Dusk and Dawn

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Chapter 11

Luna had been hugging Moonlight's slender neck while they walked through the portal. When she saw that full moon in the sky and felt the magic sing with hers, the realization of what was happening kicked in. She passed out on Moonlight's back, to the shock of Twilight and the Guard ponies.

Though there was some debate on whether it was the shock of her passing out, or the pony form she took once she took her first breath of Equestrian air that caused them to be so surprised.

She awoke in an unfamiliar landscape. It seemed like she should know this place, but the thing that bothered her most was that she was completely alone. Again.

"Moonlight? Sister?" she cried out.

She started crying, fearing that her loneliness and the shock of losing her father had caused her to finally snap.

She felt an unfamiliar hoof patting her back.

"There, there little one. I've got you now," said the voice soothingly.

She turned and found a beautiful unicorn with midnight blue wings and a crescent shaped mark with the night sky as a backdrop on her flank. Her mane was like liquid stars. However it was the eyes that told her all she needed to know.

"Momma?" she said in shock.

Luna had blue eyes, but no one in the Lovegood family or the one Selene had come from had them. Xeno might have been suspicious as to Luna's sire had it not been for the fact that Selene had told him that the moon goddess was going to bless them with a daughter.

Like many in Selene's family, she had chosen a name that honored the lunar goddess.

Luna had always felt...off...in her form. Like there was something she was missing out on.

The alicorn smiled at her.

"My little Dreamscape. I'm so sorry that I forgot you were still on Earth. I thought you were honestly happy there..." she said.

"Dreamscape?" she said.

"That is your name. Your Equestrian name. Selene was one of my favorites when I blessed her with you, but you took some of my aspects by accident. So I decided to call you my little Dreamer. When I saw you with Moonlight I thought you would be happier living as a human. Had I know the world better you would have been brought home so much sooner," said the alicorn.

"Big sister? Where is she?" said Dreamscape. It sounded better than her old name, and she never wanted to be called Loony Luna again.

The alicorn's horn glowed briefly before Moonlight appeared. Dreamscape tackled her big sister.



"Hey Dreamscape. You caused quite a stir once you turned into your pony form," said Moonlight, her hoof tousling Dream's mane.

"Why big sister?"

"Take a look at your reflection when you wake up," said Moonlight.

"Wake up?"

"Your powers were overwhelmed by Equestria's natural magic and caused you to retreat in the dream realm for protection. Fortunately Moonlight was able to alert me to the problem immediately so we were able to keep you from slipping in too deeply."

"Princess Luna said that we can spend all the time we want together and that you can stay with me in Ponyville until you're ready to assume the royal duties. Apparently the fact she 'created' you for lack of a better term has caused quite the commotion among the nobles."

Dreamscape looked at her big sister.

"I get to stay with you?" she said, eyes hopeful.

"Me, Storm, the twins, and if you're up to it, Hermione. Though she seems to have mellowed out a bit once she finally realized that you weren't crazy, but just as misplaced as I was. You should have seen her reaction when she accidentally found a copy of the Mare in the Moon and realized some of your stories were from here!" chuckled Moonlight.

"So are you ready to wake up, my little Dreamer?" asked the Princess.

"I'm ready to wake up now momma," said Dreamer.

Dreamer woke up and found Moonlight curled around her, and the Princess' wings keeping her safe and warm. She nuzzled against Moonlight, glad to have that familiar scent by her again.

"Time to get up, my little Dreamer," said Luna.

"Yes momma," said Dreamer. It was nice to have a mother again.

Dreamer looked at the nearby vanity and wondered why her appearance had caused such a stir.

She had a silvery mane and a deep blue coat. Her flank had a cutie mark, this one of the dreamscape she had woken up in with a silvery moon on the horizon. Between her ears was a horn, rather sharp looking that went about four inches off her head. On her back was a pair of wings that looked a lot like the alicorn princess'. She noticed that Moonlight didn't have wings, but she did have a horn and a few well hidden scars.

She was just like momma!

