Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 6: Monday

“So this is like an immunity?”

Delani sat, stock still beside Juliette. Her black hair was still draped across her face, even as she mumbled quietly to the Alpha.

The Alpha King stood in front of ten, special students, including Juliette.

Arms crossed, silver eyes bright and stern. He radiated power and domination over the whole group.

They may be a group of strong Werewolves, but the ten of them could never take down such an Alpha.

“Not at all. You may be special, but I could kick you from this group this second,” the King said, his eyes traveling down to her chest where her name tag was pinned. “Delani.”

He must have forgot her name, Juliette nearly had.

No one had acknowledged her when she walked in, some male eyes fleeting up to meet her gaze, but it only ever lasted a few seconds. Even Delani wouldn’t say hi.

Suddenly the gymnasium they sat in filled with the powerful singing voice of Luke Hemmings. Dammit phone.

All eyes were on Juliette, including the molten orbs of the king as she dug her phone out of her pocket. She cursed herself for thinking it might be handy to bring it along.

“No,” the King said sternly to Juliette, who froze with the phone between her fingers. She risked a glance down to see it was Chance again.


“Answer it,” he said, his voice deathly low and threatening. Juliette swallowed nervously, ignoring her peers harsh gazes.

“Its fine,” she rushed, going to press the end call button, but the Kings glare made her stop.

Answer it, on speaker,” he repeated, slowly. His eyes glowed mischievously.

Slowly Juliette answered the phone, pressing he speaker so Chances voice rang around the gym. My heart sank at his first words.

“Hey baby,” Chance said, his voice mechanical through the phones speaker. It echoed around the room, some people giggling, but Juliette trained her eyes on the King.

His eyes narrowed ever so slightly, as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“Ah hi,”Juliette murmured, wanting to press the off button, but the King didn’t seem like he wanted to. He was now glaring straight at the phone.

“So babe, I’m going on a raid with the head warriors for a few days, I will call when I’m back okay. Don’t look at any guys, I love you.” Chance hung up after his last word, so Juliette tucked the phone back into her pocket.

She was aware her face was flushed bright pink, and she was sweating ever so slightly in shame.

She glared up at the King, hating him. How dare he embarrass her like that.

But the way the Kings eyes shone that silver, showed he was pissed, and not quite proud of his success at embarrassing Juliette.

“Hand me your phone,” he demanded quietly, holding his large out. Juliette shook her head, a few strands of blonde hair falling from her ponytail.

“No,” she spat back. Everyone was watching her defy the King, and they all knew that it was a perfectly stupid idea.

A low growl was projected from his throat, as he ordered the same thing again. Glaring like it was her last expression, Juliette got her phone, and slammed it into his hand.

He looked pleased, while she wanted to tuck her legs up, and sulk.

Griping the iPhone between his fingers, the King, very unceremoniously threw the the phone across the large gym, and straight at the wall. It broke instantly, everyone gasping as it shattered and crumbled to the floor.

Juliette’s jaw dropped straight to the floor, as she stared at her beloved phone, dead on the floor. The Alpha watched her carefully.

“This is what will happen to all your phones if you bring them to class again. There are no time for relationships,” he said, glaring straight at Juliette.

Everyone was shocked into silence, it even sounded like Delani wasn’t breathing beside her.

“Outside of his class, you refer to me as the Alpha King. Inside this training lesson, you may refer to me as Jaxon. Don’t misuse this, many others are not aloud to refer to me by my real name,” The King said across the room, speaking to everyone.

After the whole phone drama, he wouldn’t even look at Juliette, who still sulked.

“The uniforms you wear everyday, no excuses. Every unit has a different uniform, and my unit has this uniform. A lot of students know about this group, so prepare for some controversy,” Jaxon said.

Every girl in the room, except Juliette seemed to be transfixed by what the Alpha was saying, and the way he ran his fingers through his silky locks of black hair.

“Today, considering I have wasted most of the morning chasing you all around, you will have the next 15 minutes to introduce yourselves. Find out who you will be working with over the next 30 days.” Everyone exchanged glances at the Alphas words.

“After lunch break, I want to assess your skills already. You will be paired up with someone of the same sex, and you will have a sparring match,” Jaxon said, clapping his hands together.

After the King had made his speech, he trotted off to go attend to an emergency on the field, while the rest of the group started the ‘meet and greet’.

