Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 19: Day Ten

Juliette opened her eyes, seeing a very unfamliar roof.

Where am I?

She turned her head, feeling a little too warm. Jaxon was coiled around he like ivy, his head on her chest, his leg thrown over hers. She gazed down at him, admiring his perfect skin and youthful look.

Light was streaming in through the windows because Jaxon hadn’t closed the curtain last night. Juliette sighed, feeling the urge to pee.

Jaxon shifted, blinked a few times then looked up at Juliette. He smiled weakly, his silver eyes big and luminous. He sat up and stretched, Juliette eyed his shirtless torso and ripped muscles.

“Sleep well?” he asked, kissing Juliette on the forehead before slipping from the bed. His voice sounded deep and husky from sleep.

“Surprisingly yes,” Juliette mumbled. sitting up. Jaxon excused himslef to a bathroom further down the hallway, leaving Juliette to to the one adjoning his bedroom.

As she sat up, she heard something crinkle under the pillow. She frowned and dug under the pillow, pulling out a piece of paper, linked writing scrawled across it.

Dear Juliette

Remember, nobody finds out about me or the resistance. I know where you stay Kitten; just keep that in mind.My Boss is getting anxious, we speak the day you read this.

Oh, and you look very lovely when you sleep.


Juliette shivered, scrunching the note up. He had visited this room last night, while they were sleeping.

“Late again Kerson.”

Juliette wished the ground would swallow her up, as she walked into the hall slowly. She was late to her class again because she had left her uniform in her room, so Jaxon had to drop her off there quickly.

“Sorry sir,” she muttered a half empty apology, taking a seat beside Jazz. He gazed at her, his eyes narrowing.

“If you were late to an important pack meeting, what do you think the Alpha King would do?” Kade asked, his eyes dark and dangerous. His voice was raised and it echoed around the hall. He really didn’t like her.

“He would spank you, that’s what,” Jazz giggled in Juliette’s ear. Juliette biffed her, knowing Alpha Kade had surely heard.

“You’re so gross,” Juliette shot back in a whisper. Jazz looked down to smother her laugh when Alpha Kade coughed loudly.

“Tardiness is not excepted here. I will speak to the King, don’t let it happen again Miss Kerson.”

And with that, the lesson was resumed. Who knew learning about the rules of the pack could be so boring.

By lunch, Juliette had a pounding headache. She hadn’t felt hungover this morning, but now she was starting to feel a little off.

“I thought you liked Pasta?” Jazz said quzzically, watching Juliette picked at her noodles. Juliette sighed and put her fork down.

“I have a lot on my mind, that’s all,” Juliette said. She was worrying mainly about Chris and his dark motives, and Ace showing up in her room to ‘talk’.

“Like?” Jazz prompted. Trust her to snoop, she just had to know everything.

“Have you ever just wanted to shift?”

Jazz dropped her fork, but the sound was drowned out by the rest of the rooms talking. She looked up at Juliette with wide green eyes.

“Why would you ask that, it’s frowned upon,” she said, swallowing. Juliette bit her lip, contemplating.

“I know, but it would be nice to shift at least once more,” Juliette said. She hadn’t felt freedom in years, not since she turned sixteen anyway.

Suddenly Ace popped into her mind. She couldn’t help but wonder what his life was really like, if the resistance was reall all about freedom.

“Maybe, hey I will be in late tonight okay,” Jazz said, picking her fork up again. Juliette frowned. That would mean she would be alone when Ace came.

“Any reason why you are in the weapon room Miss Kerson?”

Juliette dropped the wooden bat she was holding in fright, turning around swiftly to see Jaxon in the doorway. The bat clattered and rolled to Jaxon’s feet. He picked it up and examined it carefully.

“Ah, um…I was just-“

She broke off, searching her brain for an answer to his pressing question. He raised an eyebrow.

Why was she in here? Only to find some sort of defense against Ace if he did happen to show up tonight like he promised. Juliette had no doubt that he would.

“I was seeing if the place was…dirty you know.” she said. Jaxon gazed at her quizzically.

What am I saying?

“For punishment, I should totally clean it.” Hmm, that works.

Jaxon eyed her suspiciously. There was no way he would believe that. Juliette looked down and scuffed her feet, waiting for the inevitable downfall.

