Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 21: Saturday 2

Saturday 2

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“I see you survived the night,” Juliette said, peering down at her Jazz. She glared up at Juliette, wiping excess water from around her eyes. Juliette dropped the cup on the ground, backing away.

“Any reason why you splashed me with water?” Jazz snapped, her green eyes ablaze. Juliette grinned, backing away till the baks of her knees hit the bed. Jazz slid from her bed, a look of retribution in her eyes.

“We should go for a run,” Juliette suggested. She was hoping for a day where she could forget about Ace, Chris and any sassy Kings around.

Jazz was about to launch at Juliette, but a knock on the door stopped her. The pair exchanged glances.

“Who do you think it is?” Jazz asked, pushing her wet hair back over her shoulder. Juliette suddenly felt wary, like maybe it was Ace, or even his Boss.

“Probably just Jaxon,” Juliette suggested, walking towards the door. Telling herself that made everything seem so much easier.

Instead of an incredibly handsome, silver eyed Alpha King, Juliette was disappointed to see a very tall, quite lanky male, wearing round specs and a grave expression. Juliette stared at him a few moments, sizing up his disheveled hair and wide blue eyes. Her gaze brushed over his white lab coat missing a few buttons, and name tag-Doctor Sybers, Forensic Pathologist.

“Doctor Sybers, Forensic Pathologist,” he introduced, holding his hand out to shake. Jazz took his hand instead, practically hip bumping Juliette away from the door, just so she puff her chest out and bat her eyelashes.

Juliette rolled her eyes, pushing Jazz back into the room, much to her disgust. She nodded at the poor guy, totally oblivious to Jazz’s so called charms.

“Yes, so I guessed,” Juliette said, montioning to his name tag. He held his clipboard away from his chest so he could peer down at his nametag, like he didn’t believe that that was what it said. A blush covered his face when he looked back up, as he rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand.

He just looked like an awkward adolescent.

“Anyway, I have come to ask you your names,” He said softly, like it was the worst question he could possibly ask two random girls that were still in their pajamas. Jazz stared at him blankly over Juliette’s shoulder, while he clicked his pen furiously.

“My boss…well our King told me to check everyones rooms, you know, check for attendance,” he said quickly when both girls wouldn’t answer. Juliette folded her arms, curious now.

“Why?” she asked. His face flushed again, and he averted his eyes.

“Well theres been an incident…” he broke off, rubbing the back of his neck again. Hmm, more curiosty was blossoming.

“What about?” Jazz asked for Juliette. There was officially no stopping Juliette’s blazing mind now.

“I’m not really authorized to tell. If you could please give me your names, that would be great,” he said, shuffling his leather clad feet. Juliette glanced at Jazz, then back at the guy.

“Juliette Kerson,” Juliette muttered. She was suddenly worried that people might be able to hear her brain function.

Doctor Sybers yelped as his pen suddenly exploded from his excessive clicking, the ink splattered across his coat.

“You two are Juliette and Jasmine?” He asked, wiping at his fingers over the ink, only spreading the blue ink and staining his fingers.


“Where are you staying, is this really your room?”

“No. We just stayed the night here after…nevermind.”

“So where is your room?”

“It’s like, three doors down.”

Doctor Sybers suddenly went pale, his glasses slipping down his nose.

“Follow me,” he said grimly. Juliette and Jazz followed the man, making sure to close there door after them.

People were crowded in the hall, most in lab coats, some frightened look students. A larger group were crowded around Jazz and Juliette’s room, all looking at something neither of the girls could see.

What’s going on?

Juliette pushed through the crowd, wanting to see what everyone was looking at. Blood, it was everywhere.

Juliette nearly passed out at the sight of it. Red, sticky, it covered the whole of the door, and much of the ground below it. People were mulling around a body, snapping photos of the mauled being. Whoever was under that thick coating of dark blood was definitely dead.

“Excuse me ma’am, but you need to back away,” some girl in a clinical suit demanded. Juliette hadn’t even realized she had passed the yellow tape that surrounded the crime scene.

“What happened?” Juliette asked. She was so numb, that whatever fear or sadness she had felt prior had vanished.

