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Judgment Day: Spiritual Legacy

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The past will forever define who you are Judgment Day Spiritual Legacy revolves around Leonidas 'Leo' Wolf Staler, a troubled sixteen year old with little to no friends in his life. His life is turned upside down after discovering a spiritual world. He quickly learns that darkness in the spiritual world is corrupting the spirit world, now Leo and his Allies must fight to save the spirit world.

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1

“Leo?” A female voice said inside a quiet classroom.

No one seemed to acknowledge the teacher as she spoke to the class.

“Leo…” She said again in annoyance in her tone.

Some of her students are looking at an African-American teen with long dreadlocks down his neck, and headphones on his head as he stares out at a window.

“Leonidas!” The teacher yells out.

Then ‘Leonidas’ moved his headphones out of his ears, paused his music and turned his body in front of the teacher and looked at her with an angry look on his face as he fixes his dreadlocks.

“Can i help you?” He asked calmly as his face is still written in anger.

“Yes, you can help me by answering the question i have written upon the board!” She answers.

“I’m sorry. Is this the part where i pretend that i actually care what the question is, as well as the answers?” Leo sarcastically answers.

“You know what? That’s it! Get out of my classroom, i can’t stand you anymore!” She says.

“Aww, and all you have to do is ask, Ms. Turner” Leo sarcastically says.

Leo gets up from his chair and grabbed his bag and belongings with him and walked off towards the door.

“The principal will soon be expecting you in his office, Again” Ms. Turner says.

“Count on it” Leo responds back.

Leo reached to the door, opens it part way and looks back at Ms. Turner.

“Also. Don’t call me Leonidas” He said as he walks out of the classroom.

Leo is currently walking down the hallway of his school, he grabbed a drink of water at the nearest water fountain and then picked up his Iphone and looked at the time on it which was around 1:54 P.M. He puts his phone back in his pocket and starts walking towards the front of the school and out of the school’s door. The moment Leo stepped outside the school, the bell rang and students we’re walking out of the school and heading to the school buses, their bikes, and or their cars while Leo had his headphones on his head and was listening to some music.

‘Finally, fresh air from prison at last. Now it’s just me, alone with my thoughts an--’

“Hey Leo--” A Male’s voice said behind him.

‘And a perfectly good opportunity for it all too just slip away’ Leo thinks in an irritated tone.

He looks behind him and sees a five foot eight inch caucasian teen who looks around sixteen, he wears a short sleeved buttoned down shirt which is unbuttoned with a white T shirt underneath and some blue jeans on, along with messy brown hair.

And the person next to him was a teenaged girl with dirty blonde hair which is in a ponytail to keep her hair out of her small square pink glasses and pale skin, she’s wearing a skirt to where her knees are along with some leggings underneath, a sophisticated buttoned shirt, and some white sneakers.

“What do you want, Mike?” Leo asked Mike in annoyance and anger in his tone.

“Matter of fact, what are you even doing here Jenny? Shouldn’t you be at a library with some square-ass bookies or something?” He asked sarcastically.

“At least i CAN read, not being racist by the way” Jenny corrects herself.

“And i’m here because i’m helping, Mike here look for a new boyfriend” She answers sarcastically.

“Wow, Jen, that wasn’t even remotely--”

“Sorry dude, i don’t swing that way” Leo interrupts.

“Oh Come on!” Mike whines.

“In all seriousness though, i was wondering if your free today? Were heading to the arcade and i was hoping to invite you” He says.

“Sorry, but, it seems like my invitation has been lost in the mail. Oh well things happens though” Leo sarcastically says as he starts to walk away.

Mike stops Leo as he puts his hand on Leo’s shoulder to stop him from walking off.

“Wait hold on a min--”

Leo forced his shoulder away from Mike’s hand, and Leo looked back at Mike with an angry look on his face.

“Look i rather not be an asshole right now. But when i said i’m not interested, I’m not interested!” Leo said raising his voice.

