Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 31: Day Sixteen

Juliette stretched out in bed, feeling oddly warm and sated. She sat up, looking at the wall of Jaxon’s room. She looked to her right, and gasped as she saw a half naked Ace lying there, watching her.

“You finally woke,” he said softly, a slight smile playing on his lips. Juliette blinked in confusion, sliding away from him slowly.

“Ace? What are you doing?” Juliette asked nervously, trying not to let her eyes drift from his. He tilted his head, looking equally confused.

“I was watching you sleep,” he muttered, trying to move closer. Juliette squeaked and went to jump off the bed, but Ace’s hand shot out and grabbed her arm, stopping her.

“Where’s Jaxon?” Juliette questioned, looking around while trying to shake from Ace’s grip. They were in his room, in his bed, but he wasn’t there.

“He left,” Ace said softly, pulling Juliette closer. Blinking, Juliette watched Ace slip out of bed, grabbing a random shirt from the end of the bed. It was a baby blue colour; something he would never wear.

“I don’t want you!” Juliette murmured, shaking her head frantically. He raised an eyebrow at her.

“But you have to,” he said slowly, his eyes darkening. This is a dream, this has to be a dream.

“No Ace, I’m with Jaxon,” she tried to inform him. He tilted his head then laughed.

“No Juliette.” She screamed as jumped at her.

Juliette trudged down the hallway, trying to keep her eyes open. Another restless night and weird dream. Jaxon hadn’t come to bed last night because he had work, so Juliette was yearning to see him.

Suddenly something caught her eye from the window. She stopped, peering out curiously.

Firstly, she saw Blaise in his orange and black uniform, talking to someone. Juliette noticed it was the same girl that had saved his life. They seemed to be chatting happily, although Juliette could barely see the girls face.

Juliette frowned. She immediately wanted to know who the girl is, and why she had possessed a gun. But she knew she was going to be late, so she carried on her journey to class.

The silver coloured blade glinted against the artifical light that beamed down on Juliette. This weapon was exactly what Juliette had wanted, but the sword would have to do. She was just happy Jaxon was letting her use something that wasn’t wooden and blunt.

She watched Jaxon assist some girl with her bow and arrow, awaiting her turn. When he was done, he sauntered over, a smile on his face. He sat down beside her, resting his hand on her knee.

“I’m glad you were safe last night in your room,” Jaxon mused, giving Juliette a quick glance before he casted his gaze elsewhere. Juliette swallowed, wondering if he was playing some sort of game with her.

“I had another nightmare,” Juliette said quickly, twiddling her thumbs in front of her. Jaxon frowned briefly.


“Chase,” she stated casually. She hated how she always nearly said Ace instead of Chase. She was going to tell him everything tonight.

“What happened,” he asked, his eyebrows creasing. Juliette swallowed, regretting even bringing it up now.

“He attacked me,” she said. It was an honest statement, because he really had in her dream, which had triggered her wake up. Jaxon seemed to ponder this for a moment, not looking very excepting of this.

“You shouldn’t spend anymore time around him,” Jaxon stated firmly, making me roll my eyes and chuckle a little. Trust him to say something like that. Sometimes his possessiveness intimidates me when I lease expect it.

The rest of the lesson Juliette had to wait her turn, and the whole time she couldn’t help but wonder where Blaise was, and why he hadn’t shown up to class.

When it came her turn to face Jaxon in match against each other, he beat her by a considerable.

Juliette lay on the floor, her pride damaged more then any limb. Jaxon stared down at her, a cocky smile on his face as he sheathed his sword. Fixing her clothes, Juliette stood, giving him a sassy look.

“Okay, class dismissed. I’ll see most of you next week,” he proclaimed to the class. He took Juliette’s sword, giving her a quick wink. The trial is just over half way through, and the competition is getting a lot tougher.

It was dinner time now, and Juliette had promised to have it with Jazz to catch up. Afterwards she had punishment with Jaxon, but she really wanted to corner him to talk.

“So, who do you think is going to be eliminated this week?” Jazz asked through a mouthful of lettuce. Juliette shrugged, suspecting, or rather hoping it is Blaise.

