Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 25: Day Thirteen

“Stay in bed with me…” Jaxon groaned, grabbing Juliette’s hips. She laughed and fell back into the bed. She was in a good mood from not having a single nightmare last night. And Jaxon seemed to be in a pretty good mood as well.

“I have class,” Juliette giggled, rolling over so she was on top of Jaxon. He watched her with amusment, his silver eyes alight with excitment.

“And the Alpha King shouldn’t be the one keeping me from school,” Juliette stated, tracing her finger down Jaxon’s strong jawline. He was really handsome, even in the morning. His fluffy black hair, as dark as obsidian, his silver eyes, so bright and luminious.

“Hmm true, I do want you to make it into the pack,” Jaxon said softly. Juliette gazed at him for a moment, before smiling gently. Her finger trailed down the base of his neck, and to the neck line of his shirt.

“Why, so you can keep an eye on me?” Juliete asked, chuckling. She couldn’t help but love the protective side of Jaxon; it made her feel safe, especially with all the nightmares shes been having.

“Well I can keep an eye on you when you become my mate,” Jaxon said softly, making Juliette gasp.

“You mean that?” Juliette asked softly. He looked so content, like the idea pleased him. He nodded slowly, and Juliette leant down to kiss him. His lips felt soft against Juliette’s, like they fit into place there.

“You will be mine, every part of you,” he said against her lips. She smiled and leant back, lifting his shirt so she could look at his tattoo.

“And you will be mine…” Juliette whispered, She suddenly felt like that couldn’t be possible.

“Why me?” Juliette asked, after a short moment of pause. Jaxon’s eyes narrowed, as he gazed up at Juliette.

“Juliette you must understand that I can never look at another girl again, not since I lay my eyes on you. It’s like we are…”

“Soulmates,” they said at the same time. Juliette blushed and Jaxon grinned.

“I guess so, whatever that means.”

Alpha Chris made no advances Juliette, he didn’t even look at her all through the English lesson. In Geography, he asked one question, but that was it.

“Did you see that bruise on the side of Alpha Chris’s face?” Jazz asked at lunch. Juliette grinned inwarly, but shurgged.

“Didn’t notice it,” Juliette commented. Jazz looked thoughtful for a moment, then went back to eating her sandwhich.

“I’m just going down to our old room to get some stuff I didn’t have time to get the other day, want to come?” Juliette offered, standing from the metal bench. They had taken the crime scene tape down, and the room was free to go in. Not that Jaxon would let her move back in.

“No, it’s okay,” Jazz dismissed. Juliette nodded and went on her way. She was slightly nervous to go back in there, especially after what went down in front of it. Juliette’s heart suddenlt clenched at the thought of Delani, and she couldn’t help but wonder if her parents have had her funeral yet.

When she made it to the room, she didn’t hesitate to swing the door open, knowing if she did hesitate, she probably wouldn’t go in.

It was empty, and rather cold because of the broken window, and some of Jazz’s magizines and papers had been blown around in any gust of wind.

Just as she thought that, a cool gust of wind blew through the window. She shivered and loooked out the window, seeing the sky had clouded over, and it might rain at any second.

Sighing, Juliette walked to her side of the room, and started grabbing some clothes she had left behind.

“Ah shit…”

Juliette spun around, her fists up in defence. Ace was standing by the broken window, cradling his hand. The window hadn’t been fixed, and shards of very sharp glass still pointed at out like daggers.

And the idiot thought he could climb through.

“Seriously Ace? Let me see what you did,” Juliette offered, moving toward him. She wasn’t afraid, she just wanted to see if he needed help.

“No, back off…” he growled. Juliette blanched as he beared his fangs at her. Werewolves only ever did that if they were feeling threatened.

He turned, hiding his hand from Juliette’s view. She frowned and crossed her arms.

That’s when she saw the drip of blue blood fall to the ground by his feet.

She gasped, ignoring his protesting growl.

“Why are we like that?” Juliette asked nervously. Ace turned, his eyes wild, his hand covered in blue blood.

