Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 23: Day Eleven

Juliette opened her eyes, staring straight at Jazz’s bed.

Not again.

Juliette turned back to the bed, coming face to face with the dorm door. She tried the handle, she needed to wake up. It was locked.

“Jaxon wake me, wake me please,” she begged. She was hoping that Jaxon was there, listening to what she was syaing. She turned, hoping to see Jaxon standing there.

Instead she saw a small, pale hand slip out from under the covers. A trickle of fresh, bright red blood running down the fingers of this hand. Juliettte wimpered.

“Jaxon if you can hear me, wake me up now!” Juliette yelled She didn’t care if anyone heard, she just wanted Jaxon to wake her up. But whoever was under that blanket wouldn’t be Jaxon, the hand was too small and pale.

Juliette walked closer, till the blood from the hand drippled onto her foot. It was warm and sticky. Swallowing her sickness, Juliette pulled the covers back.

It was Jazz.

Her red hair was strewn beautifully across the covers, her green eyes staring right at Juliette. She was wearing a beautiful gown, one Juliette had never seen her wear. Her wrist was cut, blood dripping from the wound, staining the sheets. Blood dripped from her mouth, just like Jaxon’s had.

“Oh my gosh, Jazz!” Juliette yelped, her hands finding her mouth.

Juliette stumbled back, covering her eyes.

Suddenly she hit a warm chest, and arms wrapped around her.

“Juliette baby, I’m here it’s okay.”

Relief flooded through Juliette’s being, as she took her hands away. It must be early morning, for light was streaming through the window and onto Jazz’s bed, where she wasn’t sleeping.

Juliette turned and looked up at Jaxon. He was holding a tissue to his nose.

“I tried to stop you walking off, but you hit me in the face. I have been trying to wake you for the past hour, and all you have been doing his standing, staring at that bed,” Jaxon explained. Juliette shivered.

“I am sorry, it was Jazz, she was dead,” Juliette whispered. Suddenly Juliette’s head shot up, and she stared at Jaxon for a moment.

“Jazz! We need to check on her!” Juliette yelped, psuhing Jaxon out of the way.

“It’s six in the morning Juliette, let’s just head back to our room” Jaxon moaned, following Juliette out the door.

“Listen mister, I don’t a damn if you are the head warrior, you will find my friend,” Juliette said sternly to the man in front of her. He looked down at her in surprise, then he nodded curtly.

“We will do everything in our power to find you friend,” he said. Juliette nodded, slightly happy with that. The man walked off, and Jaxon stood in front of Juliette.

“She spent a night out there Jaxon, doing god knows what,” Juliette sighed, looking into the forest. Jazz was in there somewhere, her tracks lead in there.

“She will be alright, she is a pretty tough one that Jazz,” Jaxon reassured, slinking his arm over her shoulder.

“Is everything alright here?”

Juliette and Jaxon turned to see Chris walking out of the arena. Juliette groaned inwardly, while Jaxon’s face broke into a grin.

“Alpha Christian, don’t you have a class soon?” Jaxon asked when Chris made it to them.

“My Beta is taking over for me so I can help in the search, but you two should get to your classes, I mean Alpha King, you have a class to teach right?” Juliette sized Chris up, wondering what his real motive was.

“You’re right, thanks for taking over. Come to me if you find any clues,” Jaxon said, suddenly pulling Juliette away from the scene.

“Will do sir.”

“Now this, I am going to like.”

Juliette rubbed her hands together, jumping up and down on the mat. Blaise stood in front of her, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

“I really don’t want to hit you,” Blaise said meekly. Juliette looked around to see everyone had already started fighting.

“That’s cute, because I don’t mind hitting you,” Juliette said with a smile. She hopped forward quickly and lashed out at Blaise. This class today was literally just fists, and if you happen to be about to be hit, how to dodge and block. Jaxon had managed to do a demonstration with a guy, and he ended up knocking him out.

Now Blaise stumbled back, holding his nose after Juliette’s bony little fist came into contact with it.

“Ah fu-“

Juliette kicked his shin and punched his face again, so he groaned and stumbled back, falling over.

“You are right, I am loving this!” Juliette said happily. It was a nice distraction from losing her only really good friend in the forest.

“Would it help if I called you beautiful?” he asked.

“Blaise get up and hit her back, I want to see if she can dodge,” Jaxon said, suddenly appearing at the side of their sparring mat.

Blaise struggled to his feet, slipping on the mat. Juliette felt a wave of sickness pass over her.

“Sorry Juliette,” Blaise said, before hurling his fist in her direction.

Juliette, too stunned by a sudden memory of her dream, was too slow to react.

His fist hit her nose before she could do anything. He hit her with such a force that she tumbled straight over. She knelt on the floor, away from everyone who was crowding around. Apparently it was interesting thst Blaise had actually hit Juliette.

“Juliette I’m so sorry,” She heard Blaise say from behind her. Jaxon knelt beside her, watching Juliette hold her nose. It hadn’t hurt, or maybe Juliette was to worried about the ice cold liquid that was flowing from her nose. It almost gave her freeze bite it was so cold.

“Get up and fight back,” Jaxon prompted, his rubbing her back. Juliette growled lowly, the mention of revenge suddenly sounded so sweet. Juliette pulled her hand away, and let the blue blood that came from her nose trickle from her hands to the ground.

Juliette was up in a second. She dived at Blaise, her knee connecting with his privates in a second. He groaned and stooped over. Her fists were flying as she hit him over and over again, till he was on the ground, begging for mercy.

People cheered, not paying attention to the blue blood Juliette got all over Blaise. She ran from the room in a second, Jaxon following.

