Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 20: Part Two Day Ten

Well Shit.

“Were you going to use this on me?”

Juliette stayed perfectly still. She didn’t know what her next move would be, but she guessed it would be trying to get her heart to work after the heart attack Ace just gave her.

His black eyes, no pigment in them what so ever gazed up at her through dark lashes. He wore a black leather jacket and black pants, his shirt white. He tossed Juliette’s only form of defense around in his hands.


Juliette was stuttering, wishing she wasn’t so afraid of the devilishly handsome man who was practically letting off dangerous vibes.

“Scared, Kitten?” he asked in a low voice. He was only teasing, she had to convince herself that.

“You wish,” she forced out. She was actually surprised that words were forming at this point.

“Good, you shouldn’t be. Because if I wanted you dead, I would have killed you. If I wanted you hurt, I would have hurt you. You see I’m not the one you should be afraid of,” Ace said. His eyes moved to the bat again. Juliette swallowed.

“Who should I be afraid of?” she asked. Ace laughed, like he was enjoying an inside joke she didn’t understand.

“Yourself. Because with the knowledge you have, and the-“

He paused, his eyes moving back up to Juliette’s.

“The beauty you have, are all very dangerous. Especially in the world I’m creating,” he said softly.

“World your creating?”

“Well, me and the resistance.”

Juliette shivered. She was in way over her head at this point, but the curious part of her wanting to know exactly what this resistance is.

“How did you get in?” Juliette asked. The window behind Ace was closed, and she remebered locking it before. Ace flicked a look over his shoulder.

“I came through the window, but I closed it afterwards because there was a draft,” he explained. Juliette stared at him, wondering what on earth his motive is.

“Why are you here? I really want you to leave,” Juliette said, testing the waters to see if he really was as scary as he seemed.

“Aren’t very hospitable are you Juliette.”

He was teasing her. And sudenly, without a single warning he threw the bat straight at the window. It shattered straight through, and fell all the way to the ground below her window. Juliette gasped, shards of glass littering the floor.

“What the hell?”

Ace looked at her, a smile on his face. It was deadly, like a warning.

“Follow me,” he said, before diving head first out the window. Juliette ran to the window, looking down to see him standing on the ground unharmed, four stories below her bedroom window.

“You’re crazy! I’m not jumping out this window,” Juliette admonished, folding her arms acoss her chest.

Five minutes later she was standing on the ground beside Ace, a death glare on her face.

“That is how it’s done, stairs are always the safer option, Juliette said matter of fact. tilting her head to observe Ace. He looked serious.

“And here I was thinking you were a risk taker,” he said with a sigh. He turned and started walking off toward the forest that backs the trial arena. Was that his plan?

“I am!” Juliette defended, running after him. She was probably the biggest risk taker in the trial. Ace didn’t stop walking , weaving his way through the trees. Juliette padded across the pine needles that covered the ground.

“No your not,” Ace called over his shoulder. Jeez, he’s a fast walking. Juliette struggled to keep up with his long strides. The forest was closing in on them like a wall of leafy concrete.

“I am so,” she said, exasperated. Ace stopped, and she nearly ran straight into his back. He turned slowly, his eyes alight with a challenge.

“Prove it.”


“Shift,” he said lowly, his tongue caressing the one syllable word. Juliette blanched, completely taking back by his demand.

“Do it Juliette, if you really are a risk taker,” Ace said slowly, taunting her. She needed and excuse to get out of it now.

“I thought you wanted to ask me questions,” Juliette said quizzically. Ace chuckled, knowing her angle.

“We can have questions and answers after you shift,” he said, his voice finale. He wasn’t giving in, but niether was Juliette; she could be stubborn too.

“And if I don’t answer your questions?” Juliette asked, a ghost smile playing on her lips. Ace’s black eyes narrowed to perfect slits, as he suddenly advanced on Juliette. She backed up till her back hit the hard bark of a tree. She let a gasp pass her lips as Ace stood right in front of her, so she could feel his cool breath on her face.

He grabbed her chin in a rough grip, as he forced her gaze up to his by lifting her chin. She suddered, the look in his eyes so alien.

“I don’t think you want to know what I would do to you, what my Boss would do to you,” Ace muttered, his voice low and husky, Juliette swallowed, but he still wouldn’t release his grasp on her chin.

“He knows your defiant,” Ace said deeply. A sudden smirk was on his face, knowing he had scared then shit out of Juliette. He gently kissed just on her jawline, before stepping away from Juliette. She let in a deep breath, ignoring the tingle the kiss left on her jaw.

“I’ll do it, I will shift,” Juliette said, straightening her jacket. Ace grinned at her, nodding his head.

“I suggest you go behind a tree,” Ace said softly, chuckling slightly. Juliette stared at him, bemused. He stared back, before laughing carelessly.

“Now I wouldn’t mind, but I don’t think you want me to see you naked,” he said, trying to stifle a smile. Juliette stared at him in shock, thinking of what a brazen male he was.

“Excuse me?”

“When you shifted for the first time, what happened to your clothes?”

Juliette thought for awhile, and realization hit.

“Oh…they ripped,” she said, heat flushing over her face.

“Indeed, off you go then, I won’t peak,” Ace said, giving her a cheeky wink, making her consider if he was telling the truth about not peaking., Juliette slid behind a tree to strip. When she emerged, she was in wolf form, and Ace was no where to be seen.

