Fraizer Orchantraya

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Life in Mycono Kingdom is difficult... If anyone knows it best, it is Fraizer Orchantraya! Follow the adventures and trials of a young boy who wants to belong. Fraizer Orchantraya is no regular boy and he certainly doesn't live a normal life. In this story we see his life from baby to young adult. Not a single bit of his life is predictable and so many questions need answers!

Fantasy / Adventure
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Baby Fraizer

Fraizer Orchantraya... An odd name for an odd child, one would suppose... Nobody knew where he came from... Well, nobody aside from one particular boy who happened to be with him often. The two made quite a scene together... You see... Not much was happening in Mycono Kingdom at the time...

Out of nowhere, a boy with dark blue hair with a golden lightning bolt running through it who had deep pink eyes had arrived in the kingdom. He wasn’t alone, however... The strange boy carried a baby in his arms. The baby had a little bit of soft brown hair and light blue eyes.

“Fraizer... I know you are so young, but I cannot look after you as much as I should... Please... Be brave for me, little boy... Mycono Kingdom’s fate depends on you and all who follow in your blood line...” Luka spoke softly to the baby, “I... I’m a very busy young man, but I promise I’ll visit as often as I can...”

The baby cried a little. He was obviously scared and confused.

“Always remember my name... I am Luka Warm Water... I am your guardian...” Luka said, “This is your destiny... You will grow to my age and older, and you will face many trials... I know you will succeed...”

Fraizer couldn’t understand what Luka was saying as he was only a few weeks old at most.

“Your mother will be proud of you... Protect the princess at all costs...” Luka whispered.

Luka entered a small house carrying his delicate bundle.

“Excuse me... I need some help...” Luka said.

A young mother and her husband approached Luka.

“I found this baby lying around... He’s super important, you know... Um... I don’t have a milk source as I am a boy, so... Could you please help me raise him?” Luka asked, blushing.

He knew the secret reason as to where the baby came from. Surely a mother wouldn’t just leave her baby on the ground and walk away... The mother took one look at baby Fraizer and melted.

“Why, yes! Of course... Poor little thing!” the mother said, gently taking the baby into her own arms.

The father smiled gently, also looking at the precious little bundle. Luka bowed politely.

“Thanks for bringing this child to us, you have a kind heart...” the father finally spoke.

“No problem,” Luka said. Inside, he knew that it was just something he had to do.

“How about you? What is going to happen to you?” the mother asked.

“Me?” Luka asked.

“Yes, you... Are you about to vanish into the darkness and never return?” the mother asked.

“Something like that... However, I will return... I’ll be back often to help out with his training!” Luka said.

“From where did you come?” the mother asked.

“As you said, from the darkness. Not all that live there are evil,” Luka said with a wink.

He wasn’t telling the whole truth. He was reluctant.

“I know you’ll take good care of not treat him as though he is more or less important than your real son... I don’t want him to question his origins...” Luka said.

“Alright,” the father said.

“His name is Fraizer,” Luka said before exiting the house.

The parents stared after him. They were curious as to where such a young kid was going by himself. Fraizer’s new mother had that deep motherly instinct to call the young child back into the house to stay. However, she also had this strange feeling that wherever the boy was going was probably very important.

She gently laid Fraizer next to her real son.

“I still wonder... Where’d that young boy come from...? And what was he doing with a baby?” the father said.

“We may never know...but we must protect the baby...” the mother said.

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