Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 29: Sunday 3

Juliette flipped the towel over her arm, as she entered the girls shower room. Due to the fact that she had slept with Jazz back in there old room, she had to use the public showers; not a favourite.

Feigning innocence last night was easier then she thought. Sure she wasn’t supposed to let Jaxon mark her, unless she wanted him dead. But she wanted to kill Ace like he killed Chris. He had bailed straight after his interruption.

Juliette had decided that it would be easier if she slept back with Jazz for he night. Jaxon wasn’t to keen on that idea, but allowed it once he decided that Juliette knew nohing, and that he needed to think.

Juliette waded through the steam in the room, seeing on one figure in the bathroom. Bella.

She was brushing her curly blonde hair, staring a herself in the mirror. She had just a towel wrapped around her body.

Juliete stared at her for a moment, hoping she wouldn’t pull a knife out again. This girl was defenitely crazy.

Then she saw the dark blue birthmark on her bicep. She was a Skinwalker.

“What are you looking at?” Bella snapped, her eyes meeting Juliette’s in the mirror. Juliette swallowed.

“Oh nothing. I’m just wondering your big ass head fit in the room you narcissistic, egotistical bitch,” Juliette sassed, enjoying how Bella’s eyes widened in shock.

“What did you just say?”

“Please, your enflating head is suffocating me.”

“What is your problem?”

“Not the fact that you threatened me with a knife, that’s for sure.”

Bella growled, turning to shoot Juliette a harsh glare.

“I don’t think he’s going to show up,” Juliette spoke gently, her hand rubbing Jazz’s back. Jazz sighed deeply, looking out onto the bare street, searching the shadows for any sign of Ace.

After last night, Juliette doubted that Ace would even show his face near Jaxon, who stood next to her, his arm slung lazily over her shoulder.

“He seemed nice though,” Jazz mumbled. Juliette gazed sympathetically at her friend, wishing Ace wasn’t such a douche.

“Let’s all have dinner together, just the three of us aye,” Juliette offered, focing a smile onto her lips. Jazz took a deep breath and nodded finally. Jazz had gone a great length to dress up nicely for Ace, so it would be a pity if she were to go home now.

They turned toward the diner, but stoppped as they heard someone call from behind them.

“Hey guys…wait up!”

Juliette turned to see Ace striding over quickly, a slim smile on his lips. Juliette felt her jaw drop, as he stood in front of them, ignoring Jaxon’s presence completley.

His hair still hung over his forehead in that messy way, not that styling it would have looked as good as this style did. He wasn’t wearing his usual leather jacket, but a nicer, more tidy black jacket.

Juliette felt Jaxon’s arm tense around her, before moving his arm to around her waist in a claiming action.

“Looking delightful this evening Juliette,” Ace commented, a cheeky glint in his dark eyes. Jaxon remained calm, which Juliette assumed was because of they were in a public area.

“Shall we go in?” Ace offered, looking over Juliette’s shoulder. She eyed him carefully. He was here for some reason, and that reason can’t be Jazz.

The walked inside the small diner that Jaxon insisted on going to so he didn’t cause a stir due his title as King. Juliette had rolled her eyes at that, because as they walked into the diner, people looked, and some started gossiping.

They sat down, and Ace immediately picked up a menu, hiding his face from everyone.

“So Chase, how do you and Juliette know each other,” Jaxon inquired, his tone low and cold. Juliette sighed and watched Jaxon. He stared at Ace, who had put the menu down. He matched Jaxon’s dispassionate, collected gaze.

“I am her protector,” Ace said simply. Juliette blanched, wondering why on earth he was being so straight up with the Alpha King. Jaxon frowned, and Juliette watched his finger trace the back of the knife on the table carefully.

“Funny, because so am I,” Jaxon stated simply, picking the knife up within his fingers. He turned it over in his hands, watching it glint in the dim lighting. If Ace was effected by this, he didn’t show it. His expression remianed impassive.

“Perhaps, but I think my job is slightly more broad,” Ace objected, his eyebrow raising slightly. Jaxon chewed on his lower lip, contemplating this.

“Where the heck is waiter, I’m dying over here,” Jazz wondered, looking around the diner. Jaxon tore his gaze from Ace’s, and looked down at Juliette, his eyes sullen. Juliette gazed back at him, resting her hand on her arm. And here she was hoping this night might go well.