“Sounds good,” he said simply. His silver eyes were filled with knowing. Juliette stared at him in surprise.

“Yes, right that was totally what I was going for,” she said, turning away. She pretended to check the cross bows for dust, but really she was just hiding her grimace.

“Well we should go.”

“Wait!” Juliette yelled, louder then expected. Jaxon spun around from his departure.

“I just..ah, can I do it now?” Juliette asked, clasping her hands in front of her. Jaxon folded his arms again.

“Why now? Don’t you have class?” he asked, his eyes narrowing. Why was he being so damn formal? Had he gotten in trouble for something?

“Not for another twenty minutes, this won’t take long. And, I would like to get it over and done with,” Juliette said, happier that her voice sounded more confident.

“I guess so, I have a meeting. Will you be okay here?” he asked. Juliette nearly fell to the floor with relief.

“I will be great!..I mean, yeah i’ll be totally fine,” she said, trying to brush off her mistake. Jaxon’s lips twitched up in a smile.

Slay Juliette, good one. That totally wasn’t obvious.

Juliette scowled, pushing her conscience down. A lot of Wolves think their conscience is their wolf, but Juliette thought that was all bullshit. She’s the wolf and her conscience is just a snarky, sarcastic old grump.

“Alright, I will be off then,” he said, turning to go. Without and real reason, Juliette ran up and hugged Jaxon’s waist from behind. He tensed, before turning around to look down at her.

“Are you mad at me?” she asked, pouting slightly. Jaxon’s brow creased.

“I just wish you had listened to me and didn’t drink last night,” he said. Oh, so that’s what’s been stuck up his butt.

“Sorry.” Ace was a bad influence, that’s for sure.

Suddenly Jaxon leant down, so his lips brushed Juliette’s earlobe. She shivered, his breath warm.

“When you decide to tell me why you are really in here, come find me.” With a kiss behind Juliette’s ear, Jaxon swiftly walked off.

Juliette slid the bat under the covers, jumping as Jazz walked in, keys jingling off her fingers.

“I’ve just come to get my jacket…” Jazz explained her presence. She was looking at Juliette weirdly, making her uncomfortable.

“Right, okay,” Juliette mumbled. It seemed as if everyone was suspicious of her, like Juliette was a accomplice or something. Juliette turned to her bed, making sure the baseball bat was covered.

“You okay? You seem a bit…jumpy.” She’s just concerned, she’s just concerned.

“Me, jumpy. No, no way, because it’s not like there is some creepy ass dude stalking me or anything, no I’m fine. Really,” Juliette rushed, stumbling her her words. Jazz sized her up while Juliette brushed a piece of hair behind her ear.

“Yeah..Okay, so I’m going to see Sara, we are going to celebrate another week in the trial,” Jazz said, slipping a jacket on. Juliette nodded, sitting on the edge of the bed, only to leap right off when she felt the bat under the covers.

Juliette was only slightly saddened by who the King had eliminated. One of the girls had been nice to her lately, even giving Juliette her own apple after Juliette dropped hers on the ground at lunch.

“Jesus Juliette, what’s going on?” Jazz asked, her eyes wide and frantic.

“Is it me or is it hot in here?” Juliette fanned herself.

“I can open the window…” Jazz said, motioning to the window. Juliette jumped in front of her. No way was she opening the window, Ace was sure to come in through there.

“No! Look you should go, now preferably,” Juliette muttered, pushing Jazz back toward the door. Juliette shot a look over her shoulder. She was mainly afraid Ace would come in the room and hurt Jazz, and she couldn’t live with herself if that happened.

“I can stay back with you if you want,” Jazz offered. Juliette’s eyes widened.

“I’m fine, I just need some..time to myself, that’s all,” Juliette said softly, pushing Jazz out the door. Jazz folded her arms and looked left and right.

“Did Jaxon do something to you?”

“Bye Jazz.” With that, Juliette slammed the door in Jazz’z face.

“Give me a break,” Juliette muttered, leaning her head against the door. People these days.

Juliette turned around, ready to arm herself with her trusty baseball bat and wait for the arrival of creepy stalker dude.

Only to see it in the hands of…

“Well hello there Kitten.”


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