Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 22: Sunday 2

“Rise and shine,” Juliette called merrily across the room, flinging the grey curtains open so they cast a warm glow over Jaxon’s sleeping body. He groaned and stuffed a pillow over his face in a way to block out the sun.

“Stop acting like a sassy, adolescent Vampire,” Juliette grumbled, walking around the bed. Jaxon peeked out from behind the pillow so he could observe Juliette with interest.

“Me? Sassy?” he asked, acting appalled. Juliette stifled a laugh at his comical expression.

“Indeed, and I think you know you are,” Juliette stated, coming to a halt at the foot of the bed. Jaxon buried his face in the pillow, showing Juliette he wasn’t keen on getting out of bed.

Juliette bit her lip, and ripped the sheets straight off the bed, leaving a half naked Jaxon groaning on the bed.

“Get up,” Juliette said sternly, smacking his shin lightly. He sat up, and look directly at Juliette. Juliette watched his expression turn to one of worry.

He crawled to the end of the bed, and slid off, nearly stumblimg over his pants.

“What is it?” Juliette asked. Jaxon was looking at her lips, his eyes full of fear. He reached up, wiping his thumb against her bottom lip. Juliette blanched as she looked at his thumb, seeing it covered in a slick blue liquid.

“You’re bleeding,” Jaxon said softly, his silver orbs filled with confusion. Juliette brought a shaky hand up to her lip, and when she pulled back, it was almost covered in blue blood.

“Way to state the obvious…” Juliette snapped. She pushed open Jaxon’s en suite, and made her way in, Jaxon trailing behind. She looked in the mirror, and gasped at what she saw.

Her whole botton lip and chin were covered in blue blood. It dripped from her chin and onto her singlet top.

“Why the hell is it blue?” Juliette gasped. She touched the liquid flowing from her lip gently. It was cold, ice cold. She turned the vanity tap on, grabbed a flannel, and wet it.

“I have no idea…” Jaxon breathed, watching Juliette wipe at her mouth. Juliette wanted to throw up suddenly. Blood was one her biggest fears, and seeing the stuff poor from her lip, especially when it’s blue was just to much for her to bear.

“Werewolves don’t bleed blue!” Juliette shrieked. The flannel was soaked blue by now.’

“I will get you something to stop the bleeding, just wait here and apply pressure.” Jaxon disappeared to find something, leaving Juliette standing alone. The blood was so dark, it was alomost black, yet a thin layer of the stuff was blue.

“Put this on,” Jaxon ordered when he got back. Most of the bleeding had stopped. Juliette quickly applied the lip plaster to her lip, and cleaned the excess blood away from her mouth.

“What happened?” Juliette asked, once she was all cleaned up. Her and Jaxon sat at the foot of his bed, both staring into space.

“How about I ask my Beta. He is coming to the arena today. He is very smart, and knows alot when it comes to immortals,” Jaxon said softly. Juliette nodded, staring at her hands.

“Okay, but I want to check on Jazz first, see if she got through the night without any nightmares,” Juliette said, standing up. Jaxon nodded.


“Hey Juliette, what’s up?” Sara greeted when Juliette opened the door. Juliette smiled weakly at her friend. Sara didn’t look so good.

“Can I come in?” Juliette asked, shoving her hands in her brown leather jacket. Sara nodded and opened the door wide for her.

“How are you?” Juliette asked, walking in slowly. She heard Sara’s sigh, and when she turned to face her, she was crying.

“I don’t know if it is a big deal. But I woke up and Jazz wasn’t in, her bag she had was gone,” Sara cried, holding her hands to her face. Juliette frowned, knowing exacty what had happened.

“She has gone to get revenge.”


“You can’t prove that…look, we can only file a missing persons report after 24 hours, and if she isn’t back by tomorrow, we will take care of it,” Jaxon explained softly, holding Juliette’s biceps. Juliette shook her head, a tear beginning to form in her eye.

“You don’t understand, she doesn’t know what’s out there,” Juliette begged, looking up into Jaxon’s silver eyes. Jaxon sighed deeply, looking torn.

“Juliette, we can deal with this tomorrow, when I can talk to the warriors,” Jaxon asked, sounding rather exasperated. Juliette pouted subconsiously.

“No, someone here was murdered! And you expect people to get over that? Sara is torn and Jazz is blood thirsty for revenge,” Juliette said, throwing her hands up.

