Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 8: Day Three

Day Three, Wednesday

“If you don’t get your little ass up right now…I’m going to leave without you, and you will smell like a teenage boy who’s hibernated in a sleeping bag for the past ten weeks.”

Juliette’s head shot up at Jazz’s words. She sat at the end of her bed, two pink towels in hand, and two different uniforms. Her hair was messy, and her face pale and splotchy.

She looked so, unkempt that Juliette nearly laughed.

“Yeah yeah yeah, I got it red head,” Juliette mumbled, running a hand through her own hair, only to have her fingers get tangled in knots. She swung her legs from the bed, tossing her covers back.

“You look surprisingly good. You must be a morning person,” Jazz observed, tossing a towel into Juliette’s arms, who snorted out loud.

“Wish I could say the same for you,” Juliette joked, standing up, the end of her nighty fell around her thighs. It was surprisingly light for 6 AM.

“Ha ha, very funny,” Jazz spat, but the humorous glint in her eyes told Juliette she wasn’t mad.

Together, Jazz and Juliette sauntered off to the bathroom, ready to have a shower. The bathroom was bigger then expected, with closed off showers lining the whole room.

“Lucky for you, you happen to have a very proactive friend, who got your uniform for you,” Jazz gloated, shoving Juliette’s uniform into her arms. Giving her a wink, Jazz walked off into a stall.

“Well well well, look at little Blondie,” someone called from behind Juliette. She turned, so quickly she gave herself minor whiplash.

Rose stood at the door of the bathroom, her arm above her head. Her nose was slightly crooked, and had light bruising around her eyes.

Her hair was red, a dark and dyed red. It wasn’t bright, fluffy and bright like Jazz’s hair, it was dull and scraggly.

“What do you want Rose?” Juliette asked, turning to the mirror. She fluffed her hair, not really caring for Roses answer.

“No ones ever has tried hitting me before. I give you props for your guts kid,” she said. Juliette watched her cross the bathroom.

Well that’s surprising.

“I was defending myself, what else would you expect me to do?” Juliette chose her words carefully.

Turning on her heel, Juliette ignored whatever Rose said next, and waked off to the shower stall.

“Concentrate,” Juliette scolded, slapping Jazz’s arm. She shook her head, her eyes still glued to the man at the front of the room.

“But…he’s so dreamy,” she sighed, a small smile on her face. Juliette’s gaze flew to the Alphas.

They were in a classroom, learning Math. Apparently academical learning was important to get into the pack. For the first hour they had been doing English, and now they had moved onto an hour of math.

Juliette’s worst subject.

The Alpha was writing some trigonometry equation on the whiteboard. Jazz was right, he was good looking. But not in the sexy, totally muscular way, but in a cute, oblivious way.

He had many traits of an Alpha, but yet he was so different to most of them. Alpha Chris.

His face looked baby soft, so tan and smooth Juliette couldn’t help but imagine running her fingers across his perfect skin. When he turned, he flashed the class his white toothed smile, and bright green eyes. He looked professional in his black button up shirt, and Juliette knew that he had grabbed the attention of every girl.

Not to mention his delectably strong scent that blew over Juliette when she walked in. Even his dark brown hair was perfect, even though it was slightly dishevelled.

“Juliette, I asked you something.”

Oh shit.

The whole class turned, giving Juliette curious glares. She suddenly felt very hot in her uniform.

Why the hell do I have to this stinking thing anyway?

“Sorry sir,” Juliette muttered, Alpha Chris narrowing hid eyes slightly. Jazz had been checking him out just as much as Juliette had, so why hadn’t she gotten called out.

“I will ask again. What would you use to work out the length of this shape?” He asked, pointing to the board. Juliette studied it for a little longer then necessary.

“Um, by adding it together?”

A few kids in class giggled, while Alpha Chris frowned.

“The correct answer, would be using the Theorem of Pythagoras,” he said lightly, his gaze still on Juliette. She swallowed as more laughter filled the room.

“Don’t worry about it,” Jazz said from beside Juliette, like it would comfort her. Juliette rolled her eyes.

For the rest of math, Chris didn’t bother Juliette. It went so slowly, she found herself nearly drooling over the desk.

Juliette nearly bolted when the lunch bell rung.

“Miss Kerson, can I see you for a moment,” Alpha Chris said from behind his desk, in that sexy voice that sent shiver up Juliette’s spine.

She waited in front of his desk till every student had filed out. Jazz gave her a wink before she left.

“Everyone in class seems to have an easy time with math, but by he looks of your pretest paper, and the way you answered my question, it doesn’t seem like you do,” Chris said gently, looking up at Juliette from where he sat.

She bit her lip, swaying awkwardly. He was right of course, she was pathetic.

“I guess,” she murmured, flushing red.

“I see you are in the Alpha Kings accelerate group. I like the King, and I don’t want a replay of last year just as much as he doesn’t. That is why I want to offer you something I haven’t offered any student before,” he said, raising a dark eyebrow.

She swallowed nervously; where was he going with this?

“I want to tutor you outside of class,” he said slowly, watching Juliette carefully. That took her back a little.

“Oh, um…” she stuttered. Should she? What if the Alpha King refused to let her anyway.