“You weren’t supposed to find out…” Ace muttered. He looked out the window, and Juliette knew what his next motive was. He was going to jump back out through the window.

“Wait, did you poison me?” Juliette asked, thinking back to that wine he gave her, and how she got drunk so quickly.

Ace didn’t listen, he just jumped straight out the window, head first. Juliette ran to the window, looking out. He shifted before he hit the ground, that’s how he did it.

Juliette backed away, not quite believing what she was about to do, but she needed answers, and it seemed Ace was the only one she could ask.

Taking a deep breath, she ran at the window, and dived head first out. He shirt managed to snag on a shard of jagged glass as she jumped, making it rip. Juliette winced, feeling the glass cut up her side, but she ignored it.

When she landed on the ground, she landed on four paws, not two feet.

She looked around, to see a glimpse of Ace’s large black wolf disappear into the woods. Juliette followed, trying to run as fast as the cut on her side allowed. Ace was fast, but alll times she managed to keep him in her view.

It was after half an hour of running that Juliette started to feel weak, and she knew that shehad lost a whole lot of blood. Ace was relentless, and wouldn’t even pause to stop running. Juliette found herself stumbling over tree trunks, and even small branches.

That was until a wooden cabin came into view. It was the most welcome sight to ever be seen.

Then more came into view, the it seemed like there was a whole village in the middle of the woods. Ace kept running, past all the people that were wandering around. They all turned when Juliette came into view.

Ace had lead her to the resistance.

Suddenly Juliette tripped over her own paw, and landed on the hard dirt. She skidded across it, then to a stop. Her vision was spotty, and she felt suddenly fearful of what would beome of her.

A girl, probably a little older then her ran over from where she was standing in front of a cabin. She bent down, assessing Juliette.

“It’s okay.”

That was the last thing Juliette heard before she passed out.

“Will she be okay?”

Juliette shifted slightly, but couldn’t open her eyes. Everything felt, and smelt different.

“Yes Ace, we wouldn’t let one of our own fall.”

Ace. His name was familiar, but the voice that spoke it wasn’t. Juliette opened her eyes, to find herself sightly blinded by a white light. She groaned and moved her head to the side, and her first instinct was to find a exit.

“Keep her still…” someone ordered. Juliette felt hands on her arms, keeping her pressed down against the bed. Her eyes were refocusing, and she could know make out the dark eyes and hair of Ace.

Resistance, she was with the resistance.

“Let me go,” Juliette growled. She wrestled her way to sitting position, and eventually. Ace stepped back beside another person, except they were a female.

She looked around he room frantically. She was in a wood cabin, with an over hanging light in the middle of the room. She was in some type of hospital bed, and wires were attached to her arms.

“Where am I?” Juliette asked. She needed to get out, right now. When she went to slid from the bed, a pain in her side had her gasping for air. She wasn’t going anywhere.

“Stay still,” the girl ordered. She looked somewhat like Ace, but her hair was a light brown, her eyes pitch black. Juliette clutched her side, where the aching pain was worst.

She was suddenly grasped by fear, not by the two people at her bedside, but by the fact that they might keep her here.

“Who are you, what do you want from me?” Juliette asked, her voice a low whisper. The girl moved forward, moving her hand to place it on Juliette’s forehead, but Juliette hit her arm.

“We haven’t kidnapped you, you made your way here by yourself, so stop complaining,” a voice said from behind Ace. The brown haired girl, who’s eyes were like Ace’s, rolled her eyes.

“Go away Laila, she doesn’t need your negitivity,” brown haired girl said, checking one of the wires attached to Juliette’s arm. Ace stepped to the side a little, so Juliette was able to catch a look at who Laila was.

Her hair was a shocking electric blue, and just like Ace and brown haired girl, her eyes were jet black. She looked pissed, her arms folded across her chest.

“My name is Sophie, I am the main healer here,” the brown haired girl explained. Her skin was pale, her eyes kind. Juliette blinked you a few times.

