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The Twin Alpha's Human (Crescent Lake Book #1)

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Dive into the world of the Crescent Lake Pack. Home of the Twin Alphas & Betas, each with their own unique love story. Isa is not a risk-taker. She prefers her quiet life and keeping to the sidelines. When she meets a mysterious man that sweeps her off her feet like no one ever has before, her world turns upside down. Dovan is the Alpha of the Crescent Lake pack. He has finally found his mate, Isa. She's perfect in every way...except that she's human, and has no idea werewolves are real. Will she stay with him when she learns his dark secret?

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“Are you serious Steph?” I asked in total disbelief. Stephanie finished off her drink with one long gulp and slammed her glass back on the bar.

“I know, but I literally never do this! And he’s so hot, Isa. You’ll be fine without me, I promise.” Stephanie laid a reassuring hand on my shoulder as she pleaded with me. I sighed and waved her off.

“You ‘literally’ did this last month. But fine, go. I’ll probably just finish my drink and head out anyway.” I took a heavy sip of my drink and rolled my eyes.

“OMG Thank you!!!” Steph squealed in my ear as she threw her arms around me.

I only sighed in response. I loved Stephanie, but once a man had her attention, even her best friend’s company wouldn’t be enough to distract her. Some apparent ‘hottie’ from the VIP section had found her and invited her back to his place, and so she was off.

“I promise I will call you tomorrow and tell you all about it! Love you, Isa.” Steph said with a knowing wink as she grabbed her purse and practically ran across the club floor to the VIP area.

“Love you too, Steph.” I said weakly. She was already too far out of earshot to hear me anyway.

I nursed my drink for another few minutes before finally giving up trying to enjoy myself alone. Stephanie and I had been planning to go out and party tonight, just us girls, to get our minds off of the week’s events. While we didn’t work for the same company anymore, we still would get together to dish about office drama, our friends from college, and whoever Stephanie was hooking up with. We had talked for maybe fifteen minutes before someone bought Stephanie a drink, then she was out on the dance floor, and the rest is history. I wasn’t jealous of Stephanie- I definitely didn’t want the kind of attention she was getting. She lived for it, though. I knew as soon as I saw her in her all black mini dress that showed off every little thing and thigh high boots that made her legs look miles long that our time together tonight would be rather short.

I paid for my drink and stood up from the bar, trying to decide if I wanted to dance a little bit on my own before I left for the evening. The DJ was remixing some Taylor Swift song with a trap mix and the people on the floor were getting hot and heavy. Even though we were out of college, Stephanie still insisted we come back to Emerald, our old haunt and home of many wild nights ever since we met in college. Looking out at the dance floor I had no desire to jump into the sweaty fray of bodies pushed up against one another, girl’s dresses being pulled up to give some handsy stranger better access.

I walked along the perimeter of the floor and passed the entrance of the VIP section. I caught the eye of a couple guys leaned up against the wall near the roped-off corridor.

“Hey gorgeous.” One of them said. His hair was a sandy blond and his eyes roamed all over my body. While I wasn’t a supermodel like Stephanie, I was still proud of my body. I knew that the dark green velvet of my bodycon dress accented my curves and popped against my red hair. Neither of these guys were my type, but it had been so long since I had flirted with anyone I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a little exciting.

“Hey.” I flashed the two of them my best flirty smile.

“Name’s Nathan. This is Jake. Wanna dance?” Nathan, the sandy haired one pointed over to his friend. He was a little bit taller than Nathan and his eyes bored into me with a hunger that made my skin prickle. I waved off the sensation as nerves and flashed another, wider smile.


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