The Chronicles of the Black Crystal. Vol: 1: Andrew River

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Amnesia, a crystal, the Darkness, and unlimited power. This is the current life of Andrew River, who has to defeat the Darkness before it destroys him. Will he be able to do it? Andrew River does not know who is he or how he got to the estate of Jim Hensworth. As he stays within the walls of the mansion, he finds this mysterious satchel that has a most powerful object ever created on Earth hidden in the binding of the bag, the Black Crystal. If the wrong person gets It, they can destroy the world from their own great conquest of power. Dylan, the antagonist of the Chronicles, tries desperately to get the location of the Black Crystal through an "interrogation" session with Andrew. Somehow by a miracle, Andrew survives Dylan's torment and starts to recall his past life. His life of Magic. Through the teachings of the Black Crystal, Andrew learns new spells to defeat Dylan once and for all. Through his journey, he rediscovers his life of Magic that he had once lost. Andrew meets the Light and the Darkness, and even an interesting adversary that is disguised in sheep's clothing. Will Andrew be able to handle the pressure of vanquishing the Darkness in this World? Or will he be consumed with Darkness like Dylan has? Dive into this extraordinary adventure to discover the truth behind the battle of being human.

Fantasy / Mystery
Kristen Ash
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Why do we have a fascination with the color black? Could it be because we are fascinated by death? As black is a sign of mortality. Could it be we are fascinated by an evil presence? The color can be a referred to something immoral. Could it be that we are fascinated with the unknown? For a lot of our unknown creeps in the night.

Nonetheless, the powers that black crystals possess can help many aspects in our life. Some aspects for such a crystal is as follows:

1)They can protect you from evil.

2)They can give you a sense of power.

3)They can help fortify your mental connection to the physical and natural world.

4)They can give you safety from your enemies.

5)They can transform you from the inside out.

6)They can shield and deflect dark energies that are on this Earth.

7) But most of all, they are very mysterious.

In the following short story, these aspects protrude. Within the next few pages will be the story of Andrew River and the Black Crystal. You will see these effects come in place with Andrew as he transforms into the man that he is ought to become. As an evil force tries to vanquish Andrew, his crystal protects him, and he gains a power that he lost in his life. Through his Black Crystal, it will guide and help to fortify his mental connection to the physical world. It will protect him from his enemies that try to conquer his mind, soul, and body. It will repel and shield all the dark energies that surround him. But most of all, it will produce the most mysterious luminous in this story.

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