Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 7: Day Two

Day Two, Tuesday

“Is it obvious?” Juliette asked, running her finger across her bruised cheek. Jazz stood behind her, looking into the mirror at her as well.

“Ah, not to blind people?” She offered, looking at the bruise meekly. Juliette sighed, letting her hair from her ponytail.

It fell in a wave of golden tresses across her cheek. She fiddled till it covered most of the bruise. It worked enough.

The pain wasn’t that bad this morning. Being a Werewolf was worth it in some ways.

“We need to get going, breakfast, then fitness and health with Alpha Drake,” Jazz chirped, grabbing Juliette’s arm.

Fitness and health didn’t sound like something Juliette was particularly interested in.

Nevertheless, Juliette allowed herself to be dragged down to get food.

“I wont talk back again, I swear,” Juliette heaved, grabbing the grass in front of her. The ground was cool against her aching cheek and burning body.

Alpha Drake, the ruthless wall of muscle knelt beside her, looking down at her with a slim smile. He seemed to be enjoying this.

“Is that right Kerson?” He taunted, brushing a piece of hair from her eyes, just so he could see him. Thick head of black hair, and creamy brown eyes.

She huffed, sitting up slowly. Her arms wobbled, her breathing still rapid, and couldn’t be trusted.

“Goddamn, I will tie my hair up,” she growled, defeated. She hadn’t wanted to, just because everyone would see the bruise on her face.

“Good girl,” he murmured, digging in his pocket for something. Juliette sat up, watching as he pulled a rubber band from his pocket.

She bit back a snide remark about how rubber bands ripped at your hair. He watched as she pulled her hair back into a rough ponytail.

She still sat on the cool ground, which she had been driven to after Alpha Drake tried to make an unfit Juliette run 6km without breaking a run.

Everyone else ran at there own pace.

She let his eyes graze over her cheek, enjoying how they widened slightly.

“Battle scar,” she snipped, standing up to wipe off the dirt from her butt. Her legs ached from the run, even considering she hadn’t gotten far.

“I’m guessing the King is making quite a thing of training the Wolves this year. Last year not one got in,” Drake said, standing up. It was as if his height was never ending.

“Wow, tell me more,” Juliette prompted. Okay, so she was trying to generate conversation so she didn’t have to run back.

The pair started walking across the field, and toward where the rest of the group were finishing up their run.

“He picked Wolves with only strength. He didn’t think about other aspects, and not one made it into the pack” Drake said. He sounded scornful, like the King was not his favorite person.

“I’m guessing he didn’t take that well,” Juliette said, chuckling slightly. She could imagine him embarrassed and angry from a loss.

“Oh no he didn’t. Outright pissed. He wasn’t used to not getting what he wanted, being the spoilt King he is,” Drake said, his voice going darker with his every word. Nope, he didn’t like Jaxon.

Juliette’s noticed his delectable smell, before she saw his being.

Spicy and masculine, like something that could never be caught in a bottle. It was the scent of a real Alpha, a real King.

He stood behind the group of Wolves who lounged in the sun, sipping their water after a good run.

No one seemed to notice him, no one seemed to even smell him. Yet his scent was so overpowering to Juliette.

Arms crossed over a broad chest, silky black hair falling just perfectly over his forehead. His jeans were extremely tight, but fit to his long legs perfectly.

The sight of his muscular, sexy body had Juliette’s knees weakening. Getting into the pack, and beating everyone’s asses would be considerably easier if he wouldn’t show up at every corner.

He watched with silver eyes, so desirable and sensual. And angry.

“Why isn’t she running with everyone else. I expect you to be the teacher, not the boyfriend.” Wow, okay.

Both Drake and Juliette hadn’t even made it properly back to the group before Jaxon decided to blow the party. Everyone had turned, silent to watch what was happening.

“Excuse me?” Drake sputtered. Everyone wanted to know what the King was on about. Juliette was livid.

“Giving a student special treatment is forbidden. You are here to train, not to bloody flirt with my students,” Jaxon spat, never moving, his arms still crossed.

“I wasn’t given her special treatment. I didn’t want her to run back because she has already run a lot already. I want her to see the Nurse again, because if you cant see, being in you class has given her a mighty bruise,” Drake yelled back.

Juliette felt her jaw drop. She was fine!

“What goes on in my classes are none of your business! I came here to make sure you wrote me a daily for all your students, not to see you obviously flirting,” Jaxon retorted.

This was getting ridiculous.

“I was not flirting. I’m just attentive enough to see that the Alpha King will allow his students to get hurt, and not even give them a note to let their next teacher know.”

Jaxon’s eyes flickered to Juliette, hard and glassy. He was angry, and she hoped not at him. With a click of his finger, he could kick her from his group, or even the trial.

“Come with me,” Jaxon breathed, turning his back to the exit of the field. Juliette knew he was talking to her, but she was apprehensive to go anywhere with him.

It was likely, from the glares from most of the group that they thought he wanted to see her alone for other reasons; but she knew better.

Slowly Juliette followed him, careful not to say anything. The field was quite large, and surrounded by a huge, concrete wall. They left through the main door, and into the long hallways that lead to their rooms.