The woman ignored her, turning her back to Juliette sighed, backing away. She needed to find Jaxon, before her legs gave way to fear.

Juliette weaved through the crowd, her eyes searching for a sign of the silver ones she knew so well. Having no control of her limbs anymore, she was suddenly in the girls bathroom, throwing up into the toilet.

All she could imagine was blood, and whoever that poor person was. When she left the bathroom, Jaxon was standing outside the door, a grave look on his face.

Juliette jumped into his arms, wrapping her own around him immediately. It felt so good and comforting to be in his arms, even if he was angry at her.

“What happened?” Juliette breathed. She was slightly aware she was shaking. Jaxon looked down at her, his silver eyes grim.

“All we know is that someone was murdered last night,” he said softly, sighing deeply. Juliette felt tears prick her eyes.

“From now on, you will not sleep in that dorm room, but in my room,” Jaxon announced seriously. Juliette stared at him for a moment, sizing up her options.

“That can’t possibly be allowed,” Juliette admonished. Jaxon raised an eyebrow in a I’m-The-King-And-I-Get-Whatever-I-Want look.

“And what about Jazz?” Juliette asked. There was no way she would leave her friend alone when a murderer was walking about. Jaxon bit his lip.

“She will stay in Sara’s room with her, I spoke to the girl and she has agreed,” Jaxon said, his voice oddly monotone. Juliette frowned.

“Did you ask Delani? She’s Sara’s roommate,” Juliette informed him. Jaxon was silent for a few moments.

“I am afraid Delani was the victim of the crime,” Jaxon said softly, his words like tons of ice all over Juliette.

Juliette stilled, letting the news sink to the pit of her stomach. Tears were flowing down her cheeks, but she was busy concentrating on Jaxon’s eyes, scared he might drown in the tears swimming in her eyes.

Jaxon kissed Juliette’s tears away, his eyes filled with remorse.

Juliette fell limp in his arms, barely comprehending his soft words.

“Are you okay? I can take you somewhere to grieve,” Jaxon offered.

But Juliette had to speak to the murderer.



Juliette’s hate filled words echoed through the forest, rebounding of the trees. She glared at the dark forest, her hands clenched by her sides.

“Ace, we need to talk!” Juliette yelled again. No answer. Juliette growled, wiping the tears from her cheeks.

She turned, ready to take up Jaxon’s offer.

“Hello Kitten, how lovely of you to call.”

Juliette yelped and turned around. Ace was leaning against the tree closes to her, a smirk on his face.

“You murderer!” Juliette screamed her battle cry, as she launched herself forward, ready to attack Ace.

Even though he was surprised, he managed to catch her and push her against the tree he was once leaning on. He glared down at her, his dark eyes intense.

“I have been accused of many things in my time, but a murderer isn’t one of them,” Ace hissed, one of his hande holding Juliette’s wrists above her head, the other behind her head, pressing against the tree.

“You killed her,” Juliette growled, struggling in his grip, but he wasn’t having it. He gazed down at her, bemused.

“I have killed no one, what are you talking about?” He demanded, his eyes searching her face. Juliette huffed, annoyed that she was crying again.

“Don’t be coy Ace, I know you killed my friend,” Juliette said, growling.

“If I killed someone, I wouldn’t be afraid to tell you. Not that I would, against Werewolves beliefs,” he explained, letting Juliette go. She rubbed her wrists.

“Any Wolf can kill,” Juliette said truthfully.

“But who would? Don’t you understand that Werewolves are not killers unless forced, how do you think Werewolves survived and Humans died off?”

“You could have killed her, to show that your threats aren’t empty.”

“I don’t kill, I have more creative ways of showing my feelings, Kitten.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“Why not, Kitten.”

“It’s gross, like something an old man would to say to a girl who he was just about to molest.”

“What do you want me to call you?”

“Look, we are off track, I may not have been the greatest friend to Delani, but we talked a bit, she was alright…”

Ace sighed, running his hand down his face. He wasn’t lying.

“If you didn’t kill her…who did?” Juliette asked. Ace shook his head.

“Could it be a Vampire?”

Ace snorted. Juliette shot glare at him.