Celestia was eager to meet her new 'niece'. Really, finding out Luna had given another woman a child using a piece of her own power had come as quite a shock. Finding out the girl in question had become an alicorn the second she came into Equestria, more so.

At least Cadence wasn't the youngest of the Princesses anymore. She would probably love to spend more time with Dreamer, and by extension Twilight since Moonlight lived in the same town.

Luna came in with her apprentice Moonlight...and was followed by a silver maned alicorn filly a few years younger than Twilight who had a coat the same shade of blue as her sister. The filly also had an unusual cutie mark, with a rising moon coming out of a sea of stars.

This was Dreamscape, or Luna's little Dreamer as she so fondly called her.

"Come along now Dreamer, you don't want to keep your Aunt Tia waiting do you?" said Luna fondly.

"No momma. Is Aunt Tia nice?"

"Think Dumbledore, only without the naïve view that everyone can be reformed and doesn't consider the 'greater good' her motivation," said Moonlight.

Dreamer scowled.

"I don't like that mean old bumblebee," she said.

"Neither do I, little sister, neither do I..." said Moonlight.

Celestia frowned. Why did she sound like a young filly rather than the teenager she clearly was?

"Not interrupting anything I hope?" said Celestia, stepping out of the shadow.

"Hello Tia. Dreamer, say hello to your aunt."

"Hi auntie," said Dreamer happily.

Celestia looked at Moonlight, who seemed to be rather close to this new alicorn.

"Dreamer was raised in a rather remote village and the only other filly her age wasn't a very nice pony to begin with. She was mocked because no one recognized her special talent for what it was, and I was the only pony who knew that her stories about a Mare in the Moon were actually real. She thinks of me as her big sister since I was the first pony who believed her stories," explained Moonlight.

Celestia hid a wince. Loneliness and that recent shock of her father dying? Not a good combination.

"Moonlight has been kind enough to offer one of the spare beds in her house so that Dreamer here can learn her royal duties without being overwhelmed by the court. Her presence is going to cause a big enough headache without having her being swamped by her status," said Luna.

"I get to stay with big sister!" said Dreamer.

"So she's not going to be your secretary anymore?" asked Celestia. Time to find a new one.

"Oh, I'll still act as secretary. Dreamer will just join me in the lessons under an illusion," said Moonlight.

"Can you tell Twilight that Cadence will be around in a week or so? She has to finish a few things over in Manehatten before she comes to see you," said Celestia.

Moonlight gave her a salute with one hoof. She had heard about Cadence from her mother, though she had only met her once. She seemed nice enough.

"Cadence is coming here? To Ponyville?" squealed Twilight.

"Who's Cadence?" asked Hermione, looking up from her book.

"Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, aka Cadence, the Princess of Love. She is the many times great niece of Princess Celestia and is currently acting as goodwill ambassador to the various lands surrounding the pony-ruled countries. Rumor has it that a certain stallion is currently trying to court her, but can't do so openly."

Moonlight was looking at a still dancing Twilight with amusement, and Hermione was the one who caught the connection. She raised an eyebrow and Moonlight nodded.

As Captain of the Royal Guard, Shining Armor had responsibilities. One of which was to protect the Princesses, including the younger ones from harm. If he was courting Cadence, he would have to be discreet until he finally proposed to her, lest the nobles raise a stink.

"So how do you know Cadence Twilight?" asked Hermione.

"Cadence is only the most amazing foal-sitter ever!" said Twilight enthusiastically.

Hermione raised an eyebrow.

"Foal-sitter? She had a Princess as a foal-sitter?"

Moonlight saddled up to her old friend.

"I've spoken to Luna when I found out exactly who Cadence was. Apparently Twilight and I have some sort of special guiding star that only comes once a thousand years, which gives us a special destiny if we fulfill certain conditions. There hasn't been a cutie mark for Magic and Balance before."

"Ugh...you and your prophecies. Keep me out of this one," said Hermione. "So why exactly is a Princess coming to Ponyville? I doubt it's to come visit Twilight."

"Remember my little sister who preferred to fly instead of roar?" she asked amused. This was fun.

