Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 18: Part Two Day Nine

“You are quite the clumsy one, aren’t you?” Chris groaned after Juliette had stepped on his foot for the sixth time. Juliette smiled sheepishly, a blush tinting her cheeks.

“Dancing isn’t a pactice rogues specialize in,” Juliette answered as Chris carried her around the dance floor. He was a very good dancer, and put Juliette to shame instantly.

“True,” he murmuered, his emerald eyes peering down at her. He looked a lot more content here then he did at his work; much more relaxed.

The dance floor was filling up some people drunk from too much of the endless supply of wine that was being offered. Chris either hadn’t been dinking, or he just had a very high tolerance to the drug, for he moved and spoke gracefully.

“Your name is Christian?”

Chris swallowed, his eyes burning intensly into Juliette’s.

“Correct, although I would prefer if you would continue to call me Chris,” he said, his lips set in a grim line. Hmm, a seemingly touchy subject for the Alpha.

“Why did you ask me to dance with me?” Juliette changed tact, hoping to save his mood. He frowned as Juliette tightened her grip on his shoulder; the lavish material of his suit felt good under her fingertips.

“Because I wanted too,” he answered. Juliette let out a deep breath when he smiled.

“Don’t you have a date?”


“Why don’t you dance with her?”

“Because I want to dance with you.”

“I have a date as well, and he’s the type that crushes anyone who touches me.”

“That is why I hold myself back tonight, for the sake of the birthday boy.”

This suprised Juliette; no way would she ever suspect him to say that at this point. Chris leaned down, his lips by her ear.

“It’s taking a lot to restrain myself from taking you home with me.”

Juliette gasped and pulled away.

How brazen!

“Alpha Christian, may I cut in?”

Chris let go of Juliette instantly. It was Jaxon.

He nodded curtly at Chris, who slipped off into the crowd. Juliette watched Jaxon carefully, trying to figure out whether he was angry at their dancing. But he looked calm, impassive even.

“He’s quite the gentleman, out of the Alpha’s I am glad it was him the occupied your time while I was busy,” Jaxon said, taking Chris’s spot in a dancing position. Juliette gulped; so he wasn’t angry.


Unlike with Chris, Jaxon danced quietly, not speaking. Juliette relaxed in his arms, letting him carry her across the dance floor, letting him make her feel like she was walking on air.

Juliette didn’t stand on his foot once; he actually made her feel like she was a good dancer!

They danced for three songs, before someone decided to cut in.

“Alpha King, may I steal your date away for one dance?”

Juliette felt her jaw drop as she saw who had offered.

It was the stranger from last night. He wore a black mask like Jaxon’s, but his was more plain and mysterious. His dark hair looked like he had only brushed it with his fingers his eyes dark like obsidian. He was dressed in a tux with a black under shirt and a black tie.

He gazed at Juliette, a dangerous glint in his eye. Juliette clutched to Jaxon’s arm, hoping he chose now to be protective and possesive.

“Be my guest,” he said warily. He didn’t seem angry, only slightly irritated. Jaxon let Juliette go, as he stalked off, leaving Juliette with the stranger.

“I must say, you look rather prepossessing this evening Kitten,” he complemented, shifting into the dancing position with Juliette. She went with it, trying to ignore her sweaty palms and shaky arms.

“What are you doing here?” Juliette hissed. He was so much taller than her, which was slightly intimidating. He smelt like sandalwood and fresh grass, which would be considered very foreign to the Wolves of the pack.

“I’m dancing, that’s what I’m doing,” he said silkily. His expression no longer possessed a look of humor, but seriousness. Juliette gave him a deadpan glare.

“How did you get in?” she asked. He ignored the pain when she stepped on his foot, no look of it on his face.

“Invitation,” he said simply. Juliette narrowed her blue eyes at him. He can’t have been lying, for someone was bound to of noticed by now. The beat to the song slowed, as did their dancing.

“Why are you really here?” Juliette asked. She didn’t know if she really wanted to know. He chuckled.

“Honestly, I came for you,” he said, a slight twinkle in his eye.


“Because, like I said yesterday, you have information I need,” he said, his voice dropping as he said that. Juliette frowned.

“I’m not giving you any information, especially since I don’t even know your name,” Juliette said. His skin was nice and cool to touch.

“They call me Ace.”

“Is that your real name?”


“What is the resistance?”

“A place for rogues who don’t follow the rules.”

“What makes it so appealing to you?”

“Freedom. Tell me Juliette, when was the last time you shifted?” His eyebrow was raised as Juliette gasped.

“Not for years,” Juliette whispered. The song sped up again.

“You want to know why the King doesn’t allow it?”

“I…I guess.”

Ace leant in close, his body flush against hers.

“Because it makes people powerful, and powerful people take over the Kingdom,” Ace said, his voice dangerously low. Suddenly he pulled away, but is hand remained in his.

“Can I get you a drink?” Ace asked, motioning toward the makeshift bar. Juliette eyed it warily.

“I really need to get back to my date,” she excused. Ace’s grip on her hand tightened.

“He seems busy,” Ace said. He pointed across the crowd to show Juliette exactly where Jaxon was. He was dancing with some other girl, a smile on his face.

“And I insist,” Ace said gently. Juliette suddenly felt angry, even if she was just being hypocritical.