“Say yes,” he said sternly, standing up. His height was endless. Juliette didn’t know what to say, this was a complete surprise.

“Its nice of you to offer me, but I don’t think I have time,” Juliette excused. Chris rubbed his finger over his lower lip in thought.

“All we need will be an hour after dinner, and we only have to work Tuesdays, Thursdays, and maybe Sundays,” he said. She did need it, and it gave her an immediate advantage over the others.

“Why would you be willing to teach me?” She asked. She had to make sure, she was suspicious.

“Like I said, I like the Alpha, and it would be a shame…” He trailed off, biting his lip slightly.

“You know what, I will do it,” Juliette said quickly. She was also getting impatient for food, and desperately wanted to go to lunch.

“Great, how about we start off tonight, so I can show you what basics we will be covering for the 30 day trial,” he suggested. The way his face broke into a big grin was infectious.

“Sounds good. Now I’m going to go grab some lunch.”

“And why are you going in there at this time of the night?”


Juliette winched, turning slowly, letting her hand fall from the doorknob. She had been caught.

It didn’t particularly matter, but she didn’t want anyone, King or not, to know she was getting an advantage.

It wasn’t that late, only an hour after dinner.

“I left something behind after class,” Juliette lied, looking straight at the Alpha King. He was closer then she first expected he was, his whole being casting a shadow over her.

Tight black shirt, fluffy black hair, enchanting silvers eyes. He was drool worthy, and he knew it.

“Is that right. I was just walking to my office when I came across you. You should be in you room,” he said, his eyebrow raised.

“I will head back there soon, just let me get my…”


Jaxon folded his arms.


“Was it that important?”

“Well its not like I have a phone to lose now.”

Irrelevant, but Juliette was still pissed at him for that.


“Yes, well done. See you are improving,” Chris praised, giving Juliette a winning smile. She smiled back, liking the way his green eyes lit up.

“Its still hard though,” she grumbled, pushing the math papers away from her. She hated math, but now with the help of Alpha Chris.

“I think you have done enough for the night, your roommate might be worrying,” Chris said, standing. It had gotten dark quickly, do he had turned the classroom lights on. It unnerved Juliette.

“The King didn’t seem to keen on me coming in class you know. What if he sees the light and comes in?” Juliette asked, packing her things up.

Chris shrugged.

“He wont find out, don’t worry,” Chris said softly, looking down at Juliette. There was a moment of quiet as the pair gazed at each other.

She felt like they were keeping some major affair from the King, and it left her slightly uncomfortable.

“I guess I will see you tomorrow,” he spoke gently, his eyes still on Juliette’s. Suddenly, something caught Juliette’s gaze.

Sticking out of his pant pocket, was a cellphone.

“Can I borrow you phone to call someone?” She asked quickly. Chris narrowed his eyes, but only slightly.

“To call who?” He asked, pulling his phone from his pocket. Juliette bit her lip, knowing that if she said her boyfriend, he would probably have the same reaction Jaxon had.

“Family,” she lied. She knew Chance was on a raid, but she wanted to at least leave a voicemail to let him know why she had to call of someone else’s phone.

Chris handed her the phone, and Juliette dialed the number she knew all to well. She waited for the voicemail, but surprisingly, he answered.

“Hey babe,” he said into the phone. He sounded slightly worried.

“Aren’t you supposed to be on a raid?” Juliette asked. Chris eyes narrowed again, turning them into slits of bright green curiosity.

He was watching her, arms crossed, obviously suspicious that she as no longer talking to a family member.

“About that…the King wanted me to stay back. It was a last minute thing,” Chance said, sounding all but happy about this. Juliette frowned.


“Who knows, but he wants me to be his bodyguard for this Sunday.”

“What’s happening this Sunday?”

“The King is bring the future Luna to the 30 day trial arena. Apparently he wants to officially ask her to his mate.”

Juliette gasped. She didn’t know why she was so shocked, she had suspected he had to have someone, but why was she so jealous?

“Will I be able to see you?”

“Of course. Look baby I have to go, I will see you on Sunday right?”

“Yes, love you.”

And he was gone. Juliette handed the phone back to the Alpha.

“Thanks,” she muttered. She was out the door in seconds, afraid Chris might see her tears.

Juliette Kerson

Nothing major to report in her daily. I did catch her sneaking into Alphas Chris’s classroom, to apparently obtain something she left behind after class. I will be keeping an eye on her and Alpha Chris’s behaviour.

Alpha King.

Jaxon’s assistant, Olivia looked over Juliette’s daily.

“Is that necessary?” She asked, pointing to the bottom of the paper. Jaxon glared at her.

“Yes,” he gritted out. He knew she was talking about his suspicions.

Was he jealous?

He wanted know exactly what she was actually doing in that classroom.

Had Alpha Chris seduced her ready?

The thought made him clench his fists against his desk. Olivia watched him with a raised eyebrow.

“Where are you going? You have everyone else’s daily’s to finish first,” Olivia called, as Jaxon stood, pushing his chair back.

“I need to see someone, I will be back.”

He sassy little Alpha isn’t he

Ignore the slight lesbian undertone to Jazz and Juliette’s relationship, its unintentional

Sunday shall be interesting

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