“I couldn’t help myself…I lost control,” Juliette said softly, wiping her nose again. The bleeding had stopped. Jaxon stared at Juliette, contemplating somethig in silence.

“Alpha King, Sir.”

The Head Warrior was running over, looking grave. Juliette swallowed her dread.

“We have found Jasmine,” he said quickly. Juliette stood up, a massive smile erupting on her face.

“Can I see her?” Juliette asked. Heck, the Head Warrior wasn’t going to keep her away. He nodded, and Juliette couldn’t help but notice that he looked slightly afraid.

Jaxon and Juliette walked out of the arena like The Warrior prompted. Jaxon looked apprehensive, like he knew something was slightly wrong.

And it was.

Jazz stood at the edge of the forest. Everyone ha formed a half circle around her.

Maya’s arms were holding Jazz, in her hand a gun that was pointed at Jazz’s head. Jazz was wearing what she wore they day of Delani’s murder, but her messy hair had gone back to being wavey.

Maya looked scared, like she didn’t know what she was doing. She was naked, stark naked but covered in a thick layer of dirt.

“Maya?” Jaxon called out. He left Juliette at the edge of the half circle, while he stalked in. Juliette’s heart skipped a beat as she swung the gun to Jaxon, her arm still firmly around Jazz’s neck.

“Maya, put the guy down,’ Jaxon coaxed, his voice baby soft. Maya shook her head, and not saying a word, she kicked a piece of paper she had put of the ground at Jaxon. He picked it up, read for a moment, and then his silver eyes swung to Juliette.

She froze. He looked pained, but motioned for Juliette to come coser. Juliette wandered over, and the gun swung back to Jazz’s temple.

“You psychotic little bitch, let me go,” Jazz hissed. Maya answered by nudging her head with the gun.

“What do you want?” Juliette asked gently. Maya opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. She pushed Jazz to the ground, making her land face first into the grass. She motioned for Juliette to come closer.

“Juliette don’t,” Jaxon muttered. Maya pointed the revolver at him, and he held his hands up. Juliette swallowed the fear that consumed her, and let her wobbly legs walk foreward. Maya grabbed Juliette’s arm, her dirty nails digging so hard into her skin, that they drew blood.

Blue blood.

Maya looked at what she had done, and suddenly screamed. She stepped back and pointed the gun at Juliette’s forehead, but her eyes were still on the blue blood that flowed from her arm.

“You need to die,” she mumbled, her words almost couldn’t be heard. But Juliette knew what that meant.

Before Juliette could do anything, before Maya could shoot her, Maya’s eyes rolled back and she fell face first into the ground beside Jazz.

Everyone looked up, surprised to see Ace standing there, rubbing his fist. His dark eyes met Juliette’s.

“You saved her,” Jaxon breathed, falling to his knees beside Juliette, who had fallen also. Her legs couldn’t handle it anymore.

Ace took in a deep breath, nodded at Jaxon, and ran away. Juliette watched him shift and dive, before he took of in wolf form.

“Your cousin is a live saver,” Jaxon mumbled, as he wrapped his arms around Juliette, and buried his nose in her hair. But Juliette still stared at the forest.

He wanted her alive, yes. But now she felt like she owed him something.

Maya lay unconcious beside her, her gun still in her hand. Jaxon pulled away from Juliette and pried the gun from Maya’s pale hand.

“Where on earth did she get a gun?” Jaxon asked, mainly to himslef. Jazz suddely was pulling Juliette off the ground, her arms around her in seconds.

“She was going to kill you,” Jazz weeped, hugging Juliette tighter. Juliette still felt numb, the only thing she could feel was the blood still seeping out her arm.

“Where did you go?” Juliette asked, holding the weeping red head at arms length so she could asess her for damges.

“We can talk later, but now I really want a shower,” Jazz said. She even tried to smile, but it didn’t reach her eyes. Juliette nodded, and let Jazz walk off, although she was immediatly swarmed by friends and doctors.

Juliette’s eyes stayed on the dark forest, as Jaxon’s arms snaked arond her waist from behind. He sighed at the same time Juliette did, his face in her neck.

Whatever was in that forest was evil, was killing, and forcing people to kill.

Juliette loooked at her arm. The marks had stopped bleeding, but her arms was caked in the stuff.

“I nearly died, and I don’t even feel anything.”

The rest of the day went fairly quickly, Juliette staying with Jazz instead of going to the second half of the lesson with Jaxon.

“I decided to go out and find Delani’s killer, but I found nothing. I walked too far into the forest to make it back to the arena, so I slept in the forest. I woke up with a gun pointing at my head. Maya stood with some guy, who wrote her note and gave it to her. He then stole my bag and Maya walked me all the way back here,” Jazz said quickly, giving Juliette the short version of the tale.

“What did the guy look like?” Juliette asked. She had a little suspicion that maybe Ace was behind it all. But then again, he had knocked Maya out to save Juliette’s life.

“He had hair like mine, but much brighter, like nothing I have seen before. And he was so pale, so thin,” Jazz desricribed. Juliette frowned, thinking that she had never seen a male red head before, heck, Jazz was the only natural red head she knew.

Juliette Kerson

She took quite a blow to the nose today, showing she may need to improve her dodging skills in the future. She did in fact take down and win against a boy who has shown many skills throughout classes. She took the rest of the lesson off after an incident.

Alpha King.

“What happened to the girl?” Olivia asked. Jaxon looked up at her, his silver eyes filled with sadness that Olivia noticed instantly.

“Trust me Olivia, you don’t want to know,” Jaxon said, sighing deeply as he gabbed a piece of paper to write Jasmine’s daily report.

“Oh trust me Jaxon, I do want to know.”

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