The Journey, Warrior

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A man with no memory goes on a journey of rediscovery, and most importantly to find out his name, But get's thrown into conflict having to reunite the races against a common enemy... they tyrant king

Fantasy / Adventure
Billy Hayes
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Many years ago, a dark haired Lady arrived heavily pregnant. The physician tending was well known, this Lady insisted it be he that delivered her baby. In the doorway of an Inn she collapsed, “GET MASTER VIVI!” She screamed breathing harshly. The Innkeeper’s wife moved forward slowly and carefully bent down to help the Lady into the Inn and away from the doorway. The hissed, “You are NOT Master Vivi!”

“No, my Lady I am not, but you can’t stay in the doorway, won’t do you any good, or your babies.”

The Innkeeper’s wife gently pulled the Lady’s arm, others rushed forward to help.

The noise of clacking horse hooves was heard coming in the direction of the Inn, a tall man jumped from his horse and walked straight in..

“My Lady,” He bowed. “You are early.” He put the back of his hand on the Lady’s forehead. “I need towels, NOW. Oh, as of now this Inn is closed. Everyone MUST leave!”

There were muttering and disagreements. The man grew angry, a huge draft swept through the room, candles were blown out, and man’s shadow grew menacingly taller. “YOU WILL GET OUT NOW!”

Everyone jumped up scared for the lives and rushed out of the door.

“Calm down Master Vivi, I’m so glad you are here.”

Vivi quickly calmed. “Fajro.” He muttered flicking his fingers in the direction of the candles, they sprang back to life

The Innkeeper’s wife returned with towels and a bowl full of water. Master Vivi pulled the Ladies skirt up slightly and reached under with his hand. “You are not yet fully dilated yet.”

The Lady leant forward cupping Vivi’s face in her hands. “I am dying, you know what you need to do. I cannot survive this birth, you of all people know that. Say not a word, just do it.”

“But, my Lady:-“ Vivi stammered.

“No buts!” She replied.

Vivi sighed taking in a deep breath. “I need a sharp sterilised knife, as quick as possible. I need thread and a needle… Move now, don’t dawdle!” The Innkeeper and his wife rushed about doing what was asked.

Vivi looked around. “Your leather belt, hand it over, please.” The Innkeeper handed it to him. Vivi handed it to the Lady. “Bite down on this my Lady.” He looked to the Innkeeper’s wife, “Support her head on your lap, and hold her head as still as you can.” He looked to the Innkeeper, “I need you to hold her arms firm to the ground.”

Vivi took the sharp knife, breathing deeply. He cut through her skin just under the belly, once the incision was done he reached in to find the baby’s feet, he delicately cut through the bag of waters and pulled the baby out. The baby started to cry as he was pulled from his mother’s womb, Vivi wrapped him in towels, and handed the baby over to the Innkeeper’s wife. He then bent down with thread and needle, muttering several incantations, he stemmed the flow of blood, and started the muscles on their healing process, stitched the incision.

“My Lady you have given birth to healthy boy.” The Innkeeper’s wife handed the baby to its mother.

“Oh Vivi he is so beautiful!” The baby boy opened his eyes and looked at his mother. His eyes flashed purple and went to a piercing green colour.

With the thought of her beautiful baby son in her mind. With tears rolling down her cheeks she grabbed Vivi’s hand and pulling him closer, “I name him…” She whispered a name and then fell asleep, never to wake up again.

Vivi pulled out parchment and ink from under his robes. He scribbled a note on it and handed it over to the Innkeeper, “Take it to the King’s quarters at once, tell them I sent you.”

The Innkeeper nodded and ran through the doors into the morning light.

Not long after the King’s cavalry arrived, the King stormed into the Inn slamming the door hard against the wall. Vivi stood up and bowed. The King stood tall, the tallest human known to man in this land, He had black hair showing signs of greying. His hazel eyes transfixed on the covers covering his sister. His light tanned skin washed over going pale as he knelt down to pull the covers from his sister’s face. Staring down at her lifeless form, standing he grabbed Vivi by the throat pinning him to a wall.

