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Moonlit Trangressions

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There was an invisible wall between them, a line they knew they should never cross. The binds of their promises pulled them away but the fire between them threatened to burn it into ashes. They knew they should not come close but they could not stay away. It was betrayal, a transgression and yet they stood before each other, longing for it. They were everything they hated... and everything they desired.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 0

Divine beings existed before heaven and earth were created. Many of them were known and worshiped by the mortals whereas many existed whom no living soul had ever seen or heard of.

Among them were the three, the youngest of all.

Soruer of Moon, Theyar of Night, and Mitia of life

They were the embodiment of awe and envy. The moon was incomplete without the night and both held no meaning without life.

Mitia, the youngest of the two, was in awe of humans. There was one particular land that got her undivided attention when she once visited the earth.

Its name was Craustan and it was the only one without any divine blessing. It was cut off from the rest of the world by the vast Eastern Sea.

Mitia couldn’t understand why none of her siblings ever thought of taking its people under their aegis.

Mitia disguised herself as a human and visited Craustan. The moment her feet touched its soil, the Godforsaken land came to life.

Craustan was an infinite source of mana, the core of all the magic in the universe.

Mitia was deeply moved when she met with the people, heard their thoughts, and saw into their hearts. They were not despondent and their souls were clear of mortal sins.

Mitia frequented her visits to Craustan. Her divine energy released the suppressed mana of the land.

The people started addressing her as Saint Mitia. She was called the mother of Craustan.

Because she breathed life into everything she touched.

Soruer and Theyar tried to warn her when they came to know of her ventures. But she didn’t want to abandon her people.

A wish spurt in her

She expressed it to God in an empyrean gathering, of birthing a child with her divine powers to serve as a vassal for the people of Craustan.

People of Craustan started developing an affinity for magic but they did not know how to harness it properly. Mitia knew she could not stay there for a longer period and teach them because she was a being of heaven.

God was against the thought. He knew the greed of mortals knew no bounds and the humans she came to care about were no different. Once they tasted the power of Gods, they would only want more.

But Mitia persisted.

Seeing her tenacity, God agreed, however, on the condition that Soruer and Theyar blessed the people of Craustan along with her.

They were against it and Theyar tried to talk Mitia out of it once more but she remained adamant. They had to give in because they loved her dearly.

The three sealed an unbreakable oath before God.

The bearers of their power would never shed the blood of each other.

They came down on earth and their divine energy birthed their first mortal children with their powers.

Loup Garou, the shapeshifter, Wearh, the timeless, and Magus, the omniscient.

A pith budded in each human and they absorbed the energies of the three according to its ethos. Not everyone had the crux and some remained as normal humans but with the essence of the energy from their respective numen.

The empire was created and the territories were divided in the south, north, and west. The Nottingliers Peaks separated the northern and western territories.

Grayton was made the capital in the south, where Mitia first landed. The northern territory was named Ascary and the west was called Esmines.

Magus made a High Tower in the south because the north and west had the external territories protected. He was given the responsibility for maintaining the magic barrier over the empire and training new mages.

The trade opened to other nations once the empire strengthened internally. The north and west had mines containing recherché ores and the south was fecund, growing and cultivating everything, from edibles to clothes.

No one dared to wage a war against Craustan. There were many other lands, where lived other beings with supernatural powers, but none compared to the one residing in Craustan.

However, the peace and harmony didn’t last for long.

The augmenting power and devotion budded the envy and conflicts within the masses.

The feud began to rise between Loup Garou and Wearh but Magus always put out the fire before the flames could be fanned into inferno.

The rifts of mortals reached the heavens at last and things went awry and beyond reprehension.

Theyar was never in favor of Mitia’s wish and his distaste grew over time. He was not benign like his siblings. He held no empathy or regard for things that were weaker and easily broken.

Theyar despised how his siblings gushed over those disposable lives. Their overt adulation made them a laughing stock in the heavens.

It made him feel dirty and inferior to their other siblings and God favoring Soruer’s offspring more than his only fueled his bruised ego.

His children were timeless, unlike the children of his brother who despite possessing the divine power chose to live a certain life span. But they were loved more because they were the offspring of the moon and his were of the night.

One shone so brightly and another encapsulated everything in endless blackness.

Theyar began to display open contempt for Soruer. Something kept within his heart was now in the knowledge of every immortal and mortal being.

His spite turned darker.

Theyar ended up turning to the sole thing forbidden for every existence, mortal and immortal.

Arcane magic

Theyar taught it to his children who used it to manipulate their blood and fed it to normal humans to change them into their kind. Using arcane magic altered the divine energy of Theyar, turning it venomous and evil.

People started calling Wearh’s children Spectres out of fear.

Things turned ugly when Wearh killed Loup Garou and Magus. An eternal enmity was born between their descendants.

The oath was broken, thus inducing the wrath of God.

Theyar was stripped of his heavenly title and ensnared into the chaos he birthed along with his children.

That was not the end of their punishment. It was only the beginning.

God cursed them all.

“You would neither be alive nor dead.”

“Your children shed the blood of their brothers so they would grovel for the blood to survive.