Instead of answering, Jaxon backed Juliette up till the backs of her knees hit the edge of his bed. He placed his lips on hers, his hands pushing her hips down to the bed. Her back hit the duvet, Jaxon’s hands falling to the sides of Juliette. He loomed over her, kissing her like it would be the last thing her did, with those lips of sweet poison.

Juliette’s hands were on his chest, her nails digging into his shirt. Her was trying to distract her, like he always did. He used his charm and skilful lips to captivate Juliette in anyway possible.

“Jaxon stop,” Julliette muttered, once Jaxon had pulled away, and was leaving soft, needy kisses down her neck. He carried on, not listening to her. She attempted to push at his chest.

“Jaxon, I mean it…” Juliette said forcefully, heaving at his chest. He pulled away, leaving her feeling cold and unstatisfied.

He looked down at her, his eyes torn.

“Don’t tell me I inturrpted anything?”

Juliette sat up, staring at Jaxon’s open door. Jaxon turned, coming face to face with a blue eyed, black haired Were.

“Grayson, you made it,” Jaxon mumbled, glancing at Juliette. Juliette looked at him for information.

“Hmm, you must be Juliette Kerson, talk of the Kingdom. I’m Grayson, Jaxon’s Beta,” he introduced, taking Juliette’s hand and kissing it. He pulled away at Jaxon’s low, threateaning growl.

“Nice to meet you,” Juliette replied, her face flushed. Jaxon pulled a stool from the corner of his room, and offered it to Grayson, while he sat on the edge of the bed with Juliette. Grayson sat in front of Jaxon and Juliette.

“Grayson, we need to talk,” Jaxon announced lowly, glancing breifly at Juliette.

“Trouble in paradise?” he questioned, looking between Jaxon and Juliette, his face splitting into a grin. Jaxon growled and shook his head immediatly.

“No, we discovered something,” Jaxon said, grabbing Juliette’s hand, his thumb brushing over the spot where Grayson kissed.

“Is this about the murder?” he asked, the grin slipping, only to be replaced with a frown. Jaxon shook his head again.

“No. Today Juliette bit her lip, and her blood…her blood was blue,” Jaxon said, like it was almost painful to say. Maybe he thought what Juliette thought; that she was dieased.

“Well we can rule out dieases right, I mean she was tested,” Grayson said, crossing Juliette’s theory from her mind.

“Could there have been a mix up?” Jaxon said more to himself then Grayson.

“The pack doctors are way to strict for anything like that to be allowed,” Grayson dismissed.

“Then what is it?” Juliette asked desperatly. Grayson’s blue eyes met her own blue pair.

“Have you come into contact or consumed anything poisioness?” He asked. Blaise suddenly popped to mind.

“I can think of someone poisoness,” Juliette muttered under her breath.

“Do you any condiotion that runs in your family? Hemophilia maybe?”

“No way, I don’t have a bleeding condition”

“Is she human?” Jaxon piped in.

Both Juliette and Grayson stared at him.

“I mean…those things might have bled blue, who knows with those little creeps.”

“No, sticking to the fact that humans are extinct and there have been no traces of human blood, red human blood in Werewolves for years.”

“Okay, so maybe that is a little far fetched…what about a Vampire?’

“Hey, Mr Alpha, I do happen to be right here,” Juliette growled, smacking Jaxon over the head.

“No, Vampires happen to contain red blood. Perhaps you should attend the fact that she smells like a Werewolf.”

“Then what is it?”

“I have to say that I don’t know.”

Silence filled the room, a heavy weight fixing itself on Juliette’s shoulders.

“I need air,” Jaxon muttered. Standing, her stormed out the door. Was he angry?

“So you’re the Beta huh,” Juliette said weakly, trying to find some form of a sentence. Grayson chuckled, his good mood back again.


“Was it hard…you know, becoming one?” Juliette asked. From what she knew, Beta’s had to work for it after they made it through the 30 day trial.

“No, can I tell you something?” He asked. Juliette nodded.

“Well, not many people know it, but Beta’s are only created. Beta’s are a type of Werewolf, not a second in command. If the King dies, I will not take over his role, but I will stay the Beta,” he explained, Juliette frowned.

“That’s not what I was told.”

