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The City of Montor

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The City of Montor has always been reserved for characters of the extraordinary kind. But when that contract is breached, what becomes of its resident? Montor was originally written at 14 years old, edited twice by 16, and completed at 18 years. It has sat within the dust covered confines of an old desktop. Deciding not to edit, touch, or even reread it now many years later. This is the raw and originally completed form of Montor. Happy reading!

Fantasy / Scifi
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There is a city, hidden in dense forest and seen only by a few over the past hundred years. The place may look old and abandoned to some who would dare go deep enough into the forest to find it, but inside it is thriving with life. The old road that leads into the city is now overgrown with weeds and the tree limbs have reached out across the old gravel. The city was named Montor. A city was built within its walls as a refuge, a safe haven to keep those that didn’t want to be seen away from the outside world, and everyone else out.

The city was named after the man whom founded the land. He was a kind man of high political power, and was good friends with Malvrick Venon who he later signed the land over to in a contract.

Victor was not around the day the contract was signed, but his father was. He would tell him stories of the people who firstly resided there and how happy they had been when they first learned of their freedom. Victor however, still believed it was unfair that the government was allowed to set a limit to the land they could live on, but only silently as he was grateful for the freedom his dad had gained for them.

The day the contract was stolen, panic struck the hearts of Montor’s residents, and despite Victor’s hopes, what came next was completely predictable. Times had changed, and in over two hundred years, a new Montor took over political power, and consequently, the contract. His heart was cold and corrupt and when he learned about the city, the people’s greatest and darkest fears were brought to life.

The low grumble of a car engine caused most of the people in the city to stop what they were doing and look as the black limousine drove up the abandoned road. The black rod iron gates groaned as the wind seemed to push them open just to allow the car to enter into the city. The black sleek paint glittered off what could be seen of the setting sun, the tinted windows were so black that whoever was inside the car was completely concealed from peering eyes, and the chrome curled around the front bumper like the limo itself was a grinning entity that was living and breathing.

The wheels came to a sudden halt grinding the gravel laid down and leaving ruts that made some of the workers shout in anger. The driver, a tall man with a black mustache and neatly trimmed haircut, nervously stepped out and pulled down his cap, covering his eyes and then shakily opened the back door which made a quiet snap as it swung open smoothly.

A very professional looking man stepped out and grinned adjusting his white suit and light blue hancercheif that was tucked in the pocket. His white pants and white shoes that contrasted with his tan skin and jet black hair made him stand out from the city’s residents as most wore black and were rather pale.

He grinned broadly and raised his hand to wave at the awe struck citizens around him. He showed no fear, if he had any, and despite his obvious short height of about 4’ 10” he acted as if he were the biggest man on earth. Strangers were not welcomed into the city, but due to this man’s abnormal behavior and the apparent authoritative air about him, they made not a move or word against him. This was one who knew of them, and one who was not afraid because of it.

People started approaching the town square now, all curious as to what this man could possibly want from them and why he’d come. He grinned almost evilly and again, waved to all of them, none which of course waved back. They all exchanged surprised gasps and awed looks as he casually walked through the town, all parting a way as he began walking up the wood steps to the small stage that was used to make announcements. His hard shoes made a loud clicking noise as he strode proudly up to the microphone and grabbed it up as if he’d done it a thousand times before. When it was turned on, a loud ring blasted from the speakers, causing most of the people to grab their ears. He cleared his throat and adjusted his tie as he looked around at the gathering crowd and then as the dark and dismal city around them. The city disgusted him, it looked dirty, old fashioned, and the people looked dead.

“Hello, people of Montor.” He said speaking into the megaphone with a deep and gruff but authoritive voice that made them all fall silent and stare up at the man. “Don’t try anything stupid, or there will be a price to pay for the mistake.” As he said this, two huge men that none of them had noticed stepped away from the car and up the steps and stood tall and stout next to him holding their hands behind their back. Their tall height and broad bodies was enough to make even the bravest think twice before messing with them, but not only did they look like brutes but also had guns holstered to their belts in plain sight for all to observe.

The man in white continued. “Now which one of you is Mr. Malvrick Venon?” He asked pulling a golden stop watch from his pocket and looking at it impatiently. “Let us make this quick, I don’t have all day to be traipsing around with you people.”

“I am.” Malvrick said as he made his way to the platform where the man stood. The people eagerly parted to make a path for the city’s dedicated leader. His sharp crimson eyes did not part from the man and his stern look did not falter. “And what is it that you think you are doing in our town?” He questioned his voice smooth and calm yet demanding and staid. Victor stepped up next to his father. Malvrick in return gave him a glance and put out his arm to warn him not to step any closer. Victor huffed slightly and opened his mouth in protest but his father didn’t listen to what he was trying to say.

