Alora's Rule

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This story is about a Elder that faces many obstacles in her Ruling

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

It was a wintry Sunday evening in the Community of Nelind, as the Healer birthed the baby. As soon as she was out she let out a ear-splitting scream.

“She sure has a pair of lungs.” The Healer smiled, setting the newborn on her mother’s stomach and beginning to clean her.

“That she does.” Lola smiled tiredly.

It had been a difficult birth, taking more then eighteen hours.

“What are you going to name her?” The Priestess Ronna asked, holding a clipboard.

“Alora.” Lola brought the baby to her breast, “When do you want to do the Ceremony, Sibyl?”

“I was thinking about mid-afternoon tomorrow. It will give you some time to recover. You and your family should give her the Ritual Bath before coming to the Alter. Remember to use a cloth diaper and nothing else. It will be warm in the Church.” The Healer said, using Magi vanish the birthing supplies.

Lola and Dirk both slept in turns as to be awake in case Alora needed anything during the night. The next morning, Lola nursed Alora and then prepared the Ritual Bath that afternoon. Setting out the lavender, chamomile, the cloth diaper and the cotton towel, she brought Alora over to the tub. Gently she settled her in the warm water and cooed over her. As not to give Alora a chill, Dirk held the cotton towel at the ready for when Lola would hand her to him. After Dirk dried her off and wrapped her in the cloth diaper, he gave her back to her mother. Lola placed her in a carrier against her body, and a soft thick wool coat over it. Arriving at the Church, she took off the coat and unwrapped Alora from the carrier, handing her over to the Senior Healer. The Healers took Alora to the Ritual Room and placed her on the Alter with all of the forty-five Totems surrounding her. Four Healers knelt around the Alter and began meditating.

After about half an hour, there was a flash of light and then the Peacock Totem presented itself. The Healers carried the baby back to her parents. Lola and Dirk were very happy to hear about the Totem their daughter wore. She would have semi-immortality, dignity, self-confidence, self-esteem, knowledge, beauty, sexuality, and pride. Which meant that she had the potential to be a very powerful person one day. Taking Alora from the Healer, Lola replaced her in the carrier, shrugged into the wool coat, and went home. Once home, Lola and Alora napped while Dirk made dinner and did the dishes. Later that week there would be a feast for all the newborns to be honored.

Over the next week, Lola and Dirk spent most of the time caring for Alora, greeting visitors, and baking for the feast. During that week, Alora’s psychic scent developed, letting everyone know what caste she was. She was a Elder and Weaver, known as a Shadow Elder. She would be trained in etiquette, Power, peace keeping, and leadership when she reached school age along with learning all the ins and outs of poisons and visions. Being a Weaver and Hunter, respectively, Lola and Dirk were ecstatic to learn what their daughter’s castes was. She was one of the few to be born too those two castes.

“She will be a good Elder and if she is anything like you, Lola, she will be a good Weaver.” Dirk said a few days after the birth, while eating dinner.

“I believe she will. She will also be a beauty, look at her eyes.” Lola said adoringly, placing a hand on Alora’s stomach, where she lay asleep in the bassinet next to the table.

Alora had the ruby lips and pale coffee colored skin like the rest of her race. The thing that set her apart from the rest were the gray eyes. The end of the week came and the feast was set up at the Meeting Ground, by late afternoon, the guests started arriving. The Healers and Priestess’ had cleaned the Grounds, well as much as you could clean a dirt floor. This was a day to give thanks to the Light for all the newborns and to give thanks to the Totems for presenting themselves in the Totem Ceremonies.

The Senior Priestess, Maribel, clapped her hands, commanding the attention of everyone in the Meeting Ground, “Today, we are here to honor the families that have been blessed by the Spirits to have children. As well, we are here to give thanks to the Totems for presenting themselves to the newborns. Please bow your head.” The Maribel bowed her head and meditated for a few minutes. “We give thanks to the Totems for granting Their power to the newborns that were presented to Them. Thank you, kind Totems.” She placed her crossed arms against her chest and bowed. “Now, each family is to present their child to the Spirits. First we’ll have the Elder’s present their children.” She stepped down from the platform.

They went through the Elder’s, Priestess’, the Witch’s, followed by the Weavers and Healers, then the Elite Caste. Even the Gen’s were there to gain blessings. It took about fifteen minutes per child, so it was about two hours before Alora was presented to the Spirits. She was laid on the Alter and her parents meditated around her, there was a soft white light that surrounded her, much like the Totem Ceremony, and then she was given the physical manifestation of the Totem. Alora’s Totem manifested as a Peacock tattoo on the front of her right thigh. It was a gorgeous piece of artwork, done in the Dark Gray that served as her Birth Color. Birth Colors are the innate depth of power that one carriers within their body at birth.

“That is beautiful.” One of the Healers said, several hours later when the Ceremony was over.

“Yes it is.” Dirk said, beaming.

