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A Prayer & A Dollar

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What would you give for the unanswered prayers?

Fantasy / Drama
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They sat around the fire as they were all lost in a world of their own, the Zambian way of living for them was not something which was friendly.

The Bandas; Mr. Banda had grown up in a shanty compound of Lusaka township, he had no dreams of living big because of the hostile conditions he had grown up in.

At twenty one he met Misozi, his wife. She was only sixteen and had just reached puberty so there was nothing holding them back. Her parents gave her to him for a fifty kwacha note and that is how she had moved in with him.

At seventeen she gave birth to her first child Mabvuto, he was born at a time when they were total droughts in the area and like the sorrow in his mother’s name, he too was given the name.

A year later she gave birth to twins; they almost brought her to her death as she was too weak and fragile. She named the babies Masauso and Misozi after her.

Mabvuto who was now twenty four was the black sheep of the family, always getting into trouble at whatever chance he got.

Masauso at twenty three was the most mature and he kept to himself most of the time, only talking when he had to. His twin sister, the only girl could be said that she was different from the rest of the family. It’s like she had been born of different genes and this worried her parents and her brothers so much.

Whilst they found comfort in talking about their poor way of life, she had a totally different mindset of her own; believing that she would be the one to bring fortune to her family but everything has a price in the world that we live in, and if you can’t put figures to it; some people count the roof on their back.


Kwenje’s Girl



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