Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 17: Day Nine

“Is it me, or do you look a little off today?”

Juliette rubbed her eyes, wondering if ignoring Blaise’s comment was her best option. She had barely slept last night due to the surprise stranger.

She kept thinking he was going to jump back through the window and hurt her or Jazz.

Now she sat in the gym for weapon handling, contemplating whether she should tell Jaxon about the intruder. She didnt want the strangers threat to fall through, making her constantly anxious and apprehensive about going back into her room alone.

But tonight was the Alpha Kings birthday party, and she was his date.

“You reckon?”

Juliette smoothed her hair down, not exactly oblivious to the fact that her hair was most likely a wild mess, and her eyes were probably red and puffy after all her rubbing. And not to mention the major bags that were probably under her eyes.

“Yeah, is sleeping alone hard for you? Because I can help with that,” Blaise said, a bright grin on his face. Juliette gave him a pointed glare.

And here she was thinking he was just being friendly and considerate.

“You’re a douche. Did you know that?” Juliette asked, her voice dripping spite. Blaise mocked an offended look.

“Oh you wound me.”

Juliette rolled her eyes, pulling at the top of her uniform. The thick fabric of the unifrom was almost chocking her.

Phew it’s hot in here.

“Class, sorry I am late.”

Everyone looked up as Jaxon walked in, his enchanting scent drifting in with him. Juliette swallowed as his gaze met hers. Punishment last night had been awkward, and they didn’t talk that often.

At least this morning he looked slightly warmer then he had yesterday; his mood yesterday had been below Artic levels.

He stalked in, captivating everyone with his natural elegance and power. Juliette leaned back, glad Jaxon’s presence shut Blaise up.

He gave everyone a brief on what they were doing, which pretty much was that that the students that showed immediate skill would be able to use the proper weapon that they chose last week.

It wasn’t a surprise when Jaxon didn’t chose Juliette from that list, meaning she was back to using the piece of wood that only seemingly resembled a knife.

“This is so stupid,” Juliette muttered, throwing the knife at the target again. It didn’t even make it close. It was late morning, and Jaxon stood watching her.

He had already spent a considerable amount of time with some girl earlier, and Juliette found she had to swallow her jealously. Green was not a nice colour on her.

“Put more power into it, I thought last time I showed you the proper technique,” Jaxon ventured, a playful smile on his face. She wasn’t in the mood for his mood, even if it was his birthday.

He managed to except her happy birthday wish with a sassy grumble. It didn’t seem like he enjoyed the attention most students offered him when they gave the same good wish.

What a grump.

“Last time I put power into a throw, I ended up breaking two double glass windows,” Juliette said, propping one hand on her hip while she used the other one to wipe the sweat from her forehead. She was sweating like she had just crossed a dessert in mid summer.

“Well this time I made sure to put you away from any windows,” Jaxon exclaimed, chuckling. Juliette pulled a face at him. How dare he act like such a cocky bastard.

“So tonight, after your dinner, met at the front of the gates dressed and ready,” Jaxon ordered, moving around Juliette to watch her throw the wood at the target.


“And don’t wear any perfume, your natural smell is much more captivating.”


Juliette made a mental note to stay as far away from Chris as she could tonight.

“The venue is at my palace, we arrive later then everyone.”


“Are you feeling okay? You look a bit tired,” Jaxon observed from the side after a careful deliberation of Juliette’s state.

“I’m fine,” she breathed. She was shocked abruptly back into remembering last night.


Jazz flopped backward on her bed, sucking in air like a dying fish. Juliette watched her nervously.

“You look…”

Jazz broke off, her eyes almost bulging from her head. Juliette fiddled with the end of the dress.

“Great! Amazing, beautiful! The press will be all over you tonight,” Jazz sputtered. Juliette wondered if she should really have told Jazz where she was going tonight, and her finished look.

Juliette turned and looked in the mirror again. She had managed to brush some life into her hair, and for the hairs sake, she had successfully stopped Jazz from chopping at it.

She hated makeup, and had managed to brush away most things Jazz shoved at her face. Eventually though, Jazz convinced her a little mascara wouldn’t be that bad.

Juliette stooped down to grab a pair of shoes from the floor by her bed.

