Dusk and Dawn

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Chapter 13

Dumbledore was furious. The twins had left, taking the notes with them. His phoenix had never returned, and to top it all off, his pet spy had either been captured by outside sources or killed. He was betting on the former since he had overheard from another source that Voldemort was pissed because Snape hadn't returned as ordered.

To add to his anger, the last real pawn he had against Dawn Potter had vanished around the same time as Snape. He was almost at his wits end trying to reclaim the savior.

He had only one last trick to use. When the pawns failed, it was time to take matters into his own hands.

Dumbledore retrieved the necessary ingredients before he prepared the ritual.

It would send him to whomever he specified, and hopefully catch the brat off guard enough to capture her before she could stop him. It wasn't like she had a wand anymore.

Only four years of magical education and no wand? This was too easy.

Moonlight was about to fix another batch of special tea when she felt the magic build up. It had an ominous feel to it, so she didn't hesitate.

"Dreamer, get Storm to Twilight's house and barricade the area!" she said in a calm panic.

Dreamer grabbed Storm and Hedwig's nest before she vanished to Twilight's library. Moonlight saw the shield go up without hesitation trapping them all inside.

She then apparated roughly to the palace. The magic seemed to be following her magical signature.

Seeing the guards surround her, she barked "Traveler inbound! Be prepared for a fight...this magic doesn't feel too pleasant and it appears to be following my signature!"

The guards made a loose circle around her. Her fellow Night Guards made the inner ring, having put their armor on in a hurry through dint of long practice for emergencies such as this.

There was a loud thunder crash, and a wave of magic that did not feel pleasant at all as an ancient unicorn appeared roughly. Magic crackled around his horn, cracked with age and poor use.

Moonlight had taken the moments before the unicorn appeared to summon her armor from it's place. It had taken her a few moments to slip inside of it and secure the metal on her chest.

Seeing the eyes twinkle, Moonlight growled.

"Dumbledore," she snarled.


Moonlight didn't bother to speak another word to the man who almost ruined her life.

"Capture him alive. The Princess wants to talk to this kidnapper and blackguard!" ordered Moonlight.

"Yes Captain!" said the Night Guard.

Dumbledore's horn blasted something black in color and would have been deadly if he hadn't been faced with actual combat veterans.

Moonlight had earned her armor through sweat and scars. She might lack in experience, but that was something easily remedied. The Night Guard considered her their captain even if she didn't officially have that position just yet.

"All is One, One is All!" she said loudly.

She split into two, her armor forming over Dusk while her's stayed on. They split apart and charged at the same time.

Dumbledore blasted them both, only to miss as her shield threw the magic off into one of the hedges.

Suddenly a shield sprang about them, and it didn't take a genius to figure out who had cast it.

Shining Armor had arrived with reinforcements. Including Celestia, who had heard the blasts.

Dawn and Dusk bucked Dumbledore into the shield, and he crashed against it. The force had been so strong that it gave the guard the chance to hit him with a magic-suppression spell and to slap a special ring around his horn.

His magic sputtered and cut off as the ring absorbed it all and kept it inside.

"What in blazes is going on?" demanded Celestia, Luna arriving from her tower.

"This blackguard tried to capture me. He almost came into my home, so I brought him to Canterlot before he could arrive fully," said Dawn, glaring at the dazed Dumbledore.

"Ma'am, this unicorn appeared in a teleportation spell similar to the one we've encountered before, and attacked without provocation!" said Night Shield.

"Any idea who he is or which side sent him?"

"It's that Tartarus-cursed Dumbledore. Fool must have cast the spell since none of his minions succeeded," spat Moonlight, having absorbed the second form out of practice.

"This is Dumbledore?" said Celestia, eyes narrowing.

"I'd recognize that cursed eye-twinkle anywhere," confirmed Moonlight.

Dumbledore was thrown into one of the deeper dungeons under so many magic absorbing spells that it was impossible for him to escape.

