Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 4: You’re In

The woman’s cheerful buzz radiated around the lounge, her smile slightly fuzzy through Juliette’s morning gaze. Clipboard in hand, pen in the other she looked too ecstatic with the situation, like waking Juliette up at four AM was a pleasant past time.

Rubbing her eyes for the third time, Juliette regarded the female and her grim looking assistant, who’s manly shoulders didn’t suit the woman. Yes woman.

“Well this is great news!”

The striking of hands together on her mothers part shocked Juliette out of her state of drowsiness, and into the sad reality. Life.

She had missed out on a fair amount of her mother, and the random woman pairs conversation due to the onset of depression that come with grim news.

She knew, from the second the clean cut woman in white, and her gruesome assistant walked through the door. She had gotten into the 30 day trial.

“A celebration is sure to be in order, but I’m afraid Juliette must come with us, the bus is awaiting you,” woman in white said, her bipolar sentence causing Juliette to sniff her blocked nose back into reality.

“What is this, the polar express. You expect me to board a bus at this time.” Juliette didn’t realize her thoughts were uttered till her mother swatted her arm.

“If you could sign here.” The woman, known as Hilda ignored her, sliding her clipboard and pen across the coffee table. Juliette glared at it.

Okay, so maybe she had decided that seeing her boyfriend that lived in the pack wasn’t so bad. And surely leaving her pathetic mother she despised a lot now wouldn’t be totally torture. Especially considering she had nothing to leave behind.

Picking up the pen, she signed and practically threw the paper back at Hilda’s face.

“Perfect, now to board the bus!” Hilda’s face had broken into a mighty grin now that Juliette had finally signed. She had been here for awhile, trying to convince Juliette.

The goodbye to her family was short and sharp. With a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek she was shoved from the home with a bulging bag and a damaged pride.

To be honest, she wasn’t happy to be locked on a bus with chatty girls who’s conversations wouldn’t advert from the topic of the Alphas.

Juliette had found a seat by herself, behind two girls who’s voices were high and squeaky. Luckily, this wasn’t the only bus, and five other were picking the other 49 girls up.

“So Jenny heard from Kara, that the Alpha King might be looking for his queen!” One of the girls in front of Juliette squealed to hee friend. Both were bouncing in their seats at the news.

Juliette couldn’t help but snort.

She had settled against the bus window, watching each stop she made, and evaluating each of her opponents.

Soon, they stooped in the rich neighbourhood, and a girl carrying two over stuffed bags, with Hilda and her assistant carrying two more bounded on the bus.

She had a full mop of curly orange hair, with a perfectly flawless, pale complexion. Her eyes were a blazing green that observed the bus with pure excitement.

She bounded over, and unfortunately, sat right next to Juliette, her scent of vanilla washing over poor Juliette.

“Howdy, I’m Jasmine, everyone calls me Jazz.” Damn she was quick. Juliette observed this girl curiously. Was she really that friendly, or was it a game plan of some sort.


“Oh cool! Like Romeo and Juliet?”


“Aww, well that’s my favorite story, what’s yours?”

“Don’t really have one.”

“No, girl how can you not have one.”

Juliette rolled her eyes, giving up on the conversation, and being moderately nice. Choosing a favorite book or story was like choosing your favourite child, and Juliette wasn’t into making any rash decisions.

Juliette was content listening to Jazz babble, while she concealed herself under a curtain of her blonde hair.

Suddenly Five Seconds Of Summer rang out around the bus, and it took Juliette a few moments to realize it was her ring tone. Damn she wished she never had brought her phone.

“Yes,” she gritted out into the receiver, many of the girls turning to stare at her by now. She glared at each of them in turn; she was a sassy lassy when she hadn’t slept well.

“Hey babe, heard about you getting in.” Juliette sighed in relief, slumping back into the bus seat at the sound of her boyfriends voice. She had to admit it was hard having an over the phone relationship.

“Yeah, I’m heading to the base now,” Juliette informed Chance. She and Chance had been together for almost a year now.

“Cool, I’m about to head out to training, just thought I’d check in on my baby.” Juliette melted at his simple, yet sweet words. She wasn’t aware green eyes were burning into her skull till she turned to see Jazz smiling goofily at her.

“You should really go out now, I promise Ill call tonight,” Juliette said softly, unable to keep the smile off her face. Even across the phone, she could imagine him running long fingers through silky blonde hair.

Argh, dreamboat.