The more they would kill to satiate their insatiable thirst, the wretched their existence would become.”

They were banished across the Nottingliers Peaks.

“The sun would never rise and the veil of the night would never fall on that anathematized land.

God thundered on him.

Your once warm timeless bodies will be corpses without a soul and your still hearts will be hollow of any feeling or emotion.

They retained their inhuman beauty and youth but were cursed to never be able to see their reflections.

“You would never know love and would never be loved. The moment you or your children harbored an inkling of it, the venom of your unbeating hearts would strangle their blood and claim the life you would dare to cherish.”

Theyar showed no remorse and repentance. He sneered in the face of God’s verdict, challenging him to break free of his banishment.

He swore to exact his vengeance on heaven and earth.

“Bloody righteous ones always want others to dip their hands in blood for them.”

“Kill me if you dare that I know you won’t. Ask your children to slit my throat if they fear not falling from the heavens into hell.”

His mock enraged God and he closed all doors to his repentance.

“A child of Soruer’s with his blade forged with the power of Moon will pierce your heart blackened by the darkness of the night, turning your immortal life to ashes.”

Theyar roared when the seal of God’s prophecy brandished his chest. His scorn echoed across the heavens and shook the earth.

“Mark my words, oh Creator of mine. I place the Curse of Fenrir on that prophesied child.”

Theyar bellowed.

“The moment he wields the sword that will end my life, the curse will actuate. The one who will end my life would bear the marks of damnation on his body. The one who will end my life would be feared and hated by the ones he would cherish and protect.”

“The one who would end my life will crave the blood like my cursed children. The one who will end my life will kill like a madman. The one who will be born as the savior of the world would be called the ultimate monster.”

“Mark my word, oh creator of heaven and earth, the curse won’t be undone until it claims the life of its bearer.”

He kept on mocking and spitting their way, not caring how much more he could compound to his eternal punishment.

Theyar was sealed away in the Esmines with his children. The barrier was put on the borders touching the Nottingliers Peaks to contain them but there was so much that could be done to stop him.

Theyar was always powerful and now he possessed full command of the arcane magic. The darkness he accumulated only made him formidable.

But Mitia still worried for him.

She appealed to God to give her a chance to talk to Theyar. She knelt for endless days and nights until God gave into her plea and granted her a visit under the condition that Soruer accompanied her to that banished land.

When Mitia met Theyar, he was nothing but the embodiment of pure evil. His azure orbs turned red and created a sharp contrast with his platinum hair. There was something haunting about his allure now, dark and malevolent.

There was no familiarity in his being towards them, just cold cutting distance.

His anger went berserk on them, blaming everything on her childish wish that brought him ruination.

Theyar lost control when the first bout of God’s curse hit him with an uncontrollable thirst for blood. Soruer noticed the change in him right away but he was too late to protect Mitia.

Theyar shoved his hand through Mitia’s heart in his blind thirst.

He stood like a statue as Soruer cradled her body in his arms. Her eyes shedding tears of pain were dotted on him but his glowing red eyes showed not a speck of pain.

The brother who always protected her and stood by her, no matter how silly or gruesome the matters, was gone.

“I would have forgiven you for everything else.”

Soruer glared at Theyar balefully.

“Not this.”

He wanted to kill him but he needed to save Mitia first. Soruer carried her and disappeared from there.

“Soruer, wait!”

Mitia stopped him before he could ascend to heaven.

“I have to tell you something.”

“It can wait”

Soruer said impatiently.

“There might be a way to break the Curse of Fenrir, Soruer.”

Her words stopped him.

“You were aiming for this?”

Sourer yelled at her.

“I am taking you to the linn. You will be fine once you drink the sacred water.”


Mitia pleaded.

“Please listen to me, Soruer.”


“Bury me in Grayton before my divine cord vanishes. My power will bloom into the most powerful archmage, the Healer.”

“I cannot tell you when that child will be born. I can only tell you that the bearer of my powers will possess the mana of all the five elements, butThat child’s

Mitia breathed her last.

“Why did you have to be the kindest, Mitia?”

Soruer placed his forehead against her. All this time, she was looking for the answers all by herself and he didn’t know.

“I am not going to leave you alone here, Mitia”

Soruer took her to Grayton and laid her on the ground. He watched her body being absorbed into the soil, her divine cord disappeared once the process of amalgamation was complete.

Soruer didn’t know how the child with Mitia’s powers was going to break the Curse of Fenrir. There was no telling where and when that child would be born.

There was so much that was unanswered and unraveled.

The first thing he needed to do was to make sure Theyar could never know about this archmage. He would kill that child.

“The blade wielding the power of the Moon”

Soruer looked at his hands.

“It would take quite a while for that blade to transmute.”

It was the time for Luna to take over as the moon goddess.

“There is only one family in which the prophesied child would be born. The one who inherited my amber eyes.”

The descendants of Loup Garou

“I pray your sacrifice doesn’t go in vain, my dear Mitia.”

Soruer whispered to her grave and walked away from there.

Wolf; Gift of Eternal Damnation

He named the blade that would end Theyar’s life.

“I only need to make sure the curse is broken before that child touches that sword.”

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