to worry, she isn’t in you classes. But some male has kissed my female and your future Luna.”

Chris hid his smile under his hand. Jaxon had no idea, nor would he continue too.

That evening, after a grueling punishment, Juliette made her way back to room, hoping to get an early sleep. She had the Alphas birthday celebration, and she wanted to be wide eyed and bushy tailed.

She went to open the door, only to find it locked.


Jazz must be out seeing some friends. Juliette unlocked the door, swinging it open. A cold breeze blew over her.

“Who left the window open?” Juliette muttered to herself. She wandered through the dark, toward the open window.

She didn’t want to invite any blood sucking bugs in at the moment by turning the light on with the window open. She reached for the handle, seeing it quite clearly in the moonlight.

“Wow, you look better in person Miss Kerson.”


Juliette stumbled, turning so quickly she nearly fell out the window. She gripped the ledge, her eyes shooting around her room for the intruder.

The voice had been unfamiliar, cold, sharp and eerie.

“Who’s there?” She asked, swallowing. She heard a soft chuckle.

“The resistance.”

It was a man, she could tell. She blanched as she saw a shadow lerk closer.

She was right, a man stepped from the shadows. He was lean, tall and slightly scary.

He was dressed in all black, giving him a mysterious edge. His eyes were inky black, an icy and cool look about them.

But what took Juliette back, was the slim smile on his face, like he utterly pleased with his finding.


Juliette spoke quietly, her voice scratchy.

Calm down.

She took in a shuddering breath, trying to find solace. He would have killed her by now if that was his intention.

“The King treating you well?” He asked, stepping even closer. His scent was foreign. He didn’t belong to a pack, but he didn’t smell like most rogues do.

His features were dark, his hair, his eyes. He seemed deliciously dangerous, giving Juliette a rush of adrenaline.

But his skin was pale under the moonlight, absolutely flawlesss.

“Who are you?” Juliette asked again. She wanted to run, run straight into the Kings arms. But she was stuck by a window, and he blocked the door.

“I belong to the resistance. I have places to he, so lets make this quick shall we darling?”

He still looked amused, as he locked gazes with her.

“You need to go.”

Seriously Juliette?

That was the only sentence she could form. He laughed. It was an enchanting sound.

“Well sweetie, you have something I want.”


“Information, and I know you and the Kings relationship is rather…”

He broke off, searching for appropriate words.


Juliette wished she could back away, he was frightening.

Could she fight him? No, his build showed she had no chance.

Scream? No, he could do something drastic.

Run? He could catch her.

Convince him out of it? Meh, worth a shot.

“Look, you need to go, before the King comes and crushes you to a pulp.” Juliette knew Jaxon had no reason to come to her room now, but the thought of him rescuing her gave her hope and comfort.

His smile slipped, and suddenly Juliette couldn’t tell what he was feeling.

He leant in, but not once did he touch her. He only whispered in her ear.

“The King can’t save you now Precious,” he said, his breath icy cold. Juliette shivered.

A pounding on the door made him step back swiftly.

“Hey Juliette, did you lock the door?”

It was Jazz.

Juliette out a sigh of relief.

“Until next time Princess.”

The stranger weaved around Juliette, and whispered in her ear again.

“Tell anyone about me, and our next encounter won’t be so friendly.”

With that, he leaped out the window, and into the dark.

Juliette Kerson

An average report from Alpha Chris today, but I am glad she is improving in the subject which she struggles with most. She attanded her punishment this evening and finished it to a high standard.

Alpha King.“Always a glowing report for this one sir.”

Jaxon shot Olivia a warning look. She smirked and went back to her work.

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