“Beta’s are just a shield. We came much before the Alpha’s did. Our blood created the Alpha species, which now rule…We were created from a mutation in human genes, which we like to call lycanthropy.”

“Sounds rather boring.”

“I suppose, but folklore states that there are many types of Werewolves. We believe in a few, the many that scale the earth. Of course nobody believes that.”

“Did humans believe in Werewolves?”

“Nobody knows for sure, perhaps they were Werewolves, they just didn’t know it.”

“Who killed the humans?”

“They brought themselves to extinction, we simply took over and recreated what they destroyed.”

“So they were violent?”

“That is what they are made out to be, horrible, disgusting creatures.”

“What did they look like.”

“Well like you and me. Or as they would have liked to say, we looked like them.”

“Do you think they were bad?”

Grayson paused.

“I couldn’t say, I have never met one, and I never will.”

He sighed, and Juliette watched him get up. He was very wise, but curious Juliette wanted to ask more questions about the intersting species called humans.

“Now if we are done, I would like to go find the King.”


An hour later, Juliette still sat on Jaxon’s bed, staring at her hands. Humans sure did have good music, so they could probably talk, she knew that much.

“So they look like me,” Juliette said to herself. She couldn’t believe that they really did look like that. But they must have been smart, very smart. They created things like her phone. like the room she sat in now.

“You look rather deep in thought. Thinking of things to tell me Princess?”

Juliette nearly jumped off the bed, as she turned to see Ace sitting next to her. She swore she should have heard him slip in, or smelt that distinctive sandalwood scent.

“What are you doing here? Jaxon could walk in at any moment.” Juliette hissed, her eyes darting around. Ace laughed.

“No he won’t. Now tell me Princess, how did Maya Green find the resistance?” Ace asked, suddenly serious.

(Oh gosh, I wrote that suddenly he was biploar :p only cause I was thinking about how bipolar he was and I guess I wrote it instead)

“I have no clue.” Juliette gasped. It wasn’t like she kept tabs on Maya; she hadn’t even known the girl had ran off.

“She showed up, naked with a note saying that you sent her,” he said. Juliette shook her head.

“Did she say anything?” Juliette asked. She didn’t know why Maya would do that.

“No, she didn’t say a word. She was there when I got back from seeing you, then the next morning she had left our camp,” Ace said, clasping his hands together.

“Sorry, I don’t know why she would do that.”

“Perhaps she wants revenge. You did steal her man.”

“Trust me, she stole mine,” Juliette muttered.

“Boss wants to know everything about her and Jaxon, by tonight,” Ace said softly. He suddenly looked afraid, and Juliette had to wonder who his Boss really was.

“He never told me much,” Juliette said honestly. Ace rubbed his hands together.

“Why would she leave him?” Ace asked. Juliette paused for a moment.

“She didn’t love him, and he didn’t love her,” Juliette said gently. She still felt bad for breaking them up, but if she hadn’t, or if she hadn’t been with Chance, Juliette wouldn’t have Jaxon.

“Really?” Ace looked surprised. Juliette nodded.

“Yeah, it was for the packs sake…” Juliette drawled.

“So without her, do you think the pack is weak?” Ace asked, looking rather to excited for Juliette’s liking. It dampened her spirits to hear him say the truth in such a brutally simple way.

“Most likely.”

Ace was suddeny at his feet.

“This is a development! This is the biggest advantage we have had over Jaxon and the Nightmare pack in ages!” Ace said, suddenly cupping Juliette’s face with his large hands.

“Why do I get the feeling I shouldn’t have told you that?” Juliette asked awkwardly, as Ace squished her face in the most weird ways he could.

“Because you probably shouldn’t have.”

With a random, wet kiss on her forehead that took Juliette back, literally, Ace dived head first out the window, and was gone.

Boring chapter, but a little history on the Werewolves.

Keeping in mind that what is said in this story isn’t always true, but I hope it makes you look at things differently

Anywho…what do you guys think is wrong with Juliette? Share your opinions!

*Laughs devilishly because I know things no one else does, even though they will proabably guess immediatly and I will feel stupid and will have to come up with another original idea, which will proabably take ages of me standing in the shower thinking because that’s where I get most of my inspiration, or maybe I will have to stay up at night thinking while listening to ABBA songs till I die*

This chaper is dedicated to my latest story Power! Check it out right now. It took me ages to make a cover so don’t judge me :p

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