Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 27: Day Fifteen

A jolting pain in Juliette’s side woke her from her slumber. She groaned and rolled over, her hand finding her side.

It was wet. Juliette screamed and retracted her hand, looking to see it covered in her own blood. Juliette looked down, and screamed again when she saw she was stark naked.

And in the middle of the woods.

She looked around, her eyes searching for something, anything. This was surely a dream, and her dreams always had some moral.

Suddenly Ace stumbled into view, his black eyes wide with fury. He looked at Juliette, who backed away till her back was against a tree. Juliette tried covering herself, afraid of him seeing her naked. He was shirtless, his torso covered in scratches and cuts, blue blood weeping from the wounds.

“Kill him Juliette, show me that our love is forever,” Ace muttered, his head lolling to the side. He pointed lazily at the tree behind Juliette, his eyes glazed and impassive.

Juliette turned her head slowly, coming face to face with a pair of knees. She scooted back across the ground, and looked up to see Jaxon tied to the tree. Delani was alive and standing beside him, holding the knife to his throat.

“Kill him Juliette…” Ace repeated. Jaxon was watching Juliette, his eyes wide and scared. He looked so alive, so real that Juliette felt a blast of fear, like this dream could be real. He was sweating, and it was obvious he was scared.

“Delani, let him go,” Juliette begged, looking at Delani’s calm expression. Her eyes were glazed as well.

“Juliette, kill Ace and me and Delani will live,” Jaxon ordered, his voice strained. Juliette stood, stumbled slightly, and regained her posture. Juliette gasped, as she realized she was holding a knife. It glistened with fresh, Lycan blood.

She had to wake up, she had to.

She ran up to Ace, and without thinking, she closed her eyes and plunged the knife into Ace’s shoulder.

It was when she heard the strangled gasp and cough she opened her eyes. She was staring at Jaxon, his silver eyes wide and open with fear and surprise.

He fell to the ground in front of Juliette, holding the knife in his shoulder.

It was then that she realized she had woken up.

“Jaxon no!” she screamed, falling to her knees. He gazed up at her, the life drining from his eyes.

“You stabbed me…” he whispered. He coughed and a trail of blood trickled down the side of his mouth. Juliette felt numb, she couldn’t even absorb what she had just done.


Juliette brushed the hand that was on her shoulders off, and concentrated on Jaxon.


Juliette gasped as she felt a hand slap her across the face. She felt like a bucket of water had been poured on her, and she was whisked back into the waking world.

She blinked a few times, seeing Jaxon disappear from right in front of her eyes. Instead, she was looking straight into the black eyes of Sophie, the healer.

She gasped, feeling tears fall down her cheeks.

“Are you okay?” Sophie asked, frowning slightly. Juliette could feel her heartbeat almost painfully against her rib cage. She shook her head, images of Jaxon dying still locked in her head.

“It was like a dream inside a dream,” Juliette whispered. Sophie frowned and pulled her jacket it off, wrapping it around Juliette’s shoulders.

“You are lucky I found you and not Ace,” Sophie commented. Juliette suddenly blushed, realizing that they were still in the forest, and she was naked.

“I’m not don’t hate,” Juliette said over her shoulder at Alpha Kade as she walked into the hall. She narrowed his eyes at her. Ignoring her still sore wound on her side, Juliette sat down.

She was the first student at class today, and considering she had just woken from a double nightmare, which included her sleeping walking naked out into the forest, she was pretty proud of herself.

Kade was staring at her, like he couldn’t believe she had really made it to class on time.

“I insisted to my healer, that was taking my stitches out, that I should really get to class on time today,” Juliette said, a slight smile on her face. She was just rubbing it into Kade’s face, and she was really enjoying it.

“You want to know how I got it?” Juliette asked, tilting her head. Kade folded his arms and glared pointedly at her.

“I managed to sleep walk out into the forest, and I cut myself on a branch. I was lost and had to spent the night out there in a thunderstorm, I nearly died. Healer Sophie said I really shouldn’t go to class, but take some rest days but you know what I said? I told her I didn’t want ot be late for Alpha Kade’s class.”

Kade swallowed.

“Hey Juliette!’

Juliette looked up with a smile as Jazz walked in. She needed some positivty right now, and Jazz seemed the main source of it.

