Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 5: Day One


“Its started!”

Juliette groaned, rolling over to shove her pillow over her ear. No way she she getting up at this hour.

“Shut up Jazz,” she mumbled incoherently, turning over to see Jazz was freshly showered, and wearing black leather pants, and a very tight black shirt.

“Up and at ’em,” Jazz called, running a brush through her thick hair. Juliette contemplated jumping up and grabbing that pretty little neck of hers.

Sitting up, Jazz screwed her face up as Juliette clicked her weary bones. She was not ready for this, but Jazz seemed completely happy to be ‘learning’ today.

She was definitely going to be hard to knock out.

“So first, we have defense and attack classes with Alpha Cain,” Jazz read from their timetable. Sadly they would be in all the same classes.

“Alpha who?” Juliette mumbled, running her hands over her eyes as she yawned. She stood up, grabbing her bag to find some clothes.

“Alpha Cain, I wonder what he’s like,” Jazz squeaked, turning to give Juliette a big smile. Juliette ignored her obvious hint, pulling out jeans and some random shirt.

It didn’t take Juliette too long to throw on her clothes, grab the name badge she was supposed to wear, and head out with Jazz.

Apparently this class would start with 10 boys and 10 girls, till the numbers dwindled down to the amount that would make it into the pack. That class she would be with for all five periods, which would be covered in the five days of the week.

The Alphas would come together everyday to talk about their students skills and assets. Juliette planned to bring her A game.

As Juliette and Jazz walked into the dining hall, Juliette realized how hard this was going to be.

Their were a lot of competition, and it seemed as though a lot of the Wolves had made friends.

“You should come meet my friends,” Jazz said with excitement, grabbing Juliette’s arm.

“You’ve made friends already?” She asked, following her, even though she wasn’t to sure about it.

“Yep, this morning when I went for the showers,” Jazz informed as she weaved through the thick crowd of people, carrying trays of food. Juliette kept her eyes on Jazz’s red head.

“Sorry,” Juliette muttered to people as Jazz pulled her along, most giving her forty looks as they walked along. Jazz seemed oblivious anyway; she was a woman on a mission.

“Why didn’t you wake me to go shower this morning?” Juliette asked. They had made it to their table, finally.

“You just looked so cute when you sleep, and I felt like a meanie to wake you,” Jazz answered, pulling Juliette down to sit beside her.

Juliette looked up, to see herself staring at two girls. One was smiling broadly, a mouth full of chunky blue braces, her brown eyebrow cocked.

The other girl looked half asleep, her darker eyes barely glancing at Juliette.

“Juliette, this is Sara and Delani,” Jazz introduced, pointing to each girl in turn. The girl with the braces, Sara, stuck her hand, which Juliette shook nervously.

She had to admit, it would be nice to have friends, but a voice in the back of her head told her she wasn’t here to make friends.

Delani just ignored her, pulling her black hair over her face, like she was closing a curtain. Well then.

“Oh, and this is my brother by the way,” Sara said suddenly, breaking Juliette out of her observations. A guy had walked up behind Sara, placing his hands on her shoulders.

He looked nice enough, with sandy blonde hair, and eyes so dark, Juliette could almost see herself in them. He didn’t acknowledge her, he seemed to deep in conversation with Jazz.

After they had gotten their breakfast, and were halfway though eating it, someone walked up to the podium across the room.

It was the lady that had given them their roommates yesterday. She went by Bluey to her students, and was an over excitable teacher lady with her hair in a permanent bun.

“Welcome students, I hope your first night here was just dandy!” She said with excitement, looking over the hall over eating students.

“Dandy, really? What is this?” Juliette commented lowly to Jazz. She just giggled under her breath.

“Now, you all have your classes, which you will meet at the start of your lesson. You will meet the Alphas, but their is one person you wont meet till later this week,” Bluey said. Jazz tensed up beside her, like she knew exactly what was coming next.

“The Alpha King.” Whispers erupted the large hall, every student, even the boys. Jazz was squealing, making Juliette roll her eyes.

Suddenly the room fell quiet, as a large figure walked up into the stage.

“Welcome everyone.”

Well shit.

Juliette felt her face heat up, as she buried her face in her arms. Black hair, and incredible silver eyes burned into her mind. He was here, the Alpha King, and she already knew he surely hated her.

“Juliette, listen,” Jazz whispered, nudging Juliette’s shoulder. Juliette didn’t know if she wanted to honestly. She had met him last night already, and what a first impression she had left.

“My life is over,” Juliette muttered, lifting her head to see the Alpha scanning the hall. He didn’t see her in the mass of people, luckily.

