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Chapter 30: Part Two Sunday

“Jaxon…” Juliette warned, her eyes narrowing back at the Kings dispassionate gaze.

“I will take care of this, while you stay here,” he proclaimed, raising a eyebrow. Juliette snorted in dismissal. He didn’t know where the resistance was, nor what he was dealing with. He needed to step back and let her or Ace take care of it.

“Jaxon seriously,” Juliette huffed, as Jaxon blocked the door with his massive torso. He stared down at her, completely adamant.

“You will stay in this room, sleep and let me worry about Blaise. He is my responsibility, considering I may be his possible Alpha,” Jaxon exclaimed. Juliette folded her arms. She much preferred to fight for herself, not have someone do it for her.

“Don’t think you can keep me locked in here like your goddamn Princess,” Juliette hissed, attempting to grab the door handle, but Jaxon grabbed her wrist quickly.

“I will tie you to the bed if I have must, you will not leave this room,” he said firmly. Juliette growled, before punching him in the chest. He watched her, amused, and not at all fazed by her hit.

Gently Jaxon kissed her forehead, before gently pushing her back by the shoulders.

“Stay, I mean it.”

When he was gone, Juliette tried the door, but he had locked. She groaned, feeling more and more frustrated as time went by.

“Who does he think he is!” Juliette yelped, aware she was talking to herself. Juliette flopped down on the bed face first.

“An Alpha, that’s who,” someone said from within the room. Juliette sat up suddenly. Olivia stood at the door, swinging keys around her finger deftly. Juliette eyed her suspiciously, suddenly self conscious that she was in the Kings bedroom.

“I’m the Kings assistant, I have the spare key,” Olivia explained Juliette’s unspoken thoughts about where the heck she got the keys from. Juliette stood, smoothing the dress out the she still wore from dinner.


“I understand what is happening, more then you probably thought. At the moment Jaxon has gathered the Alpha’s and the warriors, they are having a quick meeting. You have just enough time to get out he door and go save your friend. The arena doors won’t be left unguarded for long, so you better go now.”

Juliette gaped at Olivia, confused as to what her motive was. How did she know about Blaise?

“Go, quickly,” the assistant said, stepping away from the door so Juliette could slip through. Swallowing, Juliette excited the room, leaving Olivia in there. Her mind blazed with questions that were left unanswered.

But who knew what Sophie or even Laila would do to Blaise. He couldn’t possibly have done it right?

It didn’t take much effort for Juliette to sneak out through the arena doors, and into the dark night. She had effectively convinced Jazz that nothing was wrong, and that free magizines had been delivered to her dorm room, so she had to get there quickly.

Pulling the dark hood over her hair, Juliette started her trek into the woods. She had to be quick, but the moon was conceled by a bunch of clouds, and she had only made it the resistance once. If she could remember correctly, she would make it there fine.

The forest was buzzing with life, all the wildlife buzzing and flitting around her. Something was off.

It took a good hour to get to the small village, referred to as the resistance. This was mainly because she had taken a wrong turn numerous times.

The cabins were strongly lit up, as Juliette made her way through, looking out for someone. Although the place looked highly populated, no one was in sight.

“We know that this is late, but the murder of one of our very own has shocked our small resistance. We have here for you the murderer,” a loud, detached sounding voice wafted up from somewhere deep in the he village.

Blaise would be where the voice is, so Juliette knew she had the her get there. With no plan of attack, Juliette was facing this blindly.

Making her was around a few quaint cabins, Juliette found that this village was quite well built, and must have been here for many years. That thought made her wonder about Ace and his family, and how old he was really.

It was quite a shock, as Juliette turned a corner, her gaze finding a large group of people, all staring up at a large wooden stage, that towered over the poorly dressed people. Blaise was on the stage, his arms tied behind him, his head bowed so the orange streak in his hair showed.

Laila was beside him, looking awfully smug. Ace was nowhere to be seen, and neither was Sophie. The throng of people seemed tranfixed to the scene on stage.

“Murder is a crime, and there is only one fate for a criminal in the resistance,” Laila said sternly, nodding down at Blaise. Frowning, Juliette made her way closer. Nobody seemed to notice her; they were too busy staring up at who they thought was a murderer.

Blaise stared at his own blood staining the stage, a look of defeat on his face. Juliette could see his shirtless figure was beaten by some torture implement.

Juliette suddenly felt sick, like she hated the resistance and all Skinwalkers. Are they all like this?

She stayed at the edge of the crowd, watching from a distance.

“He deserves the same fate as the Skinwalker he killed,” Laila stated firmly, as she unsheathed her sword from her belt. Juliette gasped.

She had no plan.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a loud bang filled the courtyard. It caused everyone to duck, some screaming in fright.

Juliette had only heard that sound on TV. The sound of a gun firing.