“So are we done?” He asked in anger.

No one said anything after a few three seconds.

“Thought so” He said.

And so after that Leo continues walking away from Mike and Jenny.

“Hey! Hold on a minute!” Jenny yells.

Leo ignores Jenny’s yelling and still walks down the sidewalk with his headphones in his ears full blast. Suddenly he felt something touched his shoulder, the moment he turned around Leo was immediately afterwards punched in his right cheek and got arm locked by two people behind him.

“Hey what are you--Get the fuck off me!” Leo yells as he struggles to free himself.

As he continues to struggle a six foot tall hispanic teenage boy wearing a black hoodie and ripped levi’s jeans on was walking towards him.

“Hello, Leo” He says.

Leo just rolled his eyes and looked at the teenaged boy in a mixture of anger and annoyance.

“Oh come on, ain’t you at least a bit happy to see me, nigga?” He asked Leo.

“Thrilled...The fuck do you want, Ricky?” Leo asked in annoyance.

“Well the thing is. I’m a tad bit short on money at the moment” Ricky says sarcastically.

“Think you could help me out? He asked in a fake concerned voice.

“Why i would love to. Unfortunately, i seem to be having a bit of trouble getting my wallet with your STUPID MOTHERFUCKING ASS FRIENDS HOLDING MY ARMS BEHIND MY BACK!!!” Leo screams angrily.


Before Leo could finish his rant a hard punch made contact to Leo’s abdomen which then caused him to fall down on his knees and to hold his stomach. Afterwards a kick was landed on his face which made Leo land on his back, and then a few extra kicks made contact to Leo again leaving him bloody and bruised, mainly his ribs.

“Normally i take other nigga’s money after delivering an ass whupping, but since i’m in a good mood today i’ll only leave you just an ass whupping” Ricky laughs.

“But that doesn’t mean your ass is off the hook. You better give me that fucking money, Wolf-Staler. Otherwise you’ll end up being another victim of black lives matter, could be tragic you know” Ricky says in sarcasm.

“Fuck you!” Lep replies back as he attempts to get back up off the ground.

Unfortunately Leo was kicked right back on the ground again which made him land on his back in pain as he coughs out mucus and a hint of blood.

“You got til tomorrow” Ricky says.

He kicked Leo right in the stomach again, and then he starts to walk away with his gang as they start laughing. After ten seconds of Ricky and his gang walking, Leo slowly get’s back up from the ground.

“Agh! Shit! Ricky can hit like a motherfucker” He says with pain in his voice.

“I can tell this afternoon is going off to a great start” He added in sarcasm.

A noise of footsteps were heard behind him, he turns around and behind him we’re Mike and Jenny again.

“Oh, good” Leo says in sarcasm again.

“It’s about to get even better” He said.

“Oh my g--Whoa! What the hell happened to you?” Jenny asks.

“Nothing” Leo answers holding his face and his ribs.

“I’m fine”

“Are you gonna be ok. Because to be honest, you kinda look like shit” Mike says in concern.

“I said i’m fine! Leave me alone” Leo says as he starts to walk off.

“Look you moron, you are clearly not fine. So instead of arguing with us and pushing us aside, at least let us help you!” Jenny says.

“For what? So we can be friends? Thanks, but no thank. I got enough of those already” Leo responds in anger.

“Why you--”

“Hey! Hey! Chill, Jenny, Chill” Mile says as he attempts to calm Jenny down.

“Hey look man i can see you had a rough day; unless you need some company, we’ll leave you alone” He says.

“Thank You” Leo says in an annoyed tone in his voice and starts walking away as he holds his face and his ribs.

“Asshole” Jenny mutters.

“Take it easy, Jen.” Mike says.

“Come on let’s head to the arcade” He says.

“Alright, fine. But only because it’s you” Jenny says as they both walked down the sidewalk.

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