“Where are we going?” Juliette asked lightly, when Jaxon kept walking down the hallway. She followed him anyway.

“To the nurse, its obvious you need to see her again.” His comment rooted her to the spot. She didn’t need to see the doctor, she felt fine!

“Trust me Alpha, I will be fine,” he insisted. He paused also, his back to her still.

“That’s not what Alpha Drake said wasn’t it?” He was getting smart with her and she didn’t like it.

But dare she say it?

“Must you be so childish? You two were arguing like Kindergartens, about something that doesn’t concern either of you. Obviously you two have a hatred for something much deeper. But I would prefer if you wouldn’t use me as your scapegoat, because I feel fine, and I want to head back to training,” Juliette finished with a big huff. She was exhausted from training, and getting up early.

He stayed silent, watching with careful eyes. He wasn’t angry, his eyes didn’t show it.

“He’s my brother,” He muttered finally, rolling his eyes every so slightly.

“Okay, so he’s your brother. Doesn’t mean you have to arguing in front of oblivious students,” Juliette said softly. She was calmer, he was calmer.

“Watch what you say alright. Go to the nurses office,” Jaxon suddenly snapped after a moment of silence. Jeez bipolar.

“I will go for now, but I will be going back after lunch,” Juliette said finally. His eyes grew darker, once again showing he wasn’t very happy.

“Fine, but I’m warning you. Speak to me like your leader, or see that I will have you out of my group in an instant,” he growled, before turning to storm off down the hallway.

Juliette watched him go, annoyed that he was willing to talk moments before. Now he was yelling at her.

I will never understand Alphas.

She didn’t know what she was going to say the nurse, she felt fine.

The rest of the lesson after lunch went well. Alpha Drake decided to teach theory, so they had to learn about what food habits should be kept to if they got into the pack.

It didn’t include any physical exertion, so it was at least a win win situation. And at least Jaxon didn’t show his face for the rest of the lesson.

“Sit here,” Jazz said, pointing to an empty table. Who knew where Sara and her brother were.

“What a day,” Juliette moaned, slamming her tray of dinner down on the table. Jazz nodded, sitting down a little more quietly.

“The King is such a dick. Don’t even try get with him,” Juliette said, sighing deeply.

“I cant anyway, because I got asked out,” Jazz said in a loud whisper, looking around to see if anyone cared. Juliette followed her gaze with a frown.

“Jeez, on the first day?”

Jazz glared at Juliette, not liking her sarcastic tone. Juliette stabbed her lasagna.

“Cody asked me out at Lunch,” she said. This was probably news Juliette should be jumping up and down and squealing with Jazz about, instead she just quietly ate her lasagna.

“Guessing I don’t know him,” Juliette retorted, shooting Jazz a glance. No Cody came to mind when Jazz said they name.

“You know, Sara’s brother,” Jazz nudged Juliette, giving a giggle.

“Oh, silly me,” she said sarcastically, rolling her eyes. Jazz pouted.

“But I turned him down…”

“Damn, plot twist.”

“Would you stop being so bloody sarcastic Juliette.”

“Ow, you didn’t have to hit me.”

“Its because he’s not an Alpha you know. I mean he’s nice, just not…”

Juliette gave Jazz a blank look. She couldn’t be serious.

“Alphas want mates of high status, almost every Alpha has an arranged marriage set up from the day they were conceived,” Juliette grumbled, stabbing her food again.

(Keeping in mind Mates are chosen not given)

“Yeah yeah yeah,” Jazz sighed deeply.

“Hey Juliette or whatever your name is, come sit over here.”

Both Juliette and Jazz looked to their left in response.

A table packed with kids, all wearing the same uniform as she had, were looking at her. She noticed Blaise, Delani, and a few others, and was glad not to see Rose there.

“This is the cool table for accelerates,” some kid she didn’t know called from the table. This caught some glares from flanking students.

“No thanks,” Juliette called back, turning sway from them. She wasn’t going to sit with those…jerks; saying that was the cool table was evidence enough.

“Go on, be popular,” Jazz insisted. Juliette wasn’t the type of person that ditched friends, especially for the populars.

“Don’t sit with that loser,” the same guy called. Juliette raised her middle finger to him in response.

Jazz looked a little downhearted at that comment.

“Come on now,” someone said from right beside her. Blaise.

“Go swagger back to your ‘popular’ table,” Juliette spat. Over night he had managed to dye the blue streak orange to match his uniform.

“Don’t be like that,” he said softly, raising an eyebrow. Juliette was tempted to do something unreasonable.

He grabbed her chin suddenly, turning her head toward him, his lips to close to hers. His breath was warm and smelt like flavoured water.

“You can sit on my lap if that tempts you,” he murmured, his eyes on hers. His grip was hard, his fingers cold.

“I would appreciate it if you would…” Juliette pushed at his chest. “Fuck off.”

She slapped him, hard across the cheek. He glowered at her, stumbling away.

“Lets go Jazz,” Juliette muttered, grabbing Jazz’s arm.

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