Juliette watched in horror as Laila dropped to the ground, her hands clutching her bleeding stomach. Juliette found herself gasping for breath, the blue blood that covering the stage making her want to instantly throw up.

People seemed to flee from the courtyard like frenzied ants.

With wobbly legs that barely stayed up, Juliette tried to make her way to the stage. Confused, Blaise was trying to get up, but the chains around him were holding him back.

“Allow me,” someone said in Juliette’s ear, their warm hand on Juliette’s shoulder. The person brushed her, wading through the escaping people.

They made their way up to the stage, confidence radiating off their whole demeanor. They held a loaded gun casually on their shoulder, like they were in some action movie.

Lying their gun next to Blaise, the figure dressed in tight black leather stopped to free Blaise from his binds.

Mustering enough will power, Juliette found her feet moving toward the stage, her gaze firmly locked on what was happening on stage.

But she couldn’t get there fast enough, as this stranger helped Blaise to his feet. He was talking to them, his eyes wide and frightened, but obviously relieved.

Confused, Juliette made it to the side of the stage. The figure in black grabbed their gun, turned, and jumped off the stage by Juliette’s side, taking off in the opposite direction.

“She saved me,” Blaise stated, his ginger pointing lazily at the direction of the departing figure. He stumbled foreward, clutching a wound on his shoulder.

“She?” Juliette questioned, completly surprised at the fact that some girl had shown up out of nowhere to save Blaise.

“Yes,” he breathed. She narrowed my eyes, knowing that slightly dreamy look in his eyes, as the same look he gave her when he shamlessly flirted like a mindless fool.

“Do you know her?” Juliette asked, trying to help the profusely bleeding Blaise off the stage. He clutched her arm like a lifeline. Shaking his head, he kept his gaze off into the distance.

“No, but I want to,” he said, his voice detatched. Juliette felt herself gaping at him, and in the dark shadows of the night, she wanted to slap some sense into the man.

“She shot Laila!” I nearly shouted. The spot where Laila had been was empty, her drying blood the only evidence of herself being there. She had managed to drag herself away at the last moment, like everyone else.

Juliette couldn’t blame then. Never in the many years Werewolves, have lived, had guns ever been used.

They had been heard of in human legends, as things that could kill in one shot. No Werewolf knew how to treat a wound that a bullet could cause, so it was no surprise that they all ran for their lives.

“Yes, the same crazy Wolf that tired to kill me,” he defended, his voice slightly pouty. Juliette could tell he’d wasn’t taking this very seriously.

“I know you didn’t kill anyone, I’m sure it was Bella. We need to leave before they get you again,” Juliette said hurriedly. Suddenly Blaise stopped walking with Juliette, making the space between them increase.

“After they kidnapped me…they brought me to a prison, a prison full of Lycans. Those same Lycans told me I’m different. They know about you, they know what you did,” Blaise said, his voice seriously and oddly bland.

“What I did?”

“Don’t you know?”

“Yes Blaise, that’s why I asked,” I snapped sarcastically.

“Everyone has been talking. They think you killed Delani. That you have been having terrible nightmares, where you do dangerous things.”

“How would they know that?”

“Everyone knows. The rumours were surfacing around the trial, but I didn’t really believe it…”

“And you do now?”

“Well I mean, it makes sense. Of course you didn’t mean it, but everyone’s saying you killed Delani in your sleep.”

Juliette stared at Blaise. How could people think that? Did Jaxon know?

“Look, we can talk to the Alpha about it, but right now I’m bleeding out and I need the healer,” Blaise said, his jaw clenched in pain. Juliette nodded, but noticed that when she went to help Blaise, he seemed a little touchy, and even flinched when she slung her arm around him for support.

Am I a killer?

That’s all she could think as she helped Blaise back. She couldn’t help but wish for assistance, as she made it to the healers room with a grateful Blaise.

Jaxon would still be hunting for Blaise, so informing one of the healers that Jaxon needed to be in the know, she wandered back to Jaxon’s room, and locked herself in.

Juliette could barely close her eyes, as she tried to fall asleep. Her mind swam with possibilities that she might be the killer. She wouldn’t have done it on purpose, but the way she had been had been waking up in weird situations was oddly suspicious.

She would have to talk to Jaxon about it in the morning, but for now, she would have to drown her thoughts in sleep.

If this chapter wasn’t very good, or shorter, I’m really sorry. I wanted to get a chapter up, otherwise you would of had to have waited like ages for a longer update :D don’t hate meh!!!

This chapter is dedicated to those embarrassing moments. I was casually walking down my driveway, as you do, when a car drove up. I quickly jumped off the driveway onto the hill, but my foot caught on a cabbage mum planted on the bank. Being the ninja I am, I face planted, and rolled gracefully down the hill where I elegantly landed, sprawled fabulously, may I add onto the driveway.

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