“Sounds good, see you later then babe, love yah.” And he was gone, before Juliette could utter I love you back. She shoved the phone back into the pocket of her crumpled jeans she threw on in the morning due to no time whatsoever.

She brushed her hair back, and glanced at Jazz, who still smiled at her, straight teeth gleaming and winking like stars.

“Who was it?” She asked, giving Juliette a nudge suggestively. Juliette flicked blonde tendril’s back from her eyes.

“No one.”

“Oh spill woman, I can see that blush.”

Juliette covered her flaming cheeks with cold hands.

“Shh, haven’t you ever been in a relationship.”

“Yes, but we broke up, I’m looking for an Alpha!” Jazz seemed so cheerful about that; so much Juliette choked on spit.

“Right, okay,” she muttered, blinking watery eyes. Jazz looked slightly hurt.

“I know it sounds ridiculous, but I think I got what it takes,” Jazz admitted.

“Read them out again will yah.”

Juliette rolled her eyes and stared at the small print. Rules rules rules, she hated them.

“What’s the magic word?” She asked in a fake, pleasant voice. She turned around, to her her new roommate flopped on the bed, flipping through a magazine.

Lucky for Juliette, sarcasm noted, Jazz had been assigned her roommate. She had gotten off the bus and was welcomed by some official lady, who gave them timetables, and rooms.

The rules were supposed to be read in their own time. A huge poster was set up in their room, along with two wardrobes and beds.

“Isn’t this going to be fun, apparently the King is going to be teaching us defensive and offense fighting skills!” Jazz said from behind her, sounding like a little kid in a candy store.

“Sure, if you consider torture fun,” Juliette mumbled, squinting to read the rules. Jazz hadn’t heard her.

“Go on, I’m waiting for the rules, which hopefully involve some sexy Alpha.” Juliette couldn’t help but snicker.

“Everyone will train in five different periods, each swapping with their main group which will be sorted on day one. You will cover five stations, the Alphas being your teachers-“

“Oh exciting!” Juliette was cut off by Jazz, but quickly resumed.

“At the end of the week, a meeting will be held, and the Alpha King will eliminate three girls and three boys. Weekends you will have off to do whatever you like. No relationships with the boys inside the thirty day trial arena will be allowed, and no relationships with the Alphas will be allowed what so ever-“

“That wont stop me!” Juliette glared at Jazz to shut up.

“Everyone must be in their rooms by 9:00, and everyone must be awake by 7:00 on weekdays. Weekend times for curfew will be extended. Anyone who disobeys the main rules will be punished by the Alpha King.” Juliette stopped back from the wall, looking back to see Jazz grinning.

“The Alpha King will punish us!”

“Oh shut your dirty mouth, Ill be keeping my distance from the guy,” Juliette said honestly. The rest of the rules were basic, mandatory things.

It was past 9:00, and Jazz was already getting ready for bed. But Juliette had the uncomfortable need to pee.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Jazz asked, as Juliette opened their room door.

“Toilet, Ill be back soon.”

With that Juliette had slipped from the door. The rooms over looked a massive field, a whole story below them. But the view was great. The classrooms were below the rooms.

The boys rooms were on the other side.

The sun had set, leaving the moon to be her guide. Many rooms flanked hers, the muffled sounds of chatter coming from under the doors.

Now to find the damn toilet in this joint.

Juliette went to turn, but came face to face with a very, warm chest.

Stumbling back, Juliette looked up, about to blow her top at whoever ran into her. And worst, she knew it was a man because he chest was very hard and broad.

Juliette’s words were lodged in her throat, as she stared up at the man in front of her.

He towered well over her, his stature strong and muscular. His button up shirt clung to every bulging muscle, as did his jeans.

Eyes, swirling silver, and totally enchanting eyes watched her, a mix of surprise and anger buried within. His golden tan skin contrasted to his ruffled black hair.

Juliette tired to hunt for every feature on him, but it was impossible in the light of just the moon.

“You shouldn’t be out at this time,” the man growled. His voice was powerful and demanding, yet soft and silken like a caress to the skin.

“Neither should you,” she sassed. He had snapped her out of her daze. She had ruled him out from being an Alpha, even though he had the body to be one. Only because the Alphas weren’t due till tomorrow.

He was obviously one of the boys looking for trouble.

His eyes darkened.

“What makes you think you can use that tone with me?”

Juliette’s dyes widened. Who does this cocky bastard think he goddamn is?

“I can use whatever tone I wish. How about you go back to your room, and i go find the toilet.”

And with that, Juliette sauntered off.

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