The mysterious girl

By Lucy Panda Screamz All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Mystery


just one girl who explores a world that she could never imagine

Chapter 1

one morning to the breeze coming through my window it was my first day at the high school dorm’s. ” as I got up from my bed I stared. at myself in the mirror to see this messy haired girl ′ I walked to the bathroom and got into the shower. I wore sparking jean and a cute little shirt. slowly opening my door to find a tall boy standing at my door he’s hair was black and slighted tinted blue it was swaying across his face which. reminded to close my window - “I thought who is this guy staring at me.” what was I meant to say sounded he woke me out of my trance “. ” hello. you must be jess he said. with a soft voice”. I glanced up and said “yes I am who are you”. he. laughed and said “i’m the dorm guard I protect all the girl’s here “. he said with husky voice. my reply was lame ” so do you have a name dorm guard ” I smirked. ” yes my names Eric”. He smiled. dimples appeared on his face. - he’s was kinda cute. ” I snapped back. said ” nice to meet you but i’m late for class. class was boring and Mr markson said. we had a new student. her name was jasmine. she had black long hair, her body was slim like a model, she wore a blue dress with little bow’s and skulls. she was perfect - I felt jealous. ..

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