“Why are you helping me?” Juliette asked. She had been itching to ask that, especially since she believed that they should have killed her or something.

“You probably think we are some type of killer, but our species is far from it,” Sophie said, injecting some clear liquid into the tube that lead into Juliette’s arm.

“Species? Ace told me you were just a bunch of reckless rouges,” Juliette commented, her gaze flicking to Ace, who had lowered his gaze. Sophie raised an eyebrow.

“Did he now. Well Lycans call us Skinwalkers,” Sophie said, looking not at fazed by what she was saying at all.


“We have the abiliy to fully shift whenever we want, unlike Lycans, who can only shift fully on full moons,” Sophie infromed Juliette. Ace swallowed visibly.

Juliette pondered that for a moment.

“Ace said they didn’t shift because it gave them power, but really, they don’t shift because…they can’t.”

“Only pure Lycan Alpha’s can shift which happens to be why Jaxon can shift.”

“But everyone shifts on there sixteenth.”

“Full moon.”

“But how can I shift?”

Laila groaned.

“Because you’re a Skinwalker you idiot,” Laila snapped. Sophie and Ace shot a glare at her, making her roll her eyes.

Juliette gaped at her.

“That may be hard to belive, but it is true. We all bleed blue,” Sophie explained, acting like that was completly normal.

“But I used to bleed red, why?”

“Sometimes it takes awhile for you to properly phase,” she explained.

“You all have black eyes, is that for a reason?” Juliette asked. That had been bugging her as well.

“Yes, those who give themselves to the Alpha of the reistance recieves change in eye colour, and life in the reistance. It is all given with a bite,” Sophie explained. She held out her wrist, and Juliette gazed at the black mark on her wrist.

“How did you find out that I bleed blue?”

“We have a girl inside the trial arena, she has been watching you.”

“I have had it with all the creepy stalking…it isn’t normal, so can someone please tell me why you actually care about me right now!” Juliette nearly screamed. She let out a brief breath.

“We have a plan, to take down the Nightmare pack, and the 30 day trial,” Sophie said gently. Juliette tilted her head slightly.

“You want to kill Jaxon?”

“Not quite, his power is to much to sacrifice. We plan to turn him, and that is where you really come in.”

“Into a Skinwalker…woah woah wait, I thought I was just the information passer?”

“You were, till we discovered that you are not a Lycan, like you have lead the Rouges, and pack members to believe.”

“I am not turning the Alpha King.”

“What Jaxon does not know, is that he cannot mate a Skinwalker, till he is one…I assure you that he will want to shift after he hears that.”

“Why not?”

“The Moon Godess wished the main Werewolf species to live together in harmony. If species were to cross breed, things would get messy. If he tries to mark you, he will be posioned by your blood.”

“The Moon who?”

“That is another story, for a time when you are feeling up to it. This is a lot to take in, and at this point you need rest.”

Juliette froze as everyone started to leave.

“Wait, you can’t just leave me here, with so many questions!”

Sophie paused, while Ace and Laila left the room. She looked at Juliette with sad eyes.

“Tomorrow you will go back to the arena, before 24 hours has past, and Jaxon can report you as missing. You tell no one of where you have been, or what you are. Not yet anyway. For now, I suggest you keep close to Jaxon.”

And with that, Sophie departed.

Juliette Kerson.

This student only attended her first lesson, and wasn’t present for her second one.

Alpha King.

Jaxon grolwed and slipped the letter to Olivia.

Where was she?

Not giving you all too much information on what he is thinking…

*hyperventilates into paper bag* it really annoys me when people say ‘why doesn’t Juliette tell Jaxon about Ace, or all her problems’ blah blah blah…because if she did, she would be a complaining worthless person okay! Let her sort her own battles out, there would be no story if she told Jaxon her every problem.

Also, if you are confused, tell me exactly what confused you so I can help you! Don’t just be like ‘oh this chapter was really confusing’ it does you no good, and simply annoys me, so yeah…sigh

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