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Narcisse always follows the crowd. But one day he is framed for a crime he did not commit. Can he find a way to survive the dangers of reality outside the city?

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The cat is a sheep

The streets were the same, full of people who don’t even glance at the fence. It’s weak, but it does it’s job. Keep the quadrupeds out. Those monsters that can’t even stand, but then they have the audacity to try and hurt us! Those mongrels that spoil our beautifully pure city with their unkempt fur and the slums they call a neighborhood. Those stupid-
A scream pierced my thoughts and i looked towards the fence. A dog-quadruped tried to get through and was being punished. The guards repeatedly hit the creature until it fell into the polluted stream. I stood to get a better look at the event that just passed. The thing was left bleeding in the stream, pollution mixing with the blood. It looked like it wouldn’t last the night.

I watched the blood stain the already polluted stream as the sun started to set. I had nothing else to do on my day off. Then I saw something. In the shadows of the sloping hill a bipedal was approaching the quadruped. They didn’t have the proper gear to be a guard, so what were they doing!?

My ears pricked and I stood again. I was agitated, anxious even, of what that monstrous quadruped might do. But it didn’t attack or fight back. It let the bipedal pull it out of the water and dry it’s fur. The dog lifted it’s head weakly and was talking to the bipedal! This bipedal, this traitor, was helping it!

I stood angrily and ran inside. "Someone has to be told! I have to report this traitor for their heinous acts!" I screeched. As I was reaching for the phone, something grabbed me. My breathing got shallow and started to weaken. Someone was strangling me. My vision went blurry. I fell, gasping for air, as I blacked out.
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