“Can I ask you something?” she asked merrily, as she sat next to Juliette. Juliette nodded, wondering if it would be completely pointeless, or smart.

“You can ask.”

“What is your cousins name?” Jazz asked randomly, clasping he hands on her lap. Juliette frowned, wondering again where this was going.

“Why?” Juliette asked. She had to remember that she had told Jazz and Jaxon that Ace was her cousin. Same species maybe, but surely not related.

“Oh, just wondering,” Jazz said, her attempt at being nonchalant failing to pass Juliette.

“Why do you want to know my cousins name Jasmine?” Juliette asked, using Jazz’s full name to get her attention. Jazz sighed.

“Some of the girls have seen a guy walking around the arena. Dark hair and eyes, dark choice in clothing. Always wearing a leather jacket…” Jazz said, naming attributes that suited Ace perfectly.

“Yep, that’s Ace,” Juliette said, running a hand through her hair.

“So his name is Ace?” Jazz asked.

“I said Ace, I meant ah…Chase,” Juliette corrected herself. She didn’t know why she had to hide his name, or change it to a name that happened to rhyme.

“Hmm, Chase…” Jazz pondered, tapping her chin with her finger.

Juliette rolled her eyes and rubbed her hands down her face, She had dug herself a hole of total confusion.

“This will only take a second,” Ayla said, tugging on Juliette’s arm. Jazz pulled her other arm, glaring her green eyes at Ayla. Juliette sighed, knowing she was most likely to end up going with Ayla.

Juliette didn’t know much about Skinwalkers, so she wasn’t going to doubt Ayla’s strength.

“I need to talk to her,” Jazz griped, tugging hard on Juliette’s arm. Juliette groaned and wrestled herself from both of there grasps.

“Jazz, give me and Ayla a minute, I promise we can talk about whatver you want soon,” Juliette said softly. Jazz narrowed her eyes at Ayla, before storming back to their lunch table.

“I’m guessing you chose me because I’m your species,” Ayla chuckled, raising an eyebrow. Juliette shook her head and crossed her arms.

“Make it quick please.”

“Sophie wanted me to give you this,” Ayla said, passing a crinkled up note to Juliette.

“What is with Skinwalkers and notes?”

Juliette skimmed read quickly, her eyes taking in Sophie’s curly hand writing.

“What does it say?”

“She just said that she wants us to look out for anymore Skinwalkers…apparently one has gone rouge and even killed one of the resistance members,” Juliette recalled, her eyes going back over the note.

“Why didn’t she tell me first?” Ayla huffed, flicking her hair over her shoulder.

“How am I supposed to tell if someones a Skinwalker? I didn’t even know I was one since like two days ago,” Juliette said, scrunching the note back up. Ayla shrugged.

Her uniform was different to both Jazz and Juliette. Black pants and a green shirt. She was in a different group, yet Juliette hadn’t seen anyone wearing that yet.

“Just look for a birth mark maybe, blue hair? Or see if any bleeds blue.”

“Oh yes, because I’m sure going around stabbing people to see what colour their blood is, is totally normal…”

“Look, do what you have to do okay? There is a killing Skinwalker somewhere.”

Juliette nodded slowly, her gaze averting away.

“There is someone I would love to stab…” Juliette said, her eyes meeting Blaise’s. He grinned and waved. An idea suddenly came into mind.

“Hey, do you think someone could dye there hair another colour, you know, over the blue?” Juliette asked Ayla. Ayla shrugged.

“I guess so..”

Juliette swallowed, her eyes taking in Blaise’s orange streak.

That he dyed over the blue streak he had when she first met him.

“Well I think there is another Skinwalker in the building, and I happen to know him quite well.”

“Really where?” Ayla asked, but Juliette was already making her way over to Blaise.

“Juliette, we really need to talk, like right now…” Jazz said, standing in front of Juliette, blocking her from getting to Blaise.

“Okay, so Sara is going to be eliminat-“

Juliette walked into their old dorm room behind Jazz, but stopped when she bumped into Jazz’s back. Jazz was staring at something in the room.

“Jazz what is it?” Juliette asked, moving around Jazz. She followed Jazz’s gaze still they landed ona very comfortable looking Ace. He lounged on Juliette’s bed, looking at one of her books.