“Those losers, I don’t think so,” Ace said, brushing Juliette’s idea off.

“They are solitary creatures, one could easily have snuck in and…” Juliette broke off, the image of Delani, completly mauled and bloody coming to mind.

“No way, they are weak, pathetic immortals.”

“What makes you think that?”

“After the Humans died off what went with them…Vampires main food source. They are weak now, living off god knows what,” Ace commented, brushing a piece of lint off his jeans. He didn’t seem like he cared at all.

“But maybe one did do it.”

“Perhaps, but I doubt one would have the balls to come into the arena with the King so close,” Ace admonished. Argh, he was impossible.

“Well I’m not ruling anything out,” Juliette said softly. Ace turned, and started walking off into the forest.

“Wait! Where are you going? Aren’t you going to help?”

Ace turned at Juliette’s words, his eyes narrowed. Juliette narrowed his eyes back.

“Why would I do that?” He asked, his voice snarky and sarcastic. Juliette thought for a moment.

“Because if you don’t help, I will take care of it myself, and I’m sure you don’t want your information centre dead right?” Juliette said. Ace paused, thinking for a brief moment.

“I’m right, aren’t I.” Juliette felt on top of the world.

“Fine, but you will answer any question I ask,” he said. Juliette nodded, a little hesitantly.

“So you think it’s a Werewolf?” Juliette asked. He seemed to cut out the Vampire idea pretty quickly.

“Whoever they are, they must have a grudge on the King, or you,” Ace commented, his jaw clenching. Juliette could think of no one who would kill.

“Maybe I should talk to Jaxon,” Juliette said. Ace swallowed, his eyes glaring behind Juliette’s head.

A low growl sounded from behind her, and she turned, seeing Jaxon staring at Ace. She had been sure sneak off without him seeing where she went!

Ace growled, and Juliette turned just in time to see him shift and scamper off.

“I don’t like your family reunions,” Jaxon stated, his eyes turning silver again.


“His ah…parents, my Aunty and Uncle died, and my parents don’t like him. I’m all he has left,” Juliette explained. She was getting slightly better at lying.

“I see, well as long as he doesn’t come inside the arena…”

To late.

Juliette jumped and hugged him, pretending she was happy, but inside her fear was like poison in her veins, completely consuming her. She could sense his smile as he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her flush against him.

“Are you okay?” he asked, his eyes suddenly filled with concern as he gazed down at her. Juliette took a shuddering breath, and answered by pressing her lips on his. He was surpised at first, but eventually he was kissing her back with as much passion as she had.

Juliette slid her hands under his shirt, loving the warmth that emanated from from his being. She trailed her hands up his back, her fingernails gently scraping across his shoulder blades, and muscle that rippled in response. She felt him shiver as she ran the tip of her index finger down his spine.

He deepened the kiss, not caring if it was close to the edge of the forest, where anyone could see. His hands cupped her face, his fingers cradling her milky skin.

“Oh goodness me.”

Juliette pulled away, her eyes searching for whoever talked. Jazz stood close to the outside of the arena, her hands on her hips.

Juliette flushed, stepping away from Jaxon, who had a cocky grin on his face.

Jazz didn’t look sad, but angry. It was practically radiating off the girl. She wasn’t wearing her usual weekend attire; like dresses and skirts. Instead, she wore leather pants way to tight for her, and a leather jacket showing a little too mjuch clevage.

Both Jaxon and Juliette stared at her.

“What?” she asked innocently hopping down the stairs to the grassy floor below. Juliette shook her head.

“What the hell are you wearing?” Juliette questioned, even feeling slightly under dressed in her blue jeans and shirt. Jazz raised an eyebrow. She had even gone to the trouble of sraightening her usually wavey hair.

“I had a change of attitude, can we talk?” Jazz asked, her green eyes flicking to Jaxon. Juliette nodded for him to go, and he did just that.

“You know what I first said this morning could never have been so apt,” Juliette said, slightly chuckling in a hope to lighten the mood. Jazz narrowed her eyes.

“So someone had to die for you to change styles?” Juliette asked after an awkward silence. Jazz shrugged, kicking a piece of dirt with her black combat boots.