Juliette couldn’t help but itch and tug at her uniform. The pants were made of flexible black latex, with an orange strip going down the leg. Apparently, orange meant power to the Alpha.

The shirt was just a simple, black one made of the same stretchy material that was to tight for Juliette’s liking.

“Hey Blondie,” someone said from above Juliette. She looked up from her pants, and into the bright blue eyes of some boy. His hair was a soft brown, with a streak of blue dye through it.

His arms were like tree trunks, and his legs were thick with muscle.

Both Juliette and the boy looked at each others name tags.

“Blaise,” Juliette repeated his name. He nodded, a thick piece of hair falling into hide his eyes, which he pushed away.

“You got it Blondie. Hopefully we both make it into the pack right,” he said, plonking down beside her. Juliette resisted the urge to correct him on her name.

For the next ten minutes, Juliette sat alone, away from the crowd. Blaise deciding to leave her alone when she would talk to him.

She couldn’t get the burning image of those silver eyes from her mind. Jaxon was a very good looking King, but everyone here knew he probably had some beautiful Princess waiting for him back in his pack.

We can look, but there will be no touching.

By the time he came back, the lunch bell had rung, and people were getting impatient to go.

Some of his shirt buttons were undone, and his hair was ruffled up in a sexy way. Juliette wondered with dismay if he had just stepped from a closet after a quickie with one of the She Wolves.

“There was a fight between two males,” he corrected everyone’s suspicions gracefully. Juliette relaxed visibly.

“Anyway, meet me back here after lunch, you are all excused.”

“Where were you?” Jazz asked, as Juliette dumped her lunch on the table beside her. Juliette had no other friends, and Jazz was a source of entertainment at times.

“Oh, you know. With the King,” Juliette said casually, picking her wrap up. Jazz was silent beside her, so Juliette risked a glance.

She was staring at her, mouth hanging wide open.

“Delani was there too,” Juliette nodded to Delani, who chewed her sandwich quietly in front of them. Jazz’s gaze switched her gaze from Juliette to Delani.

“We have been selected for a group that the King is going to be running. Hence the uniforms,” Juliette explained. Delani didn’t say anything.

“What, how on earth did you guys get in?” Jazz asked. Her eyes were glued to Juliette’s uniform.

“We are strong I guess. The Alpha told me personally that I have a strong personality,” Juliette said, before biting into her wrap.

After Jazz ran out of her thick stream of questions, it was already time to head back to the gym. Juliette had no idea how her supposedly strong personality was going to help her in a sparring match.

The walk to the gym with Delani by her side was sombre and awkward. Delani didn’t say a single word in answer to Juliette’s pointless questions and babbles.

“Welcome back. I see a student is late,” Jaxon said, once Juliette and the others were seated in the gymnasium.

As if on cue, that missing student strode into the gym. The uniform looked much to tight on her raging muscles. Her legs looked about as thick as Juliette’s torso, which was intimidating.

Her hair was short and spiked up, dyed a horribly startling red.

“About time Rose,” Jaxon muttered, as the girl, Rose walked past and sat down beside some guy.

“Juliette you can be with Rose for this match.” Juliette felt her jaw open on its on accord.

Rose leant over to look Juliette up and down. This was accompanied by a scornful chuckle.

Juliette searched the Alphas eyes in fright. No way would she stand a chance against that female, muscle pounding machine of fury.

“Josh, you’re with Stan…”

It didn’t take long for the Alpha to pair everyone up.

“As you can see, I have put out mats for you. Rose, Juliette, you can go on the red mat.”

And that was how Juliette ended up lying on the ground in fetal position. She clutched her stomach, which by now, Rose had probably kicked around four times.

“Get up and fight wimp. I’m going easy,” Rose taunted from above her. Juliette let out a groan, rolling over and placing a hand under her.

Her attempts to push herself up were useless. With a sharp kick to the forehead, Rose had pushed Juliette onto her back again.

“I said get up!”

Jaxon was to busy assisting someone else to see how unfair Juliette was being treated. She didn’t belong in this group, and no longer intended to stay.

She was a wimp. Anger filled her like a rush of fire, that filled her every being.

Going against her protesting temples, she was up in a flash, feet planted in a fighting position.

He wanted to pound Rose to the ground, even if she was just a thick wall of muscle that could sit on her. How dare she taunt her.