“I hope everyone has gotten settled in,” he said, his face expressionless. Jazz seemed in a total trance, staring up at the picture of beauty up on stage.

“I have just come up to let you all know, that I want you all to go hard in your first classes today. First impressions mean everything to the Alphas.” Then his eyes met Juliette’s, hard, intense and utterly beautiful. She felt her heart sink, and the urgent need to give up and go home.

“Good luck, I will see most of you on Friday,” he said, tearing his eyes from Juliette. With a polite smile, he left the stage.

“Isn’t he perfect,” Jazz said dreamily,

They made it down in good time, and as they crossed the field, Juliette noticed something different.

The close packed group was all wearing the same thing. Tight leather pants and a black shirt.

Just like Jazz.

“What the hell Jazz?”

Jazz shot Juliette a nervous glance as they got closer.

“Okay I’m sorry. This morning, both are uniforms were supposed to be deposited outside our door. But only mine was there, you didn’t have one. I just suspected you knew,” she rushed. Juliette groaned, wishing she could turn and sprint all the way home.

Jazz had probably just forced her into one of the most awkward position in the world. The group that she would be spending a lot of time with all were staring at her, like she was a freak.

Her choice of jeans and a light blue shirt this morning was a horrible one.

A very large man seemed to push his way through the crowd, and was already walking to meet the girls. The group followed.

Soft, fluffy blonde hair, and blue eyes that look infuriated. He was an Alpha.

“Why aren’t you in uniform?” He demanded. He stood right in front of Juliette, glaring down at her. He was young, strong and livid.

“She doesn’t have one,” Jazz jumped in. The group behind he Alpha still stared.

“That’s impossible, if you are acting defiantly, I will have to send you to the Alpha King.”

He was talking to both Jazz, and Juliette at this point.

“I’m sorry Alpha Cain, I will go back to my room, and try sought out my uniform,” Juliette’s offered. She knew the uniform probably wasn’t there, but she wasn’t up for seeing the King.

His glare intensified.

“Be sure that you do. Extra laps for you when your back,” he muttered. He was quick to stalk off with the group that followed. Jazz watched them silently.

“Go, I will be back soon,” Juliette said with a half smile. Jazz nodded and jogged off to meet the other Weres they would be training with.

Juliette quickly stalked down the hall, eyes searching each of the dorm numbers for her own.

She ignored the figure coming down the hall, at a rather fast pace.

“Hmm, something smells nice,” she said softly to herself, eyes still locked to each door.

“Thank you, Miss Kerson.”

Juliette froze, one foot placed in front of the other like she was about to start a fight, keys dangling from her fingers.

She looked away from the door, to see a few metres away from her, stood the Alpha.

Alpha King.

If she had blindly walked any further, she would have smacked into the broad chest, and hard abs…

“Want a picture Miss Kerson?”

Juliette shook her head immediately, wishing she could slap herself. She moved her eyes from his torso, and to his face, bit not those eyes.

She didn’t know of she could handle seeing disappointment in those silver orbs. She was surly to be kicked out for sure.

“I’m sorry Alpha, I’m not skipping class, just heading back to my room to try find my uniform,” Juliette mumbled. Her eyes stayed glued to his forehead, where a few black hairs fell.

“I know, I have your uniform here.”

Juliette hadn’t realized he had been holding a small box, her last name scrawled across it.

“Oh,” she said gently, frowning.

“I’ve been hand picking people from different classes, stronger students, to be in a class I’m teaching,” he said, holding the box to her.


“I don’t understand.”

“You will wear this uniform, and meet me down in the gymnasium. 9 other members will be training with you in combat skills.”

“You cant be serious.”

“Oh I’m serious Miss Kerson.”

“How could you possibly make the decision on who is the strongest on the first day.”

“I can indeed. Do you doubt my instinct?”

“Possibly. But I’m not strong.”

“Maybe not physically. But you strong personality was shown from the second I met you Miss Kerson. You will be valuable member to the group.”

“So you are practically saying I’ve gotten into the pack by being in you accelerate group Alpha?”

“Oh not at all. You may excel on one subject, but the others are just as important. I only teach combat and fighting skills.”

The box was slid into her hands.

“Your uniform will be different to others. Those who know who is on my group will want to excel and be better, which will count of the last week of the 30 day trial.”

The Alpha looked as if he had done talking, as he brushed past her. She shivered as his shoulder bumped hers.

“You will no longer be training with Alpha Cain. See you there Kerson.”

Juliette turned and watched him strut down the corridor, wanting to drill him for more questions, but she wanted to wait.

She didn’t know how to process the news, but she now had a official head start.

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