Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 24: Day Twelve

Juliette groaned. It was another dream, it had to be. Although she wasn’t in her original dorm room, but in Jaxon’s room.

She was standing at the foot of the bed, staring at the covers. Everything seemed hazy, and she had a sudden urge to pull the covers away. Instead, she she tried all the doors, to find them locked.

She glared at the covers. Suddenly they moved and she screamed a little, backing up till her back ht the door. Jaxon pushed the covers back. He was alive in this dream.

“Juliette, what are you doing?” he asked, tilting his head to the side. His silver eyes were glazed over. Relief flooded through Juliette.

“I thought I was having a dream…” she explained, advancing on Jaxon.

“Where did you get that knife baby?” he asked, his voice oddly monotone. Then she realized he wasn’t looking at her, but behind her.

Juliette turned slowly, to see herself, holding a very sharp looking knife. Her wrists had been cut, and the knife was covered in blue blood. It dripped to the floor, as the creepy Juliette pushed past normal Juliette.

Creepy Juliette stood at the edge of the bed, and normal Juliette yelped as a trickle of red blood fell past Jaxon’s lips. It was at that moment that evil Juliette buried the knife in Jaxon’s chest.

Slowly evil Juliette turned, leaving the knife between Jaxon’s ribs. Juliette felt sick, but she trained her blurry vision on herself.

A sick smile corssed creepy Juliette’s features.

“Ace baby, we can be together forever now,” creepy Juliette sang.

“Oh my god,” Juliette muttered. She blinked a few times and the image was gone. Instead she was in Jaxon’s room, staring at his peacfully sleeping body.

She sighed deeply, placing her hand over her chest. Her heart was beating rapidly.

Yet still she didn’t feel scared, worried, or sad. Only confused and sick. Slowly Juliette rounded the bed and slid under the covers. She curled up in a ball, closing her eyes. She had never felt so alone in her life.

“Wow, you actually ran the whole thing,” Drake commented, rather surprised. Juliette stooped over, her hands on her knees. She smiled up at Drake, actually feeling pretty proud of herself.

“Looks like it,” Juliette said, standing back up to stretch. They stood on the field, waiting for everyone to catch up. Drake sighed.

“About the top thing-“

“Don’t worry about it, it’s all forgotten,”Juliette dismissed. Drake looked relieved.

“You got here quickly,” Jazz heaved, once she made it to the finished line. Juliette was sitting on the ground, sipping water from her water bottle. Jazz sat beside her.

“I guess.”

Jazz coughed and took a swig fromher own bottle. She looked up at the clouds and smiled.

“I think things might be going back to normal,” Jazz said softly. Juliette glanced at Jazz. She looked better, and hadn’t straightened her hair this morning, which was a good sign.

“Of course it is, unless you decide to wander off again to seek revenge,” Juliette said sternly. It was more of a warning. Jazz snorted.

“No way am I doing that again…not now anyway,” Jazz said. Juliette looked at her sideways, knowing that smitten look anywhere.

“Who asked you out?” Juliette asked, defeated. It was getting slightly obvious that Jazz was practically bursting at the seams to tell her. Jazz paused for a moment, before turning to Juliette, a massive smile of her face.

“Me and Sara’s brother Cody are going on a date,” Jazz squeaked. Juliette rolled her eyes, pulling at her unifrom.

“Well done, for going out with someone who isn’t an Alpha,” Juliette congratulated sarcastically.

“Thank you,” Jazz said happily. She flopped back onto the grass, staring dreamily back up at the sky.

At lunch, Juliette decided she didn’t want to go back to Jaxon’s suite to eat. Instead she would deal with the cafeteria food, so she could more time with Jazz.

“This ham is so plastic and fake, I feel like I am eating my favorite pig toy back at home,” Jazz complained, flicking the strip of ham onto the table with disgust.

“You have a pig toy?” Juliette asked, chuckling softly. Jazz flicked a lock of orange hair over her shoulder.

“Yes, hater.”

“Hey, you’re Juliette right?”

Juliette looked over her shoulder, to see three girls standing there. They cast a shadow over her and Jazz.

One Juliette knew. The bleach blonde hair, and perfect tan. It was Bella from class. The one on her right was unfamilar. She was short, pale and very sassy looking. The girl on her left was out of place, with her black hair and black eyes that reminded her of Ace.

“Yeah…” Juliette said warily, blinking up at the trio.

“I’m Bella, this is Fawn, and Ayla,” Bella said pointing to each girl. Ayla, with the dark eyes, and Fawn, the short one.

“Cool,” Juliette replied, not really interested in there names, nor what they wanted.

“You know what we want Juliette?” Bella asked, a dark threat to her words. Juliette watched Ayla swallow and shove her hands into her pockets.

“A potato?”

(Don’t even mention potato flying around the room)

“Why would I want a potato?”

“Well I mean, why not?”

“Are you trying to annoy me?”

“Define annoy…”

“Just listen would you!” Bella snapped loudly, drawing a few eyes to her. She fluffed her hair and shot Jazz a glare, who was giggling beside Juliette.

“We want Jaxon okay, well I do,” Bella said, picking a blonde hair off her uniform. Alya looked down, while Fawn nodded.

Juliette looked at them with surprise, and she suddenly felt a little over protective.

“Sure, I don’t care,” Juliette played off, shrugging her shoulders. Bella frowned, before flipping her straight blonde hair over her shoulder.