“Don’t know, but I’m sure it won’t be you,” Juliette reassured her. Jazz smiled, happily resuming eating. Jaxon sat next to her, awkwardly eating the cafeteria food. He didn’t want to eat with his assistant, Olivia, so he decided it was worth it to sit with the contestants.

It was rather funny seeing him sit at a small table, his big frame nearly tipping it over when he first sat down. Juliette noticed how Jazz kept eying him across the table, and she felt tempted to place her hand on him to somewhat claim her property.

Jaxon seemed to be thinking the same, as if everytime a guy walked past, he would scoot over a bit, giving the guy a stare down that would send them running everytime.

Eventually they finished up, and Juliette followed Jaxon back to their room. She felt nerves set in, and Jaxon seemed to notice.

“What’s wrong?” he asked gently, brushing a piece of hair from her face. She bit her lip nervously, before she pulled him down to sit next to her on the edge of the bed. He eyed her warily, like he thought her news would be fatal.

“I’m not like you,” she blurted suddenly. He wiped her spit off his face, before frowning.

“I know, you’re a girl…”

“Not like that. I mean I’m not the same species as you,” Juliette muttered, casting her gaze down. This caught his attention immediately.

“I’m not going to continue to hide this from you…I’m what some call a Skinwalker, hence why I bled blue,” she said softly, twiddling her hands on her lap. Jaxon tilted his head, looking confused.

“Ace, or who you know as Chase was sent to alert me of my position in their plan to overthrow your reign. I will tell you now that I honestly would do nothing to betray you,” Juliette explained quickly. Only pausing to take a deep breath.

“Ace is from a group of Skinwalkers called the resistance.”

Juliette wanted patiently for Jaxon to respond.

“You’re not a Lycan?” He questioned, like he didn’t fully believe her. Juliette grabbed his warm hands between her own.

“I understand if you want to banish me from the trial, I really do. I smell like a Lycan because I grew up with them. I’m sorry I had to keep it from you.”

Jaxon continued to stare like she was a mad man.

“I haven’t wanted you to mark me because my blood will posion you,” Juliette stated meekly. Jaxon’s reaction was immediate.

He jumped up, his eyes wide with alarm.

“No, that can’t be, I’m a king, I can handle it,” he said so quickly, it was almost incoherent.

“Is that all you care about?” Juliette asked blandly. Jaxon got down on his knees, placing his head on Juliette’s lap. She stayed still with surprise.

“I don’t care what species you are. You could be human and I would still want you to be my mate forever,” he murmured against her legs. Juliette lifted his face, planting a soft kiss on his lips as he heart melted at his words.

“You don’t have to mark me-“

“No, I must. Otherwise males will still think you are undated, ” he growled,not liking his proposal.


“Bite me.”


“Bite me. On the neck.”

“No, I’m not going to bite you.”

“Instinct will take over, you will turn me I to a Skinwalker.”

Hold up.

Juliette stared at Jaxon in shock. He can’t just be changed, he’s the King if Lycans for crying out loud. But in his luminous, silver eyes, she could see seriousness. And it scared her.

“Please, it’s the only way we can be together,” he pleaded. He exposed his neck to her, but she couldn’t do it, she loved him too much.

“I’m not going to get you killed, it’s not worth the risk,” Juliette abdomished, shaking her head. Jaxon cringed, but didn’t turn his head.

“I would rather risk my life then risk one without you.”

Juliette sighed, wanting to cry. His words squeezed at her heart. Stepping forward, she placed her hands on his shoulders, bring her mouth to his neck.

He smelt of sandalwood, the scent making her stomach turn. He didn’t deserve this, too many people would miss him.

She pushed him away, shaking her head as she raked her fingers through her hair.

“Fine, I guess you need a little incentive,” he muttered.

Juliette frowned, as he advanced on her quickly, she backed up, but he had a hold on her in a second.

“I love you.”

Juliette gasped as in one quick movement, he sweeped her hair from her neck and leant down. She couldn’t stop him, as he sunk with teeth into her neck.

She screamed, but she was numb.

In one quick heave, she pushed him off her. He stared at her, his eyes no longer silver, but black. Blue blood dripped from his mouth, and Juliette could feel it run down her neck.

She watched in horror as he blinked a few times, then fell in a heap on the floor.

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