“Stop!” Jazz yelped, launching herself at the shoes. She grabbed them and flicked them straight out the open window.

Juliette’s eye twitched.

“Does nobody give a damn about my personal items, or is it just me?” Juliette sighed. She was having trouble restraining her urges to jump and strangle Jazz.

“You are not wearing sneakers to that party!” Jazz scolded her.

“But they are converse.” Juliette pouted.

“You have great legs, heels will make everyone notice them,” Jazz said, matter of fact.

“These stumps?” Juliette said, slightly appalled. Juliette looked at her legs, lifting one for inspection.

“They are fine, look no sneakers!”

“So throwing them out the window was the only option?”

“You’re taller then me, you have an immediate advantage.”

“Not by much!”

“You will be in heels,” Jazz tempted. Juliette narrowed her eyes before finally snatching then pumps from Jazz.

“Fine, but the next thing that goes out that window is you,” Juliette growled, flicking her hair over her shoulder as she turned to slip one of the heels on.

“More like your virginity,” Jazz snickered. Juliette turned, her mouth hanging open.

Juliette tossed the shoe at Jazz. It bounced off her shoulder.

“You’re so embarrassing!” Juliette shrieked. Jazz let out a loud laugh as she ran around the room.

Juliette started throwing magazines at her, her face flushed in embarrassment.

“Ow. You know it’s true,” Jazz called, breathing heavily from all her giggling. A magazine hit her back as she dived on the bed.


“You want the…the-“

She burst out laughing as Juliette starting bashing her with a handbag.

“The D!”

Juliette screamed a war cry and ripped Jazz’s bed sheets from her bed, letting them fall to the ground. Jazz tumbled off with them, still laughing her head off.

“Glad you find this funny,” Juliette growled, smashing Jazz with a pillow. Jazz was gasping for air as she clutched her stomach.

“I do! Juliette wants the D! She wants the Kings D!”

Jazz grabbed Juliette’s ankle, and because she was clad in one high heel, she stumbled and fell on top of Jazz.

“You’re so gross!”

Juliette searched the room for an appropriate weapon.

Only to find Jaxon was at the door, leaning against the doorframe, a smirk on his face.

Juliette scrambled to her feet. Being the clumsy She Wolf she is, she tripped straight over her feet. She fell to the floor, taking Jazz with her.

She was fully aware that she had flashed Jaxon as she fell.

“How long have you been standing there?” Juliette rasped once Jazz helped her to her feet, handing her the missing shoe.

“Oh I’ve been watching since the shoes were thrown out the window.”



“Holy fudgeball express,” Juliette muttered, staring up at the palace with wide eyes.

“Holy what now?” Jaxon questioned. Juliette could feel his confused expression as he stared at her back. She continued to stare up at his home.

“I’m not repeating it, no matter how much I know you want me to,” Juliette said. She could imagine him shaking his head behind her.

His castle towered over everything the came close to it. It was big, expensive and slightly Victorian.

People crowded around the entrance, begging to get in, even though it was invitation only.

“Put this on.”

Juliette swiveled in her seat to face Jaxon. He held a mask out to her, a silver one.

Just like his eyes.

“Masquerade ball. I insisted,” he said gently, sliding a black mask over his own face. He looked deliciously handsome in it.

“Into masks are you Alpha?” Juliette chuckled, fixing the strap of the mask. She was slightly apprehensive about going outside the car and its tinted windows.

“This way, your identity is covered,” he explained. Juliette scrunched her nose up.

“I’m pretty sure one of my classmates would have spoken to the news by now,” Juliette sighed.

“This is the best I can do. Oh, and you look splendid tonight, a very worthy Luna,” Jaxon said warmly, slipping out the car. But not before flicking her a wink.

Juliette smiled slightly. He had a way with words that made her feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.

He opened the car door and stuck his hand out. Juliette slid her hand into his and hopped out of the car. The cool breeze was refreshing.

Juliette stumbled across the grass, falling ungracefully into Jaxon’s arms.

“Sorry, I’m such a mess,” she muttered, going to stand, but Jaxon’s arms stopped her.

She looked up at him, his bright silver eyes glowing with love and want.

He leant down so his lips hovered right above Juliette’s.