“What happened to my sister?” He snarled.

“Your sister was pregnant my Lord, she could not deliver naturally. I did the best I could my Lord.”

The king let go of Vivi dropping him to the floor. “What happened to the baby?”

“A boy my Lord, he is healthy and strong. Your sister named him;-”

“I DO NOT CARE FOR HIS NAME, KILL HIM!” The king turned to walk out, he whipped open the door and stopped in the threshold. “And burn my sister’s body!” He spat at the ground, then mounted his chariot and disappeared.

“Barbara, do not kill they boy. Take him to my room and watch over him.” The Innkeeper’s wife nodded. “Joseph we are going to bury her next to the blossom tree in your garden, Her grave must stay unmarked. Help me carry her.” Joseph walked forwards and picked up the King’s sister.

Vivi and Joseph buried her. They both felt there was no need to rush.

The next morning, Vivi packed light provisions, he made a makeshift sling on his shoulder to carry the baby. He mounted his white stallion and raced out of the capital without looking back.

The journey to the village where Vivi lived was a long one. The child had grown in the two years it had taken.

“This child, will be your home, until you decide otherwise.”

“Home!” Squealed the boy pointing.

Over the next few years the child grew quick and strong. Vivi taught him how to farm and harvest. He started to teach him the laws of magick, the child excelled in learning. He exceeded all of Vivi’s expectations.

One morning Vivi woke up to find the boy’s bed empty. Panicking he searched everywhere all around the village. Until he heard cheering at the top of a small hill. He swiftly ran up the hill to find the child sparring with an array of wooden training weapons. So graceful and elegant. every turn, every swing, every parry, every slash as smooth as the next, it was like a beautiful dance.

“You can master the elements with your mind, although you must always remember to say what element you want!” Vivi explained. He upturned his palm “Fajro” A ball of fire appeared. “You see now this fireball.” Vivi moved his hand in round in a circle, the fireball followed. Vivi threw the fireball in the air and caught it with his other hand. He changed it into a triangle, then a square.

“If you have the right mindset this fireball can be anything you want it to be. Now you try.”

“Fajro.” A small flame of fire appeared in the now teenagers palm. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t make it form anything else other than a flame.

“Your mind is not clear child. What’s the matter?”

“My mother, who is she? Where is she?”

“Your mother was a wonderful, and beautiful person. Her kindness and elegance was well known and well loved. I am sorry to say she passed away after giving birth to you.”

It was the morning of the boy’s 17th. The day he became acknowledged as a man. A celebration was being prepared in the village. Vivi was up cooking breakfast. When the boy walked into the kitchen. “Master Vivi come please. I have something to show you.” Vivi followed him into the garden.

“Watch this Master.” The boy rubbed his hands together, “Fajro!” He said out loud. A ball of fire appeared on his right palm. With his left hand raised he threw the fireball from right to left. The ball shaped into a square, then a triangle, then the fireball started to contort, it turned into a small canoe. Again the fire started to contort, it got bigger and bigger, and even bigger still until it formed into a full-sized horse.

Vivi stood there amazed, three years the child had been practising, and he had mastered elemental contortion already, it had taken Vivi a lot longer.

“Bravo mine child! Magnificent!” He clapped. “Well done, your mother would be proud.”

The teen beamed with happiness. He knew this was great praise.

In the shadows behind a tent a strange figure stood straight, shoulders back, legs firm and slightly apart, it’s arms out straight pointing in the direction of the child. The whites of the eyes showing as it muttered something strange and foreign.

The teen felt a sudden pain in his chest, he grabbed his chest and groaned in agony. He fell to his knees, his eyes rolled over and he passed out.

Vivi rushed forward panicking realising this wasn’t the usual prank that was played on him. He said several incantations to try to find out what was ailing the boy, but to no avail. Vivi called for help and carried him to his bed.

Vivi woke up on the morning of the third month the boy had been in a coma to find he was no longer there. During the night the boy had woken with no memory of who or where he was, panicking he got up and fled into the night.

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