“I want to find the killer,” she announced. Juliette stared at her, stunned.

“I am sure Jaxon and his team of warriors will sort it out,” Juliette dismissed.

“No, they won’t do a good enough job, I want justice for Delani,” Jazz said softly. Juliette watched as she recovered herself from her sudden weakness.

“So what, you plan to find a murderer, maybe even a serial killer by yourself?” Juliette snorted. Jazz frowned.

“You can help…”

“There is nothing to help with.” Juliette said finally. She didn’t want Jazz to get hurt, the poor girl would just have to leave it to her and Ace.

“I need revenge…did you see what that person did to Delani?” Jazz asked. Juliette rubbed Jazz’s arm, feeling her shaking.

“Yes, but there is nothing we can do, I can speak to Jaxon, but that’s all I will help with,” Juliette said gently. Jazz watched Juliette walk off, angry at her ignorance.

Everything was how she left it. The window still wasn’t fixed, shards of glass littered the floor.

Jazz’s bed was unmade, her magizines strewn carelessly across the floor. Juliette blanched suddenly, seeing a small trickle of blood trail down from below the sheets. It trickled onto the floor.

Bright red; fresh blood. Juliette gagged, but something told her to pull away the sheets. Nervously she did just that, and she gasped at what she saw.

Jaxon, wearing the same suit he wore to his birthday party. Even his mask was there, except it was red; blood red. Like the blood that was dripping from his mouth. His silver eyes were glazed over, but still they held Juliette’s gaze.

She wanted to scream, she wanted to cry, but it felt like something was lodged in her throat. Jaxon, the one she was begining to fall for, lay dead in Juliette’s friends bed. His hands were covered in blood, slick, fresh blood, like he killed someone.

Then killed himself.


“Juliette, wake up.” Juliette was being shaken awake. Juliette’s eyes shot open, the image of Jaxon had vanished, and she was now looking straight at Jazz’s unmade bed. The setting looked just like the one in her dream, she was standing exactly like she had in her dream.

Except the bed was empty and Jaxon stood next to her, trying to soothe her with words she couldn’t understand. Juliette turned slowly, looking straight up at Jaxon. He was shirtless, wearing only pajama pants, his silver eyes filled with fear and remorse.

He cupped her face, as if he was looking for any mental scars in her eyes. The dream was still fresh in her mind, her heart still racing.

“It was horrible,” Juliette whispered, blinking slowly. She was staring at Jaxon’s perfectly sculpted lips, like red blood was about to fall past them again.

“What happened?” Jaxon asked, his voice laced with worry for Juliette. She fell into his awaiting arms, letting his warmth consume her. She inhaled his perfect scent, placing her ear against his chest so she could hear his heartbeat; it gave her comfort, let her know he was realy alive.

“I found you dead,” Juliette said softly. Her voice was almost ghost like, like it wasn’t her own. Jaxon’s grip on her tightened, like he could feel her pain.

“It’s okay, I’m here,” he reassured, lifting her chin so he could gaze into her wide blue eyes, filled with loss and grief.

“How did I get in here?” Juliette asked, suddenly remebering that she had gone to bed with Jaxon, and now she had awoken in her own dorm room. How strange.

“You sleep walked all the way here. I followed you, wondering what you were doing,” Jaxon admitted, his eyes lighting up a little bit.

“Weird, I dont remember leaving you,” Juliette said honestly. Jaxon sighed and kissed her forehead. His lips sent a warm shiver up her spine.

“You managed to climb through all the crime scene tape, and break the handle to a locked door,” Jaxon said, even chuckling slightly. Juliette stared at him, appalled.

“Come on, let’s get you back to our room,” Jaxon announced. He gave Juliette a rather chaste kiss, and helped lead her from the room.

What a eventful chapter!

Hoped you liked the slight plot twist, and creepy af nightmare.

This chapter is dedicated to a fly in my room, that I swear I’ve sprayed a trillion times, yet it still hangs around, especially at night. And I am pretty sure that the fly is possessed, because it holds demonic ritual sessions on my lamp :/

Anywho, super grateful for everyone who had commented nice, supporting things, and helped me get inspiration for the story :) You guys are the reason I keep writing!

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