She followed the tall, handsome Ace to the bar. He weaved through the crowd expertly, mumbling his pardons to whoever stepped in his way. The bar was relatively quiet for everyone was on the dance floor.

Ace ordered, and to Juliette’s surprise, it was alcohol.

“Jaxon would never approve,” Juliette admonished when Ace slid the drink toward her. Her gaze flickered to Jaxon dancing happily with some girl.

“Is he here? Live a little Juliette,” Ace prompted. It was the exact same wine Jaxon hadn’t let her have.

“Tell me how you managed to pick the exact same wine I wasnt allowed to have earlier this evening, out of such a big selection?” Juliette questioned. Ace’s expression remianed calm, his lips even twitching up slightly as he observed her.

“I have been watching you,” he explained. Julitte frowned while he took a swig of his own drink.

“Because that’s not weird.”

“It’s my job Juliette, it’s what I have been ordered to do,” he explained, serious again.

“Who do you work for?”

“Drink Juliette, I haven’t time for your empty questions,” Ace ordered. Juliette growled, but she picked up the glass of wine. Ace checked his watch.

In one flued motion, Juliette closed her eyes and threw back the wine. She coughed; it tasted horrible!

Juliette opened her eyes, ready to yell at Ace for making her drink the disgusting liquid. But his seat was empty, and he was gone.

“Water please,” Juliette said to the bartender. The effects of the alcohol was setting in very quickly, and Juliette realized with a sinking heart that this wasn’t human. She should have suspected it, nobody drinks that weak stuff anymore.

This was special stuff, wine that Werewolves drink to get drunk.

Juliette drank all of the water she was given, her throat burning. She was dead, Jaxon was sure to kill her. She got up, her blurry vision searching for Ace. He did this.

Then she saw an escape, an exit.

She stumbled toward it, praying that she wouldn’t be stopped by any Alphas.

She made it, just. She fell out the door and onto the grass outside the door. It was cool, nice and cool. Who knows how long she lay there, her head spinning, her stomach turning.


Juliette turned her head, seeing Jaxon stranding at the doorway. Hs arms were crossed; he was pissed.

“You look…really good,” Juliette slurred. Jaxon’s eyes narrowed.

“You’re drunk,” He spat Juliette rolled onto her back.

“And you’re sexy.”

“I think I know what to do with you.”

His arms were under Juliette in seconds, hoisting her up bridal style. She screamed as he did.

“How did you find me anyway Mr. Alpha?”

“I followed you.”

He was walking toward a large pool, glistening in the moonlight. Juliette eyed it suspiciously.

And suddenly, with ease, he tossed her into the pool.


“I hate you,”

Juliette had just showered in the King’s bathroom, and was standing in his sweatpants and his shirt. He had just sent everyone out, and they were both in his room.

“Please, as a birthday present?” he begged, Juliette’s gaze going from Jaxon, to his bed. He had just asked her to stay the night in his bed, with him.

After a cold dip in the pool, and a nice shower, Juliette’s head was clearing. And she could now make normals decisions.

“I need to get back to the arena,” Juliette said, sighing deeply. It was late and she really didn’t feel like going back to training tomorrow.

“We will make it there on time in the morning,” he said. He slid into his bed, patting the other side. Juliette remained in her standing position.

“I mean I’m tired, so if you go now, you will have to walk.”


Juliette stared at the bed. It did look warm.

“Fine, but only because it’s your birthday,” Juliette gave up. Jaxon’s silver orbs lit up, as he opened his arms wide. Juliette slid into his bed warily.

It was warm under the covers, and immediatly Jaxon’s arms were around her. She felt more comfortable then she had in a long time. She rested her head on his shoulder, sighing.

“Why can’t I shift?” Juliette felt Jaxon tense.

“It’s dangerous.”

“It’s natural.”

He stayed silent. Juliette looked up, ready to search his face for answers, but instead Jaxon found her lips. He kissed fervently, his lips warm and soft against Juliette’s. She gave up, surrendering her slightly tipsy self to him.

He kissed her with passion, with love. He rolled on top of her, so his legs were between Juliette’s. She gasped at his sudden, brazen act, but he only took it as the opportunity to slip his wanting tongue into her mouth.

Her hands found his hair, as she tugged on the soft black strands. He had never kissed her like this before, like he really needed it.

“You’re distracting me,” Juliette said. Jaxon had pulled away, his soft lips kissing lightly down her jaw. Her voice sounded breathy and raspy. She held the back of his head as he left wet kisses down the side of her neck.

“Good,” he breathed, wrapping her legs around his waist. He was closer then he had every been before, his warmth and spicy scent consuming her. She felt it, she wanted it.

He moved his lips back up, so they hovered above hers. He was teasing her, waiting for her to kiss him and take control.

“As much as I would like to make this the best birthday ever, I think we should get to sleep,” Jaxon said. He rolled back over to his side, leaving Juliette wanting. That was obviously his plan, and it didn’t help that she was slightly tipsy.

Jaxon switched the lamp on his bedside table off, bathing the room in darkness. His arms were back around Juliette again, and she closed her eyes.


Juliette Kerson

This student is still struggling in this side of learning, and she hasn’t seemed to be able to grasp the technique as quickly as the other students. Although, she is improving well.

Alpha King.

A fair report again. tonight was going to be fun.

(He wrote that before the party by the way)

There are always people who can’t read between the lines.

Anywho hope you guys enjoyed this chapter even though it really sucked.

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