Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 28: Saturday 3

Ace walked slowly, deliberately. He crossed the main hall at a good pace, his eyes trained on the massive chair at the top of the stairs.

As he made it close enough, he knelt down on one knee, which pressed against the cold marble.


He bowed his head, staring down at his shoe. Silence stretched across the room.

“You have failed me Ace,” a voice said from behind the chair, embroidered with gold and red. Ace swallowed, but didn’t move a single limb.

More silence.

“Juliette Kerson was placed in situation of danger due to your lack of guidance,” they spoke again. Ace suddenly had a flash back to the day Maya tried to kill Juliette.

“Have you secured Maya Green’s position?” His boss asked, his voice low and deadly.

“No Sir,” Ace muttered, ashamed.

“Well that isn’t good enough. I am afraid that if you do not protect Juliette to my satisfaction, then I will have to assign another Wolf to your position.”

“I have come to believe that you feel something for Juliette, but her job is to be with Jaxon, not with you. Your job is to be Juliette’s protector, to insure that our plan runs through smoothly.”

“Yes Sir.”

Ace clenched his fists, as he raised his head.

“Good. And whatever you do, don’t allow Juliette Kerson to fall for you.

“Can you do me a tiny favor?”

Juliette glanced at Jazz, then back at her food.

“If it’s that tiny, can’t you just do it yourself?” Juliette asked, propping her elbow on the table so she could rest her chin on her hand. Jazz huffed, shaking her head.

“I want you to asked so Chase on a date.”

“Excuse me?”

“I mean for me of course.”

Juliette stared at Jazz for a few moments, wondering why on earth she was asking that. No way would Ace agree to go in a date with her.

“Nah,” Juliette said simply, pretending to be interested in a piece of hair. Jazz frowned.

“Why not?” She asked, looking a little disappointed. Juliette sighed.

“In not going to ask him to date you,” Juliette dismissed, rolling her eyes.

“Why, because you’re jealous?”

Juliette turned her head toward Jazz slowly, her eyes narrowed. Jazz smirked at her.

“No. Look, I don’t think he will be interested in dating,” Juliette stated, picking her burger up. Jazz pouted slightly, before knocking the burger from Juliette’s hand. She watched the contents tumble onto the table.

“Please, you and Jaxon can come as well! It will be like a double date,” Jazz squealed, oblivious to the fact that she had knocked Juliette’s lunch onto the table.

“Perhaps, but I can’t imagine Ace…I mean Chase sitting at the same table as Jaxon,” Juliette muttered, trying to resemble her burger. Jazz watched her in disgust.

“Convince them! For my birthday,” Jazz pleaded. Juliette winced.

“It’s you birthday?”


“You never told me that…”

“You never asked. Anyways, a perfect birthday present will be getting me a date with Chase.”

Juliette groaned inwardly, as she placed the top of the bun back on the burger. She picked it up again.

“Argh, fine. But you owe me…” Juliette said, finally defeated. Jazz clapped happily.

Juliette took a bite of of her burger, managing to successfully disgust Jazz.

“Yeah, sure.”



“Shall I repeat myself?”

“Juliette, I will go out with your friend.”

“Woah woah…wait. This is Jazz we are talking about?”

Ace chuckled as he crossed the room, his eyes gazing up at the posters on the wall that Jazz had put up. Juliette stood in the corner, her arms folded and eyes narrowed.

She had called Ace thinking he would say no to going out with Jazz. That way she wouldn’t have to awkwardly sit through a dinner with Jaxon and Ace. She knew Jaxon would take any opportunity to question the life out of Ace.

“What about Jaxon? Aren’t you worried about what he will do?” Juliette asked, tilting her head to the side. She had an uncanny feeling about the way Ace was so willing to go on a date with Jazz, when he hadn’t been to keen on Jazz’s unnecessary touching.

“No,” Ace stated stated simply, his lips twitching up in a conceited smirk. Juliette watched him cross the room toward her, his gaze lingering.

“Well I’m not the one that will be picking your dignity up of the floor,” Juliette affirmed, shaking her head. Ace shurgged, that same cocky smile spread across his features.

Juliette walked through the hallways, wondering where Jazz could be, and why it was so quiet around here. She was planning to tell Jazz the ‘good news’.