“Why my good man,” Said the man in an almost mocking tone, spreading out his free arm as if wanting an embrace. “I have understanding that you made an extraordinary deal with my great grandfather Mr. Montor. Am I correct?” He asked. To prove his point, he motioned up to the great bell tower behind the announcement platform. Above the entrance, the word Montor was chiseled into the stone. The people began to mumble and talk to themselves. Neither man let much of that happen as Malvrick spoke up again.

“Yes, He’s the original owner that wrote the contract signed the land over to us...” Malvrick said, folding his arms behind his back calmly. His calm composure was not the way he truly felt, inside he was boiling with anger and dread as to why the man was really here, he had heard and seen situations such as these much too often. “And if I’m correct, that contract said that no humans are allowed on our land without direct permission from the leader of the city. I do not remember giving you permission to be here.”

“Well, I am Mr. Montor’s great grandson. And I have inherited the contract and now this land from my father who inherited it from his father. You can call me Mr. Montor Junior, and I am happy to announce that this land no longer belongs to you.” He said smugly as the two other men grinned out at the crowd. This announcement brought up a great uproar in the crowd and Malvrick clenched his jaw, staring at the man a moment as if he did not hear him correctly. After his pause he began motioning for the others to calm down.

“What!? You can’t do that! We had a deal!” Malvrick hissed angrily, Victor flinched in surprise at his father’s anger, never before had he seen his father’s blood boil as much as it was right now. His father was always very cool and collective and never one to shout or growl. He was curious now if his father would do something about the situation, Victor wished that he could.

“Yes, yes, my grandfather wasn’t too bright was he? Or maybe it was you? Well, whoever was to be at fault for signing the contract in the first place and putting it under lock and key at your place I suppose is the one at fault. Because you see, that contract has been stolen and you happen to not have a copy or a replacement. I however, have the only remaining contract there is, I also have the original contract saying I bought and own the land, but without proof from you this land was never sold. And my copy seems to have been… misplaced from the records of my office. So now, I am forced to make a new contract.” He said smiling and pulling out a rolled piece of paper. The crowd began to whisper in fear and some tried to read what the new contract said as Montor held it out to them.

“You can’t do that!” Victor shouted, stepping forward as he pointed an accusing finger at Montor. His father cast him a quick glare, but Victor ignored it as he kept his deadly stare on the man.

Montor snorted and waved a hand. “Is that your boy?” He sneered. Malvrick now took a protective step in front of Victor to stand between him and Montor Jr.

“Charming young lad, bravery seems to come easy these days, better keep it in check or you won’t have to worry about that trouble maker much longer.” Montor said, then cleared his throat again as he scrolled over the contract.

“Well, now it’s time to announce the new deal.” He said pulling out a black pen and tapping the paper with it. “You will stay here still bound to not leave this little crevice you’ve been given but you can no longer harm people that come in this boundary. Outsiders have free will to do as they please and will start living here as we will be doing construction such as a new road that with not scratch the paint off my car the next time I come here. You of course can refuse to sign this contract but if you do that then you will all be hunted down and dealt with as we please. Of course if you harm anyone the consequence is the same as before, death.” He said smiling triumphantly and signing the paper then showed it to Malvrick.

“But,” Malvrick sputtered, staring at the contract, it was not okay with him at all! At Montor’s words, most of the people stepped back in fear while some stepped forward angrily. Victor was outraged, why was his father not doing anything? This was their land and they had every right to keep it, contract or not. Victor clenched his fists, glaring up at Montor’s smug face. “If I sign this new contract,” Malvrick began. “It will be destroyed if we recover the old one. Correct?” He questioned. Montor thought over it and then shrugged.

“Yeah, sure, if it makes you feel better.” Montor said quickly. Malvrick cast his eyes down to it and then put it in writing on the contract. The air seemed to still and become suffocating as he let out one last sigh and then signed the contract. “I knew you would understand, get ready, they’re coming in tomorrow to build new houses.” Montor said, chuckling. The three of the outsiders started laughing as dread fell down upon the city. The crowd was nearly silent as Malvrick read over the contract carefully once more, he handed it back to the man, sealing the fate of the city.

That’s when the vicious growl erupted from the crowd and the wolf leapt forward at Montor its long glistening fangs snapped at his face and the sharp claws slammed into his chest, causing Montor to fall back on the stage. “Grey! No, stop!” Victor cried, running past his father as he jumped onto the stage after the wolf.