A cocky smile spread over his face as he looked up at Juliette. He winked as he sat up properly, setting to book down on the duvet.

“You put your shoes on my bed…” Juliette seethed, forgetting Jazz’s presence. Ace raised an eyebrow and ran his fingers through his jet black hair.

“You must be Chase, Juliette’s cousin,” Jazz gushed, rushing over to sit next to Ace. He gazed at Jazz for a few moment, bemused, before back up at Juliette. Wincing, Juliette made her way over to Jazz’s bed, and sat down, facing Ace and Jazz.

“Chase, what are you doing here?” Juliette asked, prompting him to go along with it. He seemed stuck in a stunned silence.

“I ah…came to see you actually,” Ace said, looking extremely awkward.

“Well what ever you say to her, you can say in front of me…” Jazz said, biting her lip. Juliette almost laughed as she watched Jazz batter her eyelashes and stick her chest out in an attempt to flirt with Ace. He looked like a cute little dear in headlights.

“Right…” Ace said, swallowing audiably. Juliette sat back, enjoying his discomfort.

“When Juliette mentioned her cousin, I never thought he would be so hot,” Jazz said seductivly, running the tip of her finger down Ace’s arm. Ace’s eyes squinted slightly.


Juliette smothered a smile in her hand, enjoying how her friend was not afraid to flirt shameessly with her supposed ‘cousin’.

“You look like a bad boy…I like bad boys,” Jazz commented, her lips close to Ace’s ear, her hands clutching his bicep. He still looked at Juliette, almost like he was begging for help.

“That’s fascinting…” Ace said softly.

“And your eyes, they are so dark and smoldering-“

“I’m not Juliette’s cousin!” Ace suddenly yelled, taking both Juliette and Jazz by surprise, as he jumped, walking backwards towards the front door.

A growl from behind him made him jump and turn around. Juliette inwardly pulled a gun out and shot herself in the head as she saw Jaxon standing there, his eyes as black as Ace’s.

“Really, you decide to turn up now of all times. Where were you when I sleep walked into the forest this morning huh?” Juliette asked, bringing Jaxon’s indignant gaze to her. It gave Ace enough time to walk backwards towards the window.

“Now is not the time for your smart mouth. You told us he is your cousin, if he isn’t, then what is he?” Jaxon asked, crossing his arms. Juliette didn’t like it when he was like this, so calm and expressionless; he hid in emotions well.

“My sister,” Juliette said flatly, her lips pressing in a firm line.

“I mean it Juliette, who is he?”

“Ask him yourself…gosh.”

Jaxon turned to Ace, but her was gone, as per usual. Jazz sat on the bed, looking out the window.

“He jumped out,” Jazz explained. Juliete rolled her eyes; trust him to leave her alone with a sassy Alpha.

“Of course, why wouldn’t he,” Juliette huffed, throwing her hands up.

Jaxon went to ask a question, but the bell rang out loud. He growled.

“Let’s get to assembly,” Jaxon muttered, storming out the door.

“Saved by the bell.”

“Sara Clark.”

Juliette felt her heart plummet to her chest, as Sara gave her a final squeeze of the hand. She stood up, and weaved through the crowd. With a nod at the Alpha, she left.

Juliette looked to see Jazz crying slightly. Jazz and Sara had been better friends then Juliette and Sara had been. Same case for Juliette and Delani.

Jaxon called a few more names out, most leaving in tears, some even swearing at the crowd before leaving.

“I swear it’s always the male Weres,” Juliette whispered to Jazz, as they watched some guy threatening to throw his shoe at Jaxon.

Once he was dragged successfully from the room, Jaxon resumed what he wanted to tell everyone.

“From now on, the exit to the arena will be locked and guarded at all times. This is due to people breaking in, and people escaping,” Jaxon said calmly. Juliette sighed, knowing he was referring to Ace and her.

Juliette Kerson

Alpha Kade was happy to report that this student was early to class today, and performed well. She attended her punishment, and spends yet another week in the trial.

Alpha King

“You must really like this one,” Olivia observed, her eyes darting over the report. Jaxon looked up.

“Well Olivia, I think I’m in love with her.”

How sweet!

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