The entire Community was very family-orientated, so a lot of people were there. The great thing about this Community was that the Elders mingled with the rest of the people. Mostly they didn’t see themselves as above anyone. They always had the odd one out that did have a superiority complex. Believing that they are entitled to command everyone’s Power, regardless of Rank, and everyone should kiss their ass. The rest of the feast was spent cooing over the babies, talking and eating. New parents were given five weeks off of their respective careers, with pay, to enjoy their newborns. It was nearing eleven P.M when Dirk walked over to Lola and asked her if she was ready to go home.

“I was ready a while ago.” She laughed.

“Me too, I thought you wanted to stay and talk some more.” Dirk laughed too.

Picking up the carrier the held a sleeping Alora, they linked arms and walked out of the Meeting Ground, waving goodbye to everyone. Going home, they put Alora in her crib and went to sleep themselves. Alora slept all the way through that night, much to Lola and Dirk’s delight. The next morning, Lola woke up and made breakfast, keeping an ear out for her daughter. As she was putting the biscuits in the oven, she heard Dirk go into Alora’s room and talk at her. Setting her down on the adjacent changing table, he cleaned and changed her.

“Good morning, Lola.” He said, looking over at the bedroom door.

“Good morning, love. How’s the little one this morning?” Lola walked over and kissed Alora on the forehead.

“She seems to be doing fine, no fussing. Do you like the purple or green jumper?”

“I think that the green will go with her eyes.” Lola answered, pointing at the jumper in his right hand.

“That’s what I thought.” He agreed, dressing Alora in the green jumper, “I realized something. She will have to take her pants off every time someone asks her what her Totem is.”

“I had a thought about that. Maybe I could sew a ‘window’ into her pants.”

“That sounds like a great idea!” Dirk grinned as she sat a full plate in front of him.

The rest of the next few days consisted of cleaning; rearranging, storing, and all around tidying, because during the last few weeks of pregnancy Lola hadn’t felt good enough to clean the house completely. Dirk helped where he could, but the work had fallen behind. Even with all of that, Dirk never condemned Lola’s lack of cleaning, he knew that the last weeks of pregnancy were very hard on her. He did all of the heavy lifting and rearranging the furniture. What she did mostly was the planning on where everything was to go.

Days later, Lola and Dirk were out shopping for new clothes for Alora, when the an Elder came up to them, they bowed in respect.

“My Weaver saw your daughter wearing the Black. If she does, she will be the most powerful Shadow Elder in the history of the Adepts.” She said.

They stared at her in shock.

“But we’ll not know anything for the next twenty two and a half years!” Dirk exclaimed.

“I know, I just thought you would like to know.” She walked away.

“Could that actually happen?” Lola wondered.

“Alora wearing the Black? Do you think that she can handle it?” Dirk asked.

“She has a mother that wears the Owl Totem and the Ruby Idol. Along with a father that wears the Lion Totem and the Azure Idol. Not to mention, since we all wear Dark Idols, I can give her ways to help ease her moontime cramps.” Lola pointed out, “So, yes, I believe that she can handle it if she wears the Black in twenty two years.”

Weeks later, Lola and Dirk were checking out daycare’s for Alora to attend when she turned five weeks old. They decided on a daycare called ‘Rainbow of Color’. It was twenty minutes away from home. The main caretaker was a older female that wore the Deer Totem and the Magenta Idol.

“She will be well taken care of here. We have some of the best teachers and caretakers in the Territory.” Mari said.

“I, for one, am very impressed. I think that she will do rather well here.” Lola said.

“I agree, love. I’m very confident about her being here.” Dirk said.

They signed the enrollment paperwork and left the daycare.

“That was an extremely clean place and all the children had individual caretakers. They all looked so happy, both the staff as well as the children.” Lola said, during dinner that night.

“They did. I just hope I can give her up when the time comes.” Dirk laughed.

“I know what you mean, I can barely put her down.” She laughed too.

The last week of maternity and paternity leave flew by. Sunday came all to quickly. Lola packed and repacked the bag that was being taken to the daycare, making sure everything that would be needed was in it. She was very nervous about the coming week. After putting Alora to bed, she closed the bedroom door quietly. Going into their bedroom, she got ready for bed.

“Want to play?” Dirk asked.

Lola smiled and crawled naked over the bed.

“Take that as a yes.” He said, reaching down to pet her hair.

“Yes.” She pulled his boxers down his legs. Grabbing a hold of his hard cock, she slid her mouth over the head. His head fell back and his hands fisted in her hair, pulling lightly.

“Yes, baby, just like that.” He said.

Pumping her hand and squeezing gently, she kept up the suction.

“Stop.” He said.

She rolled her eyes upward and looked at him, mouth still wrapped around his throbbing cock.

“I want to play with you now that you have stopped bleeding.” He said.

She smiled and slowly drew his cock from her mouth, “I would like that too.”

Scooting farther onto the bed, she laid back against the pillows and spread her legs. He crawled up onto the bed between her thighs. He started with kissing her inner thighs, when he reached her pussy, he immediately stabbed his tongue into her. She moaned and wiggled her hips in pleasure. He took her to the edge of orgasm several times, denying her the release for a while longer. Crawling up her body, he planted kisses along the way, the last one on her mouth. As their tongues warred, he thrust into her lightly. Not long after they made love, they fell asleep.

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