Royal Alpha Jaxon

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I lay my gun on the table in front of me.

He stands in front of me, his arms folded. Maya kneels beside him, looking down. The way she fiddled with her fingers showed she was anxious.

“We should move in now, their King is in critical condition. They have no chance now,” he said softly, sweeping a hand through his ginger hair. I saw Maya wince.

“Our plan is going perfectly. Everyone suspects Juliette is Delani’s killer,” I say. He nodded, a slim smile lighting up his features.

“Perfect, and Ace?”

“The resistance poses no threat to us. We just need to worry about Jaxon and his pack,” I state.

“But Jaxon is nearly dead?”

“Not yet, but he’s in trouble. I heard that he’s no longer a Lycan, and you know what that means,” I proclaim, moving around the table swiftly.

“He’s no longer the King.”

“Exactly. But that’s the least of our problems. They have around inside tratior, one who could kill us easier than we think,” I state, walking around him. He frowned, following my gaze with his own, just like Maya did.


I reach into my bag, and pull out a small, square picture. I flash it to him.

“She goes by the name Olivia,” I say, waving the picture is front of him.

“That’s fine. We kill all their pack,” he proposed, giving me a huge grin. I froze.

“The boy, Blaise. He lives,” I demand softly. I saved him for a reason.

“I know you have grown quote fond of him. But that means weakness, which is unexceptable,” he spat, grabbing Maya by the hair. He dragged her across the room violently.

In one swift moment, I grab my gun from the table and cock it. He pauses, but doesn’t turn around.

“We wouldn’t want them to know your secret. Right your majesty?” I hear him say, and it want to gag at how happy he sounds. I grit my teeth, but keep the gun pointed at the back of his head, ready to shoot.

“I’m not that girl anymore. I faked a death for a reason.”

“Kill me, and someone will tell Jaxon that his little sister is still alive,” he professes, turning around. I growl, but I know his angle. I was quick to shoot him, and watch his body fall to the ground in a heap.

“Not today, human,” I spit as I walk past his body.

Dun dun dun.

Tons to contemplate…like the fact that humans are still alive, and Jaxon’s little sister rules them. And everyone kinda knew Olivia was evil.

Keep this story in your library, because I will update when Skinwalker is officially up! Which will be soon.

I never had wanted a sequel, but I guess it will be the second part to this story which I’ve chopped is half.

So thank you all for the support snd love you have given me, it means the world and then some!

Its been a bumpy road but totally worth (:


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