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Chapter 8

My mind seemed to be in the process of rebooting. It was currently impossible to open my eyes. They felt heavy and so did the rest of my body. I couldn't move anything. It was not fun being trapped inside your own mind. The sound of water dripping into a bowl came to my attention. The damp flannel dabbing my forehead.

“That didn’t really go as planned, Penelope. It was supposed to be simple. I’ve never seen summoning someone’s birthright powers in such a forceful manner. In all the years I’ve seen witch after witch collect their power. It has never happened like that. I know I did everything right. It’s not like this is the first time I’ve done this.” I heard mum yammer on... “You weren’t supposed to feel pain or hit your head. We’re supposed to be celebrating right now. All I can do is wait until you wake up. Perhaps I shouldn’t have told you. Perhaps I should have just kept you in the dark. I’m sorry that I’ve caused...”

I didn’t hear the rest of what mum said. The darkness pulled me back, I drifted back to sleep. Even though I tried to fight it, it was impossible, the darkness gripped hold of me tighter. Powerless to do anything but sleep.

There wasn’t a way to tell how long I had been out of it. My mind slowly woke up to an unsettling feeling. It was silent and eerie. There were eyes on me that was for sure. There was a sudden burning desire to open my eyes and put my mind to ease but I wasn't strong enough yet.

The door creaked open and soft footprints walked inside. I could hear something being set down on the table beside me. Then sitting on the side of the bed. Another person enters the room but stays near the door. I could hear the tiny squeak from the floorboard beneath them.

“She’s been out cold for hours now, it’s not normal. I think we should take her back to the hospital.” I heard mum’s voice from the doorway.

Then, I heard a voice I've not heard for a few months. Nan. She had stopped visiting after an argument with mum. They both refused to talk to me about it but my gut’s telling me it was magic related. It seemed what happened tonight was important enough for them to settle their differences.

“No, she’ll be fine. Can you feel the power radiating of her? It must have been strong. Her body just needs time to adjust. You did the right thing by calling me.” Nan said, dabbing the cold compress on my forehead.

“She was given three powers.” Mum said. “You know what this means.”

“The lost powers have been found.” Nan answered. Then she burst out laughing. I wasn’t sure what was so amusing. “The legendary Arietta Addington’s powers chose Penelope Hennessey. Isn't this remarkable? Do you remember the story of her? The one I told you when you were growing up.”

“Sort of… Instead of her powers going back into the elements to be reborn into a new witch, they vanished. Never to be seen again. There hasn’t been a single witch to receive those powers since. Then one day a witch, with the power of prophecy, claimed to see a vision of the person to wield such power. She said it will bring the end of the world.”

“Penelope isn’t about to destroy the world,” Nan said. “If anything she will be the one to save it.”

“What happens when the word gets out that the lost powers have returned?” Mum sounded worried.

“I don’t know. There are many things that could happen. Right now, we need to concentrate on the here and now. Penelope needs to rest. Our coven will protect her against anyone who tries to harm her. Agreed?”


My eyes opened. I felt better, well rested and energised. The clock on my bedside table told me it was the next day.

28/3 12:18PM.

It was a Monday. So, it felt very weird being in bed passed midday. I tiptoed out of my room. There were voices downstairs. As I descended down, I tried to avoid squeaking the floorboards.

“… this could be the start of something phenomenal.” Nan said.

“Or it could start a war. She has three of the most remarkable powers in history that haven’t been active since the 16th century. The prophecy states she will bring the end of the world.” A familiar voice said.

“Margaret, that doesn’t mean Penelope is about to start war with the rest of the supernatural kind. For all you know, Penelope will be the one to save the kingdom from the dark ages.”

“That’s not possible. Enukeador has been ruled by King Edmund II since Arietta’s death. The vampires do what they want, eat what they want, we don’t get a say in any of it. We are lucky that we don’t live there. None of us are powerful enough to take over the kingdom.” Margaret ranted on.

“None of us have ever had Arietta’s powers. None of us have vampire hunter training because we didn’t know we were witches. None of us have the bravery or courage like Penelope. I’m not saying we should send her off to battle but she could bring the kingdom out of the dark. Especially, if we played our cards right. We could take back our rightful home. The home of Arietta Addington before she was slaughtered by her own sister. Myra was an abomination when she turned into a vampire. She dragged that kingdom through the depths of hell.” Nan argued back.

I was so engrossed in their conversation that I slipped. I grabbed at the banister and caught myself from falling flat on my face, landing on the last step. It creaked so loudly it was like it was screaming to everyone in the kitchen.


“Fucking step. I hate you.” I muttered.

Mum came out of the kitchen with a smile on her face.