“Well he seems to care a lot about you, and I am afraid that as long as you are kissing him, he isn’t going to notice another She Wolf,” Bella explained her case. Juliette snorted, standing. She matched Bella’s height perfectly.

“So what are you going to do huh? Beat me?”


“You and what army? If you can’t see, I dont think shorty here is much help, and EMO here looks like a breath of wind could knock her down,” Juliette taunted. Really she was trying to make herself seem brave.

“Maybe we can’t fight you, but we won’t need to with this,” Bella said. She pulled out a knife, big enough to do serious damage. Juliette stared at it.

“Where the hell did you get that?” Juliette whispered harshly. Holy hell.

“Come with me and you will find out. Just don’t run or make a noise, because you can run, but you can’t hide.” Juliette felt like she should be scared, but she wasn’t. Instead she was worried that the girls would hurt themselves or other around them.

“Fine,” Juliette hissed. She wanted to get that knife away from Jazz. Ayla had stayed behind, apparently to make sure Jazz didn’t follow or say anything.

Juliette sighed as the girls lead into a hallway, lit dimly. She wasn’t worried, not anymore. Now she was angry.

“Look, stay away from Jaxon Juliette, or I will hurt…” Bella trailed off, and suddenly held the tip of the knife against Fawn’s stomach. Both Juliette and Fawn gasped. Now Juliette was scared.

“Her, and maybe even Jasmine.”

Juliette stood stock still. This girl had serious issues, and they needed sorting out.

“Will you leave him?” Bella asked. Fawn looked at her with pleading eyes, making Juliette swallow. Where was an Alpha when she really needed one.

“Yeah…okay, just let her go,” Juliette ordered. Bella smirked, dropping the knife to the floor. Juliette let out a sigh of relief, as Fawn stumbled away.

“Good. Come on Fawn,” Bella said, grabbing Fawn’s arm. Juliette watched them walk down the hallway, until they disapeared around a corner. What just happened.

She sunk to the ground, her back against the wall. The knife was close to her, and Juliette wondered if this was some sort of sick prank, maybe a set up of some kind.

She reached out for the kinfe, wanting to dispose it, right now. Instead someones foot landed on the blade hard, making Juliette draw her hand back.

She looked up, just in time to see Ayla squat before her. Her black eyes bore holes into Juliette’s head.

“What do you want?” Juliette asked, her voice slightly shaky. It was Ayla’s eyes that scared her most, the way Juliette could see herself in them.

Wordlessly, Ayla grabbed Juliette’s wrist, her grip like deaths hand. Juliette tried to pull her arm away.

“Be still, you won’t regret it,” Ayla scolded, her words sending chills down Juliette’s body. She sounded serious, but that didn’t stop Juliette letting out a yelp as Ayla brought the blade of the knife to Juliette’s wrist.

“I said still,” Ayla griped. Juliette tried to scream, but some instict had her suddenly as still as ever. It was like something invisible was holding her down, letting Ayla piece her skin. It stung, and Juliette had to bite her lip to mask her pain.

Ayla’s eyes widened as blood bubbled around the tip of the knife, and drippled down her arm. Ice cold and blue, it looked like a snake as is slithered toward the inside of her elbow. Suddenly Ayla pulled away, letting Juliette’s arm fall to her side.

“He was right.”

And then she was gone.

Juliette walked straight through the door, a look of determination on her face. Chris was sitting at his desk, as usual. He looked up, a bright smile on his face as Juliette walked in.

He stood, his height over powering hers, making what she was about to do seem that much more scary.

She slapped him. So hard his face flew to the side, so hard the sickening slapping sound filled the room.

“That’s for being a sick bastard.”

(You have no idea how much I wanted to write, that’s for the readers :p Since I know how much everyone probably wished it was them hitting him)

Chris turned his head slowly, his eyes now pitch black with anger.

“Hit me back, kiss me…I dare you,” Juliette sneared, her eyes narrowing. She knew she had a massive advantage over him.

“Oh, how I really want to tell Jaxon that it was you that kissed me. I am sure that would thrill him,” Juliette taunted. Chris watched her round his desk, his lips in a grim line.

“I can hurt you, beat you to the ground with any weapon I chose…but if you lay a finger on me…” Oh this felt good, and Juliette was enjoying in it.

“Jaxon will ruin you.”

Chris stood, his chair and desk falling on there sides. Juliette jumped back, but she wasn’t afraid.

“Now you will teach me maths like you promised. But if you touch me again, I will let jaxon hurt you,” Juliette said, rounding her speech up.

He may be an Alpha, but Jaxon is the King.

“Now I am tired. You can go stay here and mope about your hardships, but next Thursday I expect to be learning Math,” Juliette said, backing toward the door. Chris watched her.

And with a raised middle finger pointing toward Chris, Juliette sauntered out.

Juliette Kerson

Alpha Drake was happy with her progress today, and that she finished a running race before all the Werewolves in her class, showing her skill in that aspect. I am happy with this report today.

Alpha King.

Whelp, that happened.

This chapter is dedicated to my laptop, that asks me if I would like to turn the Sticky Keys on everytime I press shift too much because I am usually trying to figure out why I actually need the shift button…

Ask me any questions by commenting on this sentence, I will answer as well as I can!

Anywho, Juliette grew some balls and decided to stick up for herself!

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