Wolf's Fire

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Chapter Nine

| Kat |

Cameron turns pale as his phone goes off. Any form of happiness evaporates. "Excuse me," He says as he looks at the screen and with slow steps walks over to the back door. He clears his throat before answering.
"I'll be in the garden Kat," Mom tells me as she stands. My attention is drawn back to Cameron almost immediately as he answers the phone.
"Yeah, Eric?" He asks, his voice meek and quiet. He leans against the house, one knee up.
"Do you know what time it is?" I don't like him. This Alpha. His voice is gruff. Cameron glances at the phone screen. He presses his lips into a fine line.
"Have you finished that stupid project?" He glances at me.
"If I had known this would take all day I wouldn't have agreed." He's still staring, eyes glued to mine.
"I'll be home soon."
"The guys want pizza. Pick it up on your way." Cameron looks away.
"Yes sir," He answers quietly.
It isn't until Cameron puts his phone in his pocket that I let out a breath. As he approaches me, his shoulders slouched, he prepares to say something but stops himself. Instead, he runs a hand through his hair.
"I uh, I have to go." He tells me. With a nod, I lead him back into the house and watch as he grabs his backpack. He moves slowly, taking the time to look over the family photos on the wall as he heads towards the front door.
Once down at his truck, he studies the trees lining the drive and leans against his car. "Does he usually talk to you like that?" I'm not going to pretend I couldn't hear the conversation, nor that his Alpha didn't hang up on him.
"It's usually worse." He admits. His voice is different than when we'd talked upstairs. My heart breaks. He goes to open the car door.
"Cameron," I say grabbing his hand. He turns to look at me. He's sad, scared even. I don't know what to say... Or if there is anything to say but something deep within me snaps.
Tugging his arm, my free hand finds the back of his neck as I pull his head down to mine. Our lips meet and he stills if only for a second. His hand snakes it's way around my waist, the other bunching in my blond hair.
There's no way in telling how long we stand there intertwined. My wolf turns within me wanting to get closer. To feel him, love him. I reign her in as best as I can. Pulling away, my hand caresses his cheek, before slowly trailing to his chest.
Brushing a strand of hair behind my ear I take a step away from him and clear my throat as I focus my attention down, away from his eyes. He's just as flustered as I and says nothing as he staggers into his truck. Through the windshield, as he pulls the car into reverse, we make brief eye contact.
My hands suddenly feel empty.

| Cameron |
I only make it a block before I have to pull over. My body's shaking. Everything's shaking. To leave her standing there feels wrong. I should go back. But I can't. Not right now. Yelling, I hit my steering wheel.
I hate being submissive.
I hate being quiet.
I hate taking orders.
I need to run, shift. To be out of my skin for a few moments. But again, I can't. I'm lucky Eric even let me out of the house today.
Once my breathing is slow enough and my vision's clear enough I put the car in drive and find a pizza shop.
It takes an hour to get the food. The guys eat a lot. So four pizza's are needed to feed them. forty bucks worth of food, piled high with every meat imaginable.
Eric's on me the second the food's on the counter. Grabbing me by the back of the shirt he pulls me into his body. His nose is in my neck, my personal space as he sniffs me. "What the fuck is that smell?" He growls. The house is empty. We're alone.
"Th-the girl," I tell him. "That's her scent." He pushes me forward, my chest slamming into the marble counter. Eric's rarely physical with me. The breath rushes out of me with the impact.
"Why is it on you?" I shrug. "Cameron," Once again, my body's shaking. I look for an exit but there is none. He's blocking it.
'Food's here.' He says through the mind link, all while glaring holes into my head. He grabs my arm and yanks me towards the steps at the front of the house.
"I don't-I don't know," I whine. Growling at me to shut up he shoves me into my bedrooms. I hear the click of a lock then silence.
For once I'd been having a good day. All because of a woman's scent Eric's become wound up. I throw my backpack on the bed, and start pacing. A growl forms in my chest as I work to calm myself. Pacing doesn't help.
The room's suddenly too hot, and the slanted ceiling is closing in on me. I remove my shirt, then my pants. I need to shift, but in this cramped room, he'll feel trapped. Well, we are trapped after all.
The change happens quickly, my wolf coming to the surface. In a second my body's covered in fur, and a red muzzle's replaced my human mouth. I'm pacing on four paws instead of two feet.
This is uncomfortable.
Jumping onto the bed, I accidentally knock my bag to the floor. A scent hits my nostrils. Meat. There's food in my backpack. I have no doubt who's put it there.

| Kat |
Mom's determined to make dinner awkward.
"I really like him." She says as Dad takes a bite of his steak. I roll my eyes. It's pretty obvious that she likes Cameron. Dad pauses, setting his fork on the plate. He takes a swig of his wine.
They're talking to one another through the mind link. Once again, having a private conversation right in front of me. Leaning back in my chair I cross my arms over my chest as I wait for them to finish. Mom's wavering smile is my only indication of who's winning.
"You smell like him." Dad says, his eyes snapping to mine. I know I do. I've taken two showers already. The smell's not leaving.
"I-" He changes the subject.
"It turns out," Dad says. "a pack of seventy wolfskin used to live next door to us. Malcom and I have been going through our records."
"Do you know why they left?" Mom asks. He shakes his head.
"Can't find a thing on it." He picks up his plate, taking it to the sink. "What happened with Louis," He adds. "Is not okay." Mom is silent. "Just because someone pisses you off, does not make it okay to attack them." I close my eyes.
"I'm sorry." Dad places both hands on the glass table.
"Don't apologize. What you do as Alpha is your decision. But you have to live with it. You have to learn from it. We don't apologize." He walks towards his den and disappears with a slam of the door.
"I'll clean up," Mom says. "You just... go take another shower. The smell's driving him nuts." I at least help her bring in the dishes. She nods her thanks.
Cameron... my heart breaks for him. As I take my third shower that day, scrubbing every inch of my body until it turns red, I think about him. He'd seemed so... broken when he left.
Kissing him was too much. Provoked too much. Clearly, my dad knows. Mom's happy. Dad's pissed. Who am I supposed to listen to? Maybe neither of them... Maybe the answer is to start doing what I think is right and not what other's think is right.
I don't know. It's all confusing.

| Cameron |
I wake up to a click of a lock on my door. I'm still in my wolf form, My red and white head, facing the door. Eric steps in then stops, narrowing his eyes. It's early morning, the sky a light blue. I put a paw over my muzzle.
"Get downstairs and make breakfast." He orders, turning on his heels and storming back to his 0wn room. Groaning I shift back, stretching my muscles before getting dressed. As I walk out of my bedroom door, I glance at it. I hadn't noticed the deadbolt before. But there it is, meant to keep me locked in my room.
Trying not to think too much on it I go downstairs and make everyone breakfast, quickly wrapping three pieces of bacon into a paper towel and shoving them into my pocket before Eric comes down. He won't notice. There's greese all over me from cooking.
I set out the waffles, bacon and eggs just as the pack starts coming into the house. They pay me no mind while I clean the dishes. As I suspected he would, Eric sends me back to my room without food. I eat the stolen bacon while I'm in the bathroom running the shower.
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