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The person has an immaculate posture, but there’s something off about them. I inch closer to get a better look and a twig cracks. His head snaps my way, and is now moving towards me. There I lie in my sleep, unable to move yet I feel something pushing on my chest. I try to move yet I am paralysed. Who is this and what do they want? I'm furiously trying to push against it in order to move but I simply cannot. I close my eyes and I think.. I think I can see a little girl. Who is she? The little girl whispers helplessly "help me" like she's trying to not be heard and vanishes before I can reply. As she disappears I instantly shoot up as I regain control of my body. I feel an odd energy around the room. I don't know what is going on but all I can sense is that someone is angry.

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Chapter 1

I’m an average person, I wasn't the popular kid at school, and to be honest I would be insulted if someone called me normal. Who would want to be normal anyway? I just like to be in my own little world with a few friends around me. That's not too much to ask, right? I like to have my crystals around me to keep me safe, mainly rose quartz and amethyst. Apparently rose quartz is meant to bring you love, and I’ve been single for ages now. Why not? Amethyst is used for healing and spiritual growth. I find it really comforting knowing I’m being protected, you can never know what bad spirits are near you.

People think I’m a bit “quirky” or “different”, oh, and don’t forget the “unique personality”. As long as they don’t think I’m a sheep, I’m okay with that.

I find that the middle of my eye brow is always twitching. It drives me insane! Apparently it means my third eye is opening? All I know is that I love to meditate, I truly believe it’s good for your soul. I believe that in order to become a stronger person you must face your worst memories straight in the face. Maybe that’s why I’m a fearless character?

I much prefer animals to people, they actually appreciate what you do for them. They are so loyal to us, especially my own dog, Pugley. Yes, Pugley is in fact, a pug - I’m just so darn original. I’m not entirely sure he would be my knight in shining amour though. He’s scared of everything, even balloons! He also once ran away from a carrot.

...Do you ever get the sensation where you think you see something in the corner of your eye? I do, and every time I look there’s nothing there. Even when I’m playing piano, I feel like someone is quitely watching me. Sometimes I think I can hear music or muffled talking in the background too. I try not to ponder on it too much as every time I seem to focus on the sounds too much I get nervous. As soon as I don’t think about it, it stops. It’s probably just me, I’ve got a bit of an overactive imagination. My dreams alone would make some pretty crazy films! I even had an imaginary friend when I was little, he had blonde hair, a long black trench coat and was called Spike.

I don’t particularly like to be in a room filled with people, I think I can read people easily and so all that energy in one room is quite draining at times.

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