Once everyone had taken their orders, an awkward silence settled over the table like a thick blanket. Jazz tired to generate a conversation with Ace multiple times, but he was too busy staring Jaxon down.

Juliette watched the men, a look of boredom on her face. Ace shouldn’t even try challenge Jaxon in anyway. He is the King for christs sake.

Juliette jumped as she suddenly felt Jaxon’s hand on her thigh. She gazed down at his hand, wondering what possessed him to enact such a presumptuous act. She glanced back up at him.

He was staring straight at Ace, his eyes holding a dangerous, challenging gleam. Juliette swallowed as she felt Jaxon hitch her dress up slightly. Jazz seemed oblivious to the staring contest going on, as she leaned against Ace, scrolling through her phone.

Ace seemed to notice though, like he had some sort of X-Ray vision that allowed him to look through tables and fabric. His expression held malice, his eyes burning with hostility.

“Where’s our food?” Juliette queried openly, catching Jazz’s attention, who nodded in agreement.

“I will check,” Ace muttered, sliding his chair back so he could stand. Jazz was up in a second, fixing her dress.

“Me too,” Jazz breathed, giving Juliette a wink. Juliette relaxed slightly, hoping Jazz’s antics would get the two occupied for awhile. When they left, Juliette expected Jaxon to remove his hand, but he didn’t.

“We should go,” Juliette offered, placing her hand over Jaxon’s. He stared down at her, unblinking. She wanted to distract him, hopefully get him through the evening without snapping Ace’s neck.’

“What does he mean by protector?” Jaxon mulled, tilting his head to the side. Juliette sighed, rubbing her hand down her face. This Alpha is simply impossible.

“I wouldn’t know…Can we please go Jaxon?”

“We haven’t eaten yet?”

“We can eat back at the arena?”

“Eat what?”

“What do you think?”

“I can think of a few things…”

“Yes, well I hope that only envolves food.”

Juliette stood, collecting her jacket from her chair. Jaxon watched her quizzically.

“Coming, because I think Chase and Jazz may need some alone time,” Juliette stated, shrugging her jacket on. She glanced around, catching a few glances from the public.

Jaxon stood, towering over her. He had a boyish, cheely grin on his face, showing her was probably eager to go, and she knew why.

“You’re staying back in my room tonight. I didn’t like sleeping alone last night.” Jaxon whispered boastfully in her ear, his arms winding around her waist. Juliette smothered her smile, as she looked around the diner, everyone giving them curious glances.

Her back remained to his broad chest, as he nestled his face in her neck.

“Is that right,” she murmured, her voice like soft honey. She could feel Jaxon’s smile against her neck. She didn’t like how he was happy to display affection in front of all these people.

“You are just asking for people to take photo’s and make false stories to match,” Juliette cautioned, turning her head slightly. Jaxon chuckled, and she felt him shrug.

“You’re right, let’s go back to home,” Jaxon said gently in her ear. Juliette nodded finally.

Suddenly her phone rang loudly through the diner, making her jump. She pulled away from Jaxon, causing everyone to resume their dinners.

“Yes, what?” Juliette snapped into the phone, annoyed that someone was calling her at this time.

“Juliette, it’s Sophie,” a smooth voice said into the phone, making Juliette freeze. What the heck did she want now.

“We have found and managed to imprison the suspect we believed killed the Skinwalker,” Sophie announced. Juliette froze. She had been thinking about…no way could Blaise have killed someone.


“Blaise McVeigh.”

Juliette swallowed and glanced at Jaxon, who was gazing at her in confusion, obviously wondering who she was talking to.

“I don’t think he’s the killer, there is this girl-“

Sophie hung up. Juliette glared at her phone and stabbed the lock button.

It was Bella, it had to be. The crazy girl had tried to kill her own friend, and Juliette. The fact that Juliette discovered she was a Skinwalker sealed the fact.

“Blaise is in trouble,”Juliette said, turning to face Jaxon. He gazed at her quietly for a moment.

“Cockblocker,” he muttered, grabbing his jacket before walking out the diner. Juliette rolled her eyes and followed.

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