"Fly instead of... Luna Lovegood?! Why would she be coming for Luna?"

"It's Dreamscape now. Apparently Luna is really the daughter of Princess Luna after her mother begged the Moon Goddess for a daughter, and Princess Luna was the one who answered. She has the power to manipulate and see into dreams as her special talent."

Hermione's eyes widened.

"So all those creatures she saw?"

"Was her loosing grip on reality because she didn't know what she was seeing...well occasionally. Some of the things were from seeing pony dreams and picking things up," said Moonlight.

"So where is Luna...I mean Dreamscape now?"

"Sister!" came a cry, before Moonlight was tackled.

Hermione's jaw dropped in shock.

"An Alicorn?! Luna Lovegood became an Alicorn?!" she nearly shrieked.

"Not everypony can go into the dreamscape. She's a second generation alicorn, according to Celestia," said Moonlight.

Hermione fainted.

Dreamer giggled as she floated inside Moonlight's bubble. She was a few years older than the Cutie Mark Crusaders, as they called themselves. Luna believed that it was partially out of the shock she had sustained and the need to learn control over her powers on dreams. Hence why she was now younger than she actually was.

"So is this Princess Dream?" asked Twilight.

"This is Dreamer. She'll be living with me here in Ponyville and Cadence will commute a few times a week so she can teach Dreamer during the day about court duties. At night she'll join me in Canterlot to learn from Luna," said Moonlight.

"Won't this cause a stir in Ponyville when they find out an alicorn is living here?" asked Twilight.

"Nope. Dreamer, remember that spell I showed you?"

"Yup! I'm ready to practice big sister!" said Dreamer, settling down on the ground.

Dreamer opened her blue eyes and spoke Moonlight's personally made spell.

"All is one, one is all!"

Her eyes glowed and she split into two fillies. One was a pegasus, the other was a unicorn. It was an interesting side effect for an alicorn.

"Ah. I see how you plan to hide it."

"She'll hide under an illusion for her age and join Storm in class, while her pegasus half stays with Cadence who originally was a pegasus."

"Really? I didn't know that!"

"Cadence only became a princess after her Cutie Mark appeared for the first time and she had to solve a little mess that had happened. I heard about it from Luna," said Moonlight.

"I still don't get why you're able to get away with calling her just Luna. Most nobles would rip you to shreds for being so familiar with the Princess..."

"She knows I wasn't raised a pony, and besides saying Princess Luna every sentence is a bit of a mouthful. Luna is the more militaristic of the sisters, remember? She doesn't need to be reminded of her rank every sentence, so she finds the fact I just call her by name refreshing."

"So why does the new princess call you sister?" asked Twilight. She was just a bit jealous.

"I was the only one who genuinely believed her about the Mare in the Moon. Humans don't have a ruler who governs the sun and the moon remember? I more or less adopted her as my little sister with the blessings of her father and she was often in the Gryffindor tower instead of the Ravenclaw one," said Moonlight.

"Daddy made it official when he went to see the goblins. Said that in the event of his death all the Lovegood family gold and magic was to go to Dawn since she was the eldest," said Dreamer.

"What?!" said Moonlight. This was news to her!

"The goblins hate Dumbledore and the Lovegood family is known to be neutral. When you claimed me as your little sister he went to the goblin clans and asked to have it made official. How else did you think we managed to get you away from the horse and walrus third year?"

Twilight worked this over in her head.

"So I have a little sister as well as a nephew now?" she said.

"Dreamer is an odd platypus, but she's harmless. I'm sure she'll warm up to you once she gets to know you," said Moonlight.

"What's a platypus?" asked Twilight.

Moonlight conjured an image of one for her.

"What the heck is that thing supposed to be? It's like a beaver crossed with a duck!"

"That's a platypus for you," shrugged Moonlight.

Twilight grew speculative when she looked at it.

"I wonder if Fluttershy has one in her cottage?"

"Thanks for reminding me. Want to get a pet Dreamer?"


"We should bring Storm too... I've been meaning to get him one for a while now."

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