He was in for an uncomfortable shock when Celestia finally deigned to see him. And she was pissed.

"So...you are the blackguard who tried to steal my apprentice," said Princess Luna coldly. She was on the verge of unleashing the Nightmare on him.

Dumbledore was in a sad state. His magic had been stripped from him by the ring that the guards had left on his horn and since he had no idea how to cast magic without his horn (which was his wand) he was all but helpless.

Seeing the unicorn standing beside the Princess of the Night, he wondered why the horse looked so angry at him.

Moonlight walked in, her armor polished to a sheen and securely fastened to her body. It was a darker variant of the Royal Guard's armor and one uniquely suited to the Night Guard.

"I knew you would go dark without guidance, Potter," said Dumbledore.

"I would rather be considered Dark by your pawns than to be a mere slave to your pitiful ideas, Dumbledore," spat Moonlight, taking rank next to Luna and standing at attention.

"Albus Dumbledore. Headmaster of Hogwarts and the one who defeated the previous dark lord. You stand in this chamber accused of kidnapping, enslavement, attempted murder, trespassing and child abuse. How do you plead?" said Luna.

"Am I to have no jury or witness to my defense?" countered Dumbledore.

"You came to this world on your own power, Human. We did not allow you to breach our barriers, or give permission to use Our Captain of the Night Guard in your petty war. You took a child from Our people through force and tried to enslave her to your whims. You should be grateful my sister even allowed for you even have a trial at all instead of hanging you from the gallows in your world for every magical and muggle to see," said Luna coldly.

Celestia walked in that moment, her personal Guards carrying a cage with a familiar bird.

"Fawkes! What have you done to him?"

"Your familiar has been imprisoned for his crimes. Did you think we wouldn't learn exactly how one of Our citizens was taken from their crib in the middle of Our city?" said Celestia.

Dumbledore realized then and there that this wasn't a trial. It was the precursor to his punishment for stealing one of their own and trying to use the child in his plans.

"Being that as it may, while hanging is indeed what We would prefer, Our Captain had another suggestion. Since it appears that we are unable to keep your affairs from spilling into Our peaceful realm...we shall end your war for you and do what we can to fix the damage you have caused with your meddling," said Luna.

Moonlight had had enough of the Pureblood nonsense, and there was no way she was letting this war spill over into her world any more than it already had.

Which was why she had convinced the Princesses to let her take some of the guard and put their practices into use to end the war permanently...and then give the English a good kick to the backside they so desperately needed.

This wasn't a new player entering into the equation. This was an invasion until they were able to stand on their own. And the best part of it was that Dumbledore had caused this when he took Moonlight from her family.

The Ponies were going to war.

"War?!" shrieked Twilight. No pony had even considered violence against another, much less a war against another species. Outside the guard, some didn't even practice combat.

Battle magic wasn't even a required course at Celestia's school.

"Frankly I think it's about bloody time. The sooner we sort out that mess the fewer magicals will come here to live," said Hermione. She had not been happy to hear Snape had been reformed and was currently living in the Everfree Forest near Zecora's house.

With the way things were going, Snape would either move to the rolling grasslands where the Zebras lived and find a nice girl to settle with, or he would end up with Zecora. Hermione was hoping he would move first.

"But still... War?"

"Twilight, we're not telling you to join me. At most we're taking the more restless and brash of the Guards available to deal with this mess. To be fair it wouldn't even take that long to clean this up...the real problem would be waiting for them to establish an acceptable government, but I had the feeling we could leave that headache to the muggles instead," said Moonlight.

"Smart. Tell the Prime Minister that all he has to do to be rid of the terrorist problem is to look the other way at the fact that ponies are cleaning up the mess and that he has to insure this never happens again and he'll deal with the rest," said Hermione.

Moonlight snorted.

"I'll be sure to take pictures of the look on Voldemort's face when he realizes exactly who are wiping out his forces..." said Moonlight.

Hermione laughed hard at that idea.

"I'm sure Fred and George would help!" she said between her giggles.