“Aye Jaxon. You made it!”

Jaxon pulled away, but his arm was still latched around Juliette’s waist. She tried to pull away, embarrassed, but Jaxon wouldn’t have it.

Chris was making his way over, another man flanking him.

Chris was dressed in a lavish suit, as was his companion.

“Alpha Noah, Alpha Christian,” Jaxon greeted the men as they stoppped in front of him.

Alpha Christian?

Juliette wanted to laugh suddenly, she was happy that her mask was hiding her emotions.

“Alpha King, what an elaborate party,” Chris offered, a slim smile on his lips. There didn’t seem to be any brooding anger, or a single bruise on Chris, so Juliette guessed Jaxon didn’t know about the kiss.

“So it should be. Did neither of you bring dates?” Jaxon asked. Juliette watched Chris carefully. She still wasn’t fully aware on who Alpha Noah was.

He seemed nice enough, with shaggy brown hair and eyes as blue as sapphires.

“I brought along a student,” Chris said, lifting his chin. Juliette winched. Oh this man was asking for trouble.

“No dating in the trial.”

“I could say the same to you.”

That’s when Chris finally looked at Juliette, his green eyes showing beneath his blue mask.

Juliette felt Jaxon tense.

“Jaxon, I’m cold. Can we please go inside now.” It was all Juliette could think of, but it was enough. Jaxon’s luminous eyes watched her warily.

“Alright then. See you inside Alphas,” Jaxon said. A good way to part, a safe way, meaning Jaxon held no grudges.

“Indeed, happy birthday sir,” Noah said. Juliette only relaxed once they had made it close to the door, but her solace was short lived.

“King, may I take a picture of you and…”

The reporter peered down at Juliette through the lense of his camera.

“Nice try buddy.”

Jaxon whisked Juliette inside quickly.

The inside was just as grand as the outside, the main hall filled with ornate features. Juliette drank in the dim, mood lighting and massive chandelier.

People were dancing, drinking and talking, enjoying what the richest family had to offer.

“Well shit,” Juliette said. She quickly covered her mouth, realizing this probably wasn’t the place to being saying crude words. Jaxon looked at her in surprise.

“Manner Miss Kerson,” he breathed. He whisked Juliette around the room, and she knew that if he didn’t have his arm around her, she would be swallowed by the regal looking crowd.

Every woman looked so classy and elegant that Juliette felt poor, under dressed. Like a rogue should feel.

“You look glorious my darling,” he whispered in her ear. Juliette’s gaze shot up, searching his eyes.

He read my mind!

“You are very easy to read Juliette, you have a very expressive face,” he explained her thoughts.

“Jaxon, happy birthday son!” Jaxon’s face broke into a smile as his mother approached. She gave him a kiss on the cheek then observed Juliette.

“And who’s this?” She asked. She didn’t seem disgusted, which was a good sign. Drake stood beside her, a sumptuous woman on his arm.

“Juliette, my date. Now if you wouldn’t mind mother, I’m parched.”

Jaxon broke away, and dragged Juliette away from the scene. Before the even made it to the bar, Jaxon was stopped and hugged, kissed and blessed many times.

“Water?” Juliette said, staring a crisp liquid in front of her. Jaxon sipped on his wine beside her.

“You get wine and I get water?”

“It seems so.”


“Because I’m an Alpha.”

“Wow, what a reason.”

“I can handle alcohol a lot better then you my dear.”

“Can you now.”


“Can you handle a slap in the face, because that’s what you’re about to get.”

Jaxon chuckled, putting his wine down.

“I have to go talk to my Beta, will you be okay here?” He asked, standing. He looked nice in his dark suit and dark under shirt.

“Go on then.”

Juliette sat at the bar for awhile, staring Jaxon’s wine down. She had tried it before, but she knew that this wine would be expensive.

She picked the wine glass up, and placed the rim to her lips.

“Juliette, would you do me the honour of a dance?”

Juliette nearly thew the glass away as she turned. Chris stood in front of her, looking handsome as ever.

He held his hand out.

Annoyed that Jaxon had ditched her, and craving a dance to the catchy music, allowed Juliette to say yes.

She slipped her hand into his and followed him onto the dance floor.

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