She jumped as a door opened in front of her. It wasn’t Alpha Chris’s classroom, so she didn’t know why it was him that came out. His face lit up immediatly, like he couldn’t believe his luck.

Juliette held the book she had obtained to her chest as a protection. She should be bold and brave, but the way he towered over her, the way his lips twitched in an erotic smile scared her.

“What a pleasant surprise,” Chris avowed, as he gazed at her with mirthful smile. Juliette swallowed, her eyes narrowing on his face.

“Wish the feeling was mutal,” she muttered, going to weave past him, but his arm short out, his whole body like a barrier from safety. She sighed, regaining her composure.

“Excuse me,” she implied. Chris shook his head, his eyes hooded in an alarming fashion. She tried to move the other way, but his long fingers grabbed her waist, pulling her back. She was trapped.

“I want to resolve this…” Chris explained half heartedly, his face inching closer. Juliette growled, trying to show that he could never effect her.

His breath was ice cold against her face, as he trapped her with his arms.

“Piss off Chris,” Juliette hissed, turning her headf to the side. She could see the empty hallways, and she willed someone to walk down at that moment.

His fingers grasped her chin, forcing her gaze back on him.

Instead of kissing her lips like she suspected him to, his lips found her neck. She suddenly felt sick, as she pushed his head away, but his grip on tightened.

“Get off me,” she insisted, struggling in his grip. She felt panic raise in her throat like bile, as Chriss kissed up to her jaw.


She was cut off by Chris’s lips.

“I suggest you run…I’ll give you a three second start.”

Chris was off Juliette instantly, who blinked a few times in confusion, her lips still burning from Chris’s kiss.

Jaxon stood a few metres away, his fists clenched by his sides. He regarded Chris, his face impassive and blank. His eyes held no emotion, as he gazed icily at the Alpha. Juliette was almost afraid of his distant stare, but she couldn’t help but feel relieved he had shown up.

Chris cowered under his gaze, the fear evident on his stature.

Jaxon started advancing, his strides long and deliberate. Chris swallowed, looking like he was about to make a break for it.

But Jaxon was there in seconds, and as he launched he first punch, his eyes instantly turned pitch black, like he was letting his fury loose.

Juliette watched, sickened as Jaxon’s fist connected with Chris’s nose. Chris stumbled back, his hands on his nose. Red blood dripped from his hands and to the floor. Juliette let in a shaky breath, slighty relieved that he wasn’t a skinwalker.

She watched as Chris took Jaxon’s ever furious hit, allowing himself to be beaten by his leader. Juliette realized with a sinking stomach, that that was what Alpha’s do. He was showing his respect to his King, keeping his honor.

“Jaxon stop,” Juliette yelled, suddenly finding her voice as she watched Jaxon practically toss Chris around like a rag doll. He kicked him to the ground, enjoying the pain Chris was in. How dare his friend betray him.

Jaxon picked him up, making Chris face him.

“I am letting you live today, because you were my friend, and a good Alpha. But you are now rogue. You will never make contact with Juliette every again.”

Ace watched from down the hallway, his every muscle tense. Jaxon was leting Chris live.

Ace walked swiftly down the hallway, not noticed by anyone.

Jaxon tossed Chris forward, done with him. Chris stumbled up, his feet slipping on his own blood that was on the floor.

His green eyes lifted to meet Ace’s gaze, watching the man stride down the hallway.

Ace watched his eyes falter and dim, a look of loss on his face. He knew Ace’s motive, and there was nothing he could.

So allowed himself to be grabbed by Ace’s strong grip, and allowed himself to die.

Ace let go of Chris, who fell in a heap by his feet. An instant death by getting his neck snapped.

Ace looked up, meeting Jaxon’s shocked gaze, then Juliette’s sickened one. He swallowed, before walking back down the hallway.

He would do anything to protect Juliette Kerson.

Juliette ran a brush threw her hair, watching the blonde strands glisten under the artificial lightening in the mirror.

She watched Jaxon walk up behind her, his silver eyes glinting bright and luminous. He placed his large hands on her shoulders, his fingers releasing tension almost immediately.