“Hey sweetie. Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine. What’s going on in there?” I nodded towards the kitchen.

“Don’t worry about that, love. Do you want me to grab you something to eat? How does a ham and cheese sandwich sound?”

“You were talking about me. Is there something wrong with me? Or my powers? I don’t understand.”

“No! There’s nothing wrong with you. Please, don’t think that. Your powers are special and right now we don’t know what any of this means. Let me get you that sandwich, okay?”


As I turned to go in the living room, the front door bell rang twice.

“I’ll get it,” I said.

When I opened the door I was greeted by Isaac. I frowned, slightly confused why he’s now making house calls.

“Hi. Can I help you with something?”

“Hey Penelope. I’m sorry if I’m intruding but I was wondering if I could ask you out for dinner tonight?”

“Er…” I quickly looked back to see if anyone was overhearing.

“I thought it would give us a chance to talk and maybe I’m willing to give you some answers to your questions.” He said.

“Why the sudden change of heart?”

“This might sound crazy but I think you’re special. Somehow, I know I would regret not taking the chance to get know you. Since the day I met you. Well, to be more specific, the moment I shook your hand. I’ve sort of had this mark, like a tattoo. I don’t know how it got there but if I’m right then I think you have the same one too. You’re not the only one with questions.”

“Alright but not dinner. Instead, can we go for drinks?” I offered and his smile returned.

“That sounds good to me.”

“But I can’t tonight because...” I stopped and looked back again. “We’ve got a family thing happening. How about tomorrow? Is that good for you?”

“I’ll pick you up at six, okay?”

“Penelope?” I heard mum call.

“Okay, see you tomorrow, bye.” I said, closing the door. My heart was doing somersaults. I had a permanent grin spread across my face.

“You alright?” Mum said, coming out of the kitchen with a sandwich.

“Yes, that was Isaac at the door.”

“Oh, I see. Here eat this... Do you want to come in the kitchen so we can talk with the coven?” She said, hesitant.

I nodded. Then took the sandwich and went into the kitchen.

Surprisingly, there was a lot of people in our small kitchen. There was mum behind me, dad stood behind nan, nan sat at the table with mum’s coven: Silvia Morris, Margaret Greyland and Angela Littlewood. Behind them were their husbands Richard Morris, Brian Greyland and Gary Littlewood. As well as my coven: Toby Morris, Kristy Greyland, Oliver Littlewood and Sophie Wadesworth. Then there was Sophie’s uncle and his wife: Andrew and Lisa Wadesworth. Too many people in such a small space.

“Hello, Penelope.” Nan smiled at me. “How are you feeling?”

“Hey Nan. I’m alright. I feel a lot better, thanks.”

“We would like to talk about what happened. If that’s alright with you?”


“As we understand this situation. You were given three powers. Am I right?” Nan continued.

“Yes but I don’t know what they are yet.”

“The legendary Arietta had three powers. Three powers that have never been seen since her death. They were telekinesis, the ability to freeze time and heal the wounded.”

“So, you all believe I was gifted with those powers. Is it possible I have some other random powers?” I asked.

“No. Each witch is gifted with one power and its always been like that. Perhaps once in a century a very special witch received two powers but its very unheard of. So for you to be gifted with three powers, it’s means your part of something great.” Nan explained. “It means we have a fighting chance to get our home back.”

I frowned. “What? What home?”

“There is Kingdom on a different dimension called Enukeador. It has been a safe haven for supernatural creatures from the humans that have hunted us. It was ruled by the witches with a King and Queen. Their daughter’s Arietta and Myra Addington were princesses and loved by our people. When Arietta married she became Queen with her consort as Prince George. As you have heard, Myra was so jealous that she created the vampires by turning herself into one. But she couldn’t control them and they turned more and more until they became a plague. Myra slaughtered her own sister to have the throne but the vampires had other ideas and it became a blood bath. Every vampire fought for the throne wanting to rule over the land. Then, the strongest vampire with the biggest following became King Edmund II and has ruled the land in fear. The villagers who live there are scared, they get fed on, some are killed by vampires who can’t control their blood thirst. There were those who were able to escape but its not easy changing dimensions. The unfortunate villagers are stuck having to live in a time bubble because the world can’t move on from the 16th century. The only way for it to become a safe haven again is for the descendant of Arietta with the three powers she possessed to fight against the odds and become Queen. Then the world can start turning again and change the world from evil to good.”

“Whoa.” I took a deep breath.

“I know its a lot to take in, honey. I understand if you need time to process all this information but know this... We will be there with you all the way. Our coven will fight with you and you won’t be alone. We will get our home back and we will change Enukeador for the greater good.”

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