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Book II of III in the Masochist Series

Fantasy / Mystery
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‘Leo I am tired of you.’ Sasha says.

I am not sure if she is drunk but it looks like she has been bottling up all these emotions and if someone doesn’t stop her she might say things that will bring havoc in our marriage.

‘Look at your friends, all of them are doing something for themselves but you are not. You just come to a home that I bought, eat the food that I have cooked and bought with my money. I even buy the clothes that you wear and as if all this isn’t enough you can’t satisfy me in bed!’ She yells.

‘Babe I think you have had a little too much to drink.’ I say trying to act strong.

‘A little too much to drink? Leo I have been keeping this inside for a very long time, I can’t hold it in any more.’

She pauses.

‘Do you want to know why we don’t have children? It’s because I got a contraceptive injection for five years. I am not about to bear children for you when you can’t even provide for me!’

Gabriel moves towards her attempting to drag her away.

‘Let me go Gabriel, someone needs to tell Leo how to treat a woman. Someone needs to teach him how to be a little like you.’

‘Sasha you decide to have an outburst today out of all days really?’ Lona asks.

‘Oh hail Miss perfect. Pardon me for ruining your day.’ Sasha responds.

‘And what is that supposed to mean?’

‘You act like you are so perfect when you are insecure about a lot of things. But I won’t even get into that, how about you ask your man why he and his best friend were not talking? How about you ask him how he got those bruises on his knuckles because honey he was beating someone.’

Lona looks at Gabriel and Zac.

‘Oh, I will tell you since they both can’t speak. Since no one here can. Your husband to be is in love with bubbles over there and he spent two days in her house leaving you to plan your wedding alone!’

Lona looks at Gabriel again.

‘Is it true?’

‘Lona.’ He begins.

‘Gabriel is it true?’

‘I think we need to talk.’

She shakes her head.

‘There is nothing to talk about, tomorrow you are going to wait on the alter for me and you will make me your wife. Gabriel you won’t come with me this far and embarrass me in front of the whole world.’


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