The idea of brightly colored ponies who looked like something out of a children's cartoon show beating up the Death Eaters was so funny to imagine that she couldn't help her laughter.

"I'm positive the Prime Minister would enjoy hanging these blackguards for their crimes. No need to dirty pony hooves with human lives," said Moonlight.

Twilight calmed down at that.

"You're not going to have the guards kill them?"

"Of course not! It would give the idiot pure bloods a reason to come after us. We'll hand them over to the same muggles they fear so much to hang by the handful. These pure bloods think they're above the muggles and their laws. It's time to give them a reality check and a warning not to bring their wars into our world once and for all."

Perhaps a treaty could be established with the Queen later, but for now they had to end this nonsense once and for all before it tore Equestria apart.

Moonlight appeared in the Prime Minister's office with Luna in tow. It was better to make a strong showing at the start than to give him a false impression now.

"Who's there?" he demanded.

Moonlight stepped out of the shadows, Luna next to her looking every inch a warrior princess.

"Who are you?!"

"My name is Dawn Potter, though my true name is Moonlight Sparkle. This is Princess Luna of Equestria."

"Greetings," she said politely.

"What do you want?" he said, his heart rate going down a bit.

"We're here to help you of course. Your magical problem is spilling over into our world and we intend to give the wizards a reason to remember they are not on top of the food chain as they seem to believe. All you would have to do is give us a letter of Marquis and a written statement from the Queen not to interfere and we'll clean up the mess," said Moonlight smoothly.

A letter of Marquis would allow them to act without impunity to a point and keep those responsible for keeping the laws from arresting anyone who fell under her group. It used to be a way to legalize piracy back when that was still a viable occupation. The letter from the Queen was just to insure that she remembered who was cleaning house and keep the other nations from interfering later.

The Prime Minister's shock died down and a calculating look entered his eye.

"You'll deal with this terrorist nonsense? What do you want in return?"

"We'll hand them over and bind their magic," corrected Moonlight calmly.

"We will not have our subjects dirty themselves with the lives of a human. Not when these people need to remember whom they serve. We already have one of the magicals in custody for kidnapping, among other crimes. When this war is over We shall hand him over to you for a trip to the gallows," said Luna.

"Can I have his name at least?"

"Albus Dumbledore, the so called leader of the 'Light' side. The irony is that we wouldn't be here had he not kidnapped one of our people seventeen years ago to act as his pawn in his game," said Moonlight.

"I will have to speak to the Queen. I don't have the power to hand over a Letter of Marquis to anyone."

"We shall come back in a week's time," said Luna.

"Very well. Same time I suppose?"

They nodded, and vanished into the portal.

He got up from his desk and took a long pull from a hidden bottle of scotch.

Once he had fortified himself for what was to come, he started making calls. He had a lot of work to do and not a lot of time to do it.

"A letter of Marquis, really?" said Hermione when she heard Moonlight's demands to clean up the Death Eaters.

"It was all your fault. If you hadn't shown me that movie Pirates of the Caribbean then given me that book on actual piracy I wouldn't have known that they used to legalize pirates," said Moonlight.

Hermione rolled her eyes. Moonlight had been interested after seeing the first movie and after reading the book she had remembered about it before their meeting.

"So what are you going to do?"

"Luna went back to get the Letter and the Queen's decree that we are allowed to clean house for her and they opened up one of the old towers for us to toss the Death Eaters. The Queen wasn't too happy with the pure bloods and from what I heard she's actually considering a fresh review of the old tools in the Tower of London as a lesson to them. Said that it would be an open show for the wizards as a warning to whom they serve."

"The Tower... Please tell me you're exaggerating!"

"She's had them cleaning the old blades so that the Death Eaters will at least have clean and sharp ones to feel. Something about not wanting them to die from infection too quickly. I even heard that they're dragging some of the more esoteric ones out of storage just for people like the Lestrange trio and the Malfoy clans... and no, I am not joking about this," said Moonlight.

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