“You are very beautiful,” he stated randomly, his eyes on Juliette’s in the mirror. She flushed bright red, and set the hairbrush down.

She didn’t reply, she simply leant back into his touch. She closed her eyes, shutting out Jaxon’s handsomely distracting face, and enchanting eyes.

“I’m sorry about today…” Jaxon apologized softly, his lips by her ear. He pulled Juliette’s hair to the side, revealing her neck to him. Juliette opened her eyes, staring into the mirror to see Jaxon’s eyes on her neck, needy and wanting.

“Was he the one who kissed you the first time?” Jaxon asked gently after Juliette didn’t answer, his voice craking slightly. Julitte sighed, and stared at him.

“Yes,” she uttered, watching him close his eyes, scrunching them up like he was in pain. Juliette swallowed, nervous.

Slowly Jaxon wrapped his arms around Juliette’s waist, his chest on her back. Very gently he layed a perfect kiss on her neck.

“Why do you do it? Hurt anyone that even comes near me?” Juliette asked, her voice breathy as Jaxon left soft kisses up her neck, each one giving her a shiver up her spine. She wanted to hear his opinion, although she knew he didn’t kill Chris.

“You belong to me, which means another guy is not authorised to touch you,” Jaxon whispered against Juliette’s neck. Juliette leaned her head back, letting Jaxon get more access.

“But it’s not like I have your mark on my neck, therefore you shouldn’t expect people to know I belong to you…” Juliette exclaimed, a small smile playing on her lips. Jaxon paused, his lips hovering over her soft skin.

“I can arrange that,” he spoke, spinning Juliette around so she faced him.

Don’t let him mark you, your blood will posion him.

Juliette pushed the thought away, and allowed herself to gaze up at Jaxon. She was still grasping the terms that the Alpha King wanted her, in many ways.

He placed his hand on her cheek and leant down, placing a soft kiss on her lips. It was almost too chaste for her liking.

“Kiss me like you mean it,” Juliette whispered against his soft lips, her hands holding the back of his neck. He paused, before grabbing the back of Juliette’s thighs in his strong grip, hoisting her up so she could wrap her legs around his waist, while his tongue invaded her mouth.

Juliette squealed playfully, her nails digging into his shoulders as he pressed her against the wall. She felt him smile as she moved her lips against his, enjoying his fresh, minty taste.

It wasn’t long before Jaxon was walking Juliette to their bed, his powerful arms feeling no strain at all. Juliette found herself clutching his biceps, loving the way they rippled and moved with his every movement.

Not once did he remove his lips from Juliette’s, as he lay her down on the bed, and straddled her petite body.

“Just the thought of Christian kissing you makes me so mad,” Jaxon muttered as he pulled away, his soft lips leaving gentle kisses down her jawline.

Juliette closed her eyes, and let her shivers of pleasure consume her. She let her hands wander down his back muscles, her fingers playing with the hem of his shirt.

“I know,” Juliette muttered, her hands tugging at his shirt. He sat up so she could pull it over his head, her eyes drinking in his defined abdominal muscles and tan skin. She let her finger trail down his chest, the pad feeling the smooth bumps till it reached his marking, just on his v-line.

“You’re mine, is that clear?” Jaxon asked, pushing Juliette back down by the shoulders. He buried his face in her neck, his tongue tracing soft circles.

Juliette mumbled something incoherent, her hands tugging on his soft strands.

“Say it,” he demanded.

“I’m yours.”

Juliette gasped as she felt his teeth against her neck, scraping gently on her skin.

“Get off her Jaxon, before I make you.”

Jaxon was up in a second, his eyes looking around for the speaker. But Juliette saw him first.

He was shirtless under his leather jacket, his tan torso ripped with muscles and scars. His dark eyes glowed with anger, as he stared Jaxon down. His fists were balled by his sides, his jaw clenched.


Juliette could tell Jaxon was surprised, as he gazed at Ace.

Ace’s dark gaze drifted to Juliette’s, who was frozen on the spot.


Casual ending.

This chapter is dedicated to my horrible sleeping pattern. I woke up thinking my alarm for 5:30 AM had gone off. I literally got dressed, did my hair for work, then walked out to see it was still dark. Checked my phone and realized it was 11:40 PM :/

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