The little-

Juliette looked around frantically, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Juliette sat down to think. It felt so foreign to be as her wolf form, to be someone else, something else. Yet it felt good, like she wasn’t restrained, it was like there was no rules she had to follow.

And she loved it.

She jumped up, not giving two shits about where Ace was now. She ran, that was her first instinct. It would take some getting used to, running on four paws, but she enjoyed.

Soon, she smelt that sandalwood scent, and she knew Ace was running beside her. He was a big wolf, much bigger then she expected, and his hair was black.

They ran together for awhile, and Juliette realized she missed this, a lot. The ran in a loop, right back to where their clothes were. Instead they found a very big, black wolf with silver eyes and Juliette’s clothes between his teeth.

It was Jaxon. Juliette wimpered, knowing this was surely the moment she would die.

But Jaxon’s eyes were on Ace. They were staring each other down. Ace bared his teeth, backing away. At least he knew his limits, this was Jaxon’s territory. He slinked off, defeated.

Jaxon then looked at Juliette, his silver eyes turning black instantly. He tossed Juliette’s clothes at her with his big mouth. Juliette picked them up with her mouth and slipped behind the tree.

When she reappeared, Jaxon was standing in his shorts, his eyes black as night.

“I’m dead aren’t I.”

Jaxon nodded.

“Let us start from the beginning shall we.”

Juliette twidled her her tumbs on her lap, looking nervously up at the Alpha KIng. He was looking down at the litter of glass on her room floor. Jazz was on her bed, rocking back and forth, her face ashen and grave.

“How about you tell me why you stalked me into the forest?” Juliette demanded, her voice dripping pure sass. Jaxon looked up at her in surprise.

“Don’t blame him. I came back to your room after seeing Sara, and you weren’t here. I saw the broken window and I suspected you had been kidnapped or something,” Jazz cut in, looking sheepish. Juliette rolled her eyes.

“So you had to go get him, of all people,” Juliette snapped. Jazz flinched while Jaxon narrowed his eyes.

“I’m glad she came to get me.”

“Oh I bet you are.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You have a brain Alpha, use it.”

“Is there any need for your sarcasm?”

“Is there any need for you being and annoying stalker?”

“I wasn’t stalking, I caught your scent and followed.”

“That’s stalking!”

“It is?”

“Look, sorry to interrupt your cute bantering, but can we please face the matter at hand?” Jazz cut in. She was standing, her arms crossed. Jaxon nodded and looked at Juliette expectantly.

“How did you break the window?”

“I was see, now that is a great question,” Juliette said, laughing nervously. Jaxon growled and Jazz glared at her.

“My..My cousin! Yeah, me and my cousin were playing…Baseball? Um, in my room, the bat slipped from my hands and smashed through the window,” Juliette said lightly, clasping her hands in front of her.

Jaxon and Jazz exchanged glances.

“That was who you were with?” Ha! They were falling for it, or so it seemed.

“Yeah my Uncle…I mean cousin, yeah,” Juliette said. Her palms were sweating.

“And why was he in your room, playing baseball?” Jaxon asked.

“Another great question! You guys should totally be detectives,” Juliette said, forcing her lips in a grin. Neither of them smiled.

“No? okay…well it’s like a family tradition,” Juliette said, sounding slightly more confident about her answers.

“Why does he smell so, different?” Jaxon asked.

“He’s a guy, they all smell weird…am I right, am I right?” Juliette looked at Jazz, who just gazed quizzically at her.

“Tough crowd,” Juliette muttered, looking at her feet.

“Well if I see him again, he will never see daylight again. And if I see you shift again, I will punish you in my own way,” Jaxon said deeply, his voice laced with venom.

“Yeah yeah, gotcha.”

“You girls can sleep in a spare room tonight.”

“You suck at lying, I mean you really suck.”

Juliette set her book down and looked over at Jazz, who was staring at her inetntly. Juliette sighed deeply and rubbed her eyes.

“Was it really that bad?” Juliette asked, covering her face with her hands so she cut out all the light.

“You said your cousin came over to play baseball? Baseball!”

Juliette groaned.

“I don’t think when I’m put on the spot,” Juliette explained.

“Maybe you should sort out an alibi before you go running into trouble,” Jazz offered, a slim smile on her face that didn’t touch her eyes.

“Why do you think Jaxon didn’t ask why I was out there, all he seemed to care about was me breaking a stupid window,” Juliette asked, ignoring Jazz’s statement.

“I think he just wants you to tell him yourself,” Jazz pondered softly. Juliette lay on her back, her eyes staring blankly at the roof.

“You aren’t going to tell me are you.”

Juliette sighed and shook her head sadly, risking Jazz and Jaxon’s lives was out of the question, even if Ace’s threats did happen be empty, she just couldn’t risk something like that.

Jazz stayed silent, closing her eyes.

“Maybe one day you will understand.”

Juliette Kerson

Nothing to report. She has spent another week here and continues do do so. Alpha Kade has spoken to me about her tardiness, and that will be taken care of.

Alpha King.

Jaxon slammed his pen against the table, making Olivia jump.

“Why does she have to be so good damn troublesome?” Jaxon hissed, Olivia sighed, and slipped the glasses of her nose.

“I think you like that Jaxon.”


If you plan to hate upon my choice of words or terrible spelling and grammer (noted that it is horrific) go eat something you are deathly allergic to, because people like that annoy me.

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