Juliette was aware she probably looked like a bruised tomato, with small fists baled up in front of her.

“Come and get me Blondie,” Rose challenged, hopping from foot to foot in a useless attempt at distracting Juliette.

This got everyone’s attention, even the King. They a stopped to view the cat fight about to go down.

But Juliette wasn’t paying attention. She wanted to back hand the bitch to the ground. Rose looked sick, with a humorous grin on her face, her fists up ready to fight back when Juliette made the first move.

“Aww, is Blondie scared,” Rose cooed, making everyone laugh. This only gave Juliette an idea.

She let out a scream. This was her defense, this was her chance and she wanted to use it efficiently.

She pretended to clutch her leg, like she was in agonizing pain. Not only did this make Rose approach her, it left her confused and apprehensive.

Once she was close enough, Juliette struck. Her fist connected with Roses nose, hard. Tiny, but bony, her fist did I fine job in knocking Rose back.

The taunting had built the angry power in Juliette, enough for her strike to be very off putting.

Those few months of stretching in the splits to try be better then her friend had paid off, as Juliette kicked Rose in the chest. She fell to the floor with a thump.

Adrenaline. That’s all Juliette’s felt.

People were behind her in seconds, pushing her towards the Alpha. Jaxon’s eyebrows were raised, a slight smile playing on his lips.

“And that’s why I picked you for his group,” he said, nodding his head.

“You fucking bitch! I’m going crush that pretty little face of yours.” Rose yelled made everyone fall silent.

Juliette turned to face he brute. She looked like an animal, her face red, nose bleeding, chest pumping up and down.

In a flash she was in front of her, Roses hand connecting with Juliette’s cheek.

The bite of sharp pain that filled her mouth was enough to have her fall to the ground.

“Enough, if you touch her on more time…”

Tears fell down her face, and across her swollen cheek. It hurt like a bitch, but she wanted to see what was going on.

Jaxon’s 6‘5 frame towered over her, his hands out like he was protecting Juliette. There was nothing Rose could do to get to Juliette, who cowered in pain.

“Leave right now, I don’t want to see your face,” Jaxon growled out. Rose nodded in submission, before she hobbled out, holding a bleeding nose.

Everyone was stunned into silence.

“Are you okay?” Jaxon asked, an emotion like remorse filling his silver irises. He stooped to Juliette’s level, peering at her.

Juliette didn’t want to move, every inch that she did so made pain pulse through her cheek.

“This is my fault,” he murmured, going to touch Juliette’s cheek, but she flinched back. Damn right it was his bloody fault.

She glared at Jaxon, as he came up beside her, wrapping his large hands around her biceps. She wanted to protest but her mouth was frozen in pain.

And to be honest, the way the King helped her to her feet was comforting, and the electricity that was exchanged between their touch was deliciously enchanting.

“Get back to your sparring, I will be back after I escort Juliette to the nurse,” Jaxon ordered across the room. Everyone was quick to do just that, as the Alpha King lead poor Juliette from the room.




Juliette Kerson.

Did exceptional well in training today, even after a disarming hit to the left side of her jaw. She adpated quickly, and I am please with my choice to add her into my group.

Alpha King.

Setting the pen down, Jaxon slid the paper across the desk to his assistant.

“Juliette Kersons daily paper,” he said, before picking up the next person.

He was slightly annoyed that the nurse had kicked him out straight away when he asked to stay with Juliette. It was his fault after all.

Ah, Juliette.

A trouble maker, yet an alluring catch. Jaxon found himself convincing himself that he couldn’t touch one of the She Wolves.

But he was doubting his motive.

He knew that there was no way he could be fond of her, not in the way his devilish mind was thinking. He had a pack to run, and a marriage set up back at home.

He liked the girl, but he didn’t love her. But the anger he felt when he found out Juliette had a boyfriend. He could have punched something, someone.

After some special research, Jaxon had found out it was Chance Bennett, a very good warrior in his pack.

But he would make sure they weren’t together forever, if its the last thing his jealous wolf did.

Oh, look who’s taken a liking to Juliette.

Beware, this isn’t a cliche! Mates are chosen, not served to them on a platter. The Alpha King will chose someone worthy, he wont just be put with some random.

Thanks for reading so far! Your comments mean the world (:

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