One man pulled his gun and shot at Grey, missing of course but just by a hair only encouraging him to snap and growl more viciously. Its fur bristled in rage and Mr. Montor Jr. backpedaled away from the wolf as its attention was directed now at the two men. Victor lunged forward, grabbing at Grey, and that’s when one of the men hit him. He hissed in pain, his right cheek feeling as if it were on fire as he stumbled back. In shock and confusion, he missed his step and fell backwards of the stage and onto the gravel, taking the air from his lungs. But the pain on his face took away anything else he should have been feeling as it felt like it was burning a hole through skin and bone.

“No!” Malvrick cried, running up and kneeling down next to Victor, Grey leapt off the stage and ran to the other side of Victor, looking down at him with a quiet whimper. Mr. Montor stood, dusted himself off and fixed his jacket, trying to compose himself once again.

“I warned you Mr. Malvrick. Take this as a lesson to all your people. And again, be ready for tomorrow.” Mr. Montor Jr. said, his voice turning grave and dark. They all watched helplessly as he made his way back to his car, nobody daring to move in fear now for their lives. The men followed, a grin plastered on their faces as they too entered the car. Tires squealed kicking up ruble and throwing them at a few people who stumbled back or raised their arms to protect their face; it then backed up quick and roared off, creating more ruts in the graveled drive.

They all watched in silent fear knowing that tomorrow would start the day their lives would change for the worst. Victor groaned inwardly, watching the vehicle disappear. His father had given up too soon. Storm clouds appeared overhead seeming fitting enough for the moment as the thunder’s rumbling made a few people start to shrink back into their homes and a few others start to cry. Malvrick turned his attention back to Victor, grabbing his hand to move it away from his face.

“Victor, are you okay?” He asked the fear evident in his voice.

“Victor?” Grey said quietly his head lowering as guilt seemed to roll off of him. Victor knew Grey was regretting his mistake, but instead of being mad, Victor wanted to praise him and thank him for being the only one to try and stand up against Mr. Montor. But of course he wasn’t going to do that in front of his father.

“Victor!?” Malvrick shouted again when he had not replied. Victor mustered up enough strength to look at him, his right eye watering like crazy. He was able to mumble a ‘fine’ even though he was far from it. He was still lying on the ground, not bothering to sit or stand up.

“I’m so sorry Victor.” Grey said quietly. He cringed and shrunk back into the crowd when Malvrick gave him a deadly glare, warning him to back off. Once out of sight, he helped his son up carefully and led him through the crowd back to the house.

“We can’t let them do this.” Victor cried as Malvrick made him sit down on their living room couch. He pounded his fist in his open palm as he thought over the events. “This is OUR place! Am I the only one that thinks it’s funny how the contract comes up missing right before they show up? I bet they stole it!” He shouted, hissing just at the thought. Malvrick came back in, frowning as he shook his head. He sat down next to Victor and took his face in one hand, making his son look at him as he took the wet washcloth he had retrieved and carefully held it over the mark. Victor jerked in renewed pain.

“I’m afraid we can’t do anything about this.” He said quietly, staring into his son’s eyes. “It is not up to us, without the old contract we must go by his rules. I cannot let all these people go back out and expect them to hide until someone ends up hunting them down.”

“I can think of a way or two.” Victor mumbled, looking away from his dad so that he wouldn’t see the death glare he gave him in return.

“You’ll stay away from the humans, clear?” Malvrick demanded, making Victor meet his eyes once again. Stay away from humans? That was nearly impossible! Victor groaned in protest but finally returned his look.

“Clear.” He mumbled. “But we have to find that contract! Then we can have our land back! We have to get together a group or something to try and find it!” Victor shouted raising his hands as the idea struck him, his father frowned in reply. Malvrick shook his head again at his son’s courage, Victor slumping back in the chair.

“That would mean leaving Montor and you know we can’t do that” He said firmly and let out an exhausted sigh laying a hand on Victor’s shoulder trying to comfort him. Victor clenched his jaw in frustration. How could his father not even try!? He unclenched his teeth quickly as it sent a sharp jolt of pain through his skull.

“What did he do to me?” Victor complained, slowly putting his finger to the mark on his face. Malvrick grabbed his hand before he could touch it and lowered his head. His eye was still watering and it was starting to annoy him.

“He gave you a scar.” Malvrick mumbled shaking his head in dissaprovement.

“With what?” Victor groaned, raising his hand to touch it again but Malvrick grabbed his wrist and put the cloth over the mark again causing him to groan in protest. “No normal human could hit that hard.” He mumbled. His father met his eyes and he sighed before he finally gave an answer.


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