Wolf's Fire

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Chapter Ten

| Cameron |

I’m avoiding her.

In school on Tuesday, I keep my head down as I walk to my assigned seat. Her eyes follow me. I feel her eyes on me periodically through class.

In English, I busy myself in my notebook, sketching random doodles. Kat sits next to me silently. Throughout the class, Kat taps her pencil on the desk as Mr. Cooper talks.

“Cameron-” She says as the bell rings. I’m already up though and heading towards the door.

“I have a test,” I lie. “Sorry,” It isn’t until Lunch that I’m cornered again, though it isn’t who I expect.

“What did she do?” Louis snaps, slamming his body into the locker beside my own. He sniffs the air. “You smell like her.” I cringe. I took four showers yesterday, but it did nothing.

“What do you want?”

“You’re avoiding Kat.” Louis growls. I can’t help but smile. He hated us talking in the first place.

“What’s it to you?” I ask absently. This conversation doesn’t interest me.

“Cameron,” This voice, however, does. Her voice is like a whisper behind me. I shut my locker before turning to her. She glances at Louis. “Could you please,” Without argument, but taking a moment to shoot me a glare, Louis walks to the other end of the hallway. Arms crossed, he leans against a closed locker and watches us.

Kat hugs her Ipad to her chest. Fulling taking her in for the first time today, I can’t help but want to touch her.

“If I upset you on Sunday...” My eyes go wide as I touch her left arm, stopping her mid-sentence.

“You didn’t do anything. You...” Shaking my head, I try to find the right words to say. It’s why I’ve been avoiding her all morning. How do I tell her that the nightmares at night have suddenly been replaced by dreams of her face? I glance over at Louis. The other wolfskin’s joined him. “Sit with me? We... we should talk.”

| Kat |

I make sure to get to school early Tuesday morning. Getting in my seat before the bell rings is a first for me. But I’m waiting for Cameron. But he barely acknowledges me when he walks in. Goes straight for his seat in the back of the room and says nothing. Even in Mr. Cooper’s class, the one where we sit next to each other, he manages to make it awkward and when I try to say anything, he bolts.

“You smell like her.” Louis’s words have me frozen at my locker, drifting around the students until they reach my ears. Without looking over I know he’s talking to Cameron.

He hates Cameron. So why in the world...?

How have I been so stupid?

I’ve had all of Monday to think on it. Our scents have actually merged. Not fully. Others can tell that there are two different scents on me. But it’s stuck to me like an imprint. Like a mate’s imprint. That kiss...

Cameron’s my mate.

He’s my other person. The one fate’s decided to pair me with. That one word, mate stops all of my anger from boiling to the surface. I grab my lunch and my Ipad before shutting my locker.

In the cafeteria, Cameron and I sit together at his table. We’re silent, my lunch untouched. His hand rests on my knee, absently drawing circles on the material of my jeans. He probably has no idea he’s doing it.

“When I was five, my family died in a forest fire.” He tells me quietly. I’m acutely aware of Louis watching from our usual table. For his sake, I hope he’s not listening in. “I left the den to try and find help but I got lost.

“Eric found and raised me. I’m their Omega. I do all of the chores, and only leave when he or the other guys need something.” He doesn’t look at me when he’s finished but his hand still rests on my knee under the table.

“You’re not an Omega,” I say quietly. He looks up then, tears brimming in his eyes. “Everyone has an aura. You act like Omega, head down, always submitting. But your aura doesn’t scream Omega.” I take his hand.

“I just know one thing.” He says after a moment of silence. “I’m never letting you go.” The bell rings, signaling the end of lunch. I watch as the humans file out but don’t make a move to go. Instead, I open up my lunchbox.

“Here,” I say. “Mom made you a sandwich.” He looks at the sandwich, then at me. And starts laughing. It’s a beautiful noise.

| Cameron |

As I enter the house, it’s apparent that I’m alone. With my bag on one shoulder, I venture through to the back yard. The only person I see is Nick, sitting lazily on the blue and white striped porch swing, a recent purchase by Eric.

He smiles when he sees me. “Hey Cam,” Nick’s the only pack member who tries to be nice to me. I return the kindness.

“Where is everyone?” Though I don’t necessarily care, knowing that I have a few minutes of reprieve is nice.

“Shooting range,” He answers with a roll of the eyes. “I don’t understand it. Guns make me queasy.” I shift my weight onto my other leg.

“Can we talk?” He blinks but doesn’t respond. I take it as a go ahead.

“Did you know my parents?” He suddenly jerks upright, feet planted on the cement patio.

“What’s brought this on?” He asks me. His fun demeanor vanishes.

“Did you?” He cracks his jaw. There’s a storm brewing in his eyes.

“Some things are better left alone, Cameron.” He knew them.

“Were they Alpha and Luna?” I’d been suspecting as much since arriving at the high school. The wind brushes the trees, and he glances back as if worried the forest has ears. He lifts his chin as he looks me over. He Adam’s Apple bobs as he swallows.

“What’s provoked this thought? The girl? Eric’s been complaining about feminine perfume for a better part of the day.” I snort.

“I’m not an Omega,” I say simply, shoving my hands in my pockets. At first, Nick seems ready to argue. He opens his mouth but pauses. Instead, he leans back on the swing, relaxing by crossing one long leg over the other.

“So you’ve got it all figured out then.” He says. “You meet a female wolf who makes you feel better about yourself. Tells you, you’re not a servant. Not only that but that you’re top Wolf. And you believe her?” I narrow my eyes. “I didn’t think you could be so gullible, Cameron.”

“You’re deflecting.” I can read him like an open book. Nick’s being mean, trying to hurt my feelings. It’s not working. He's just frustrating me.

“I am not. You’re an Omega.” Inside the pockets of my pants, my hands clench.

“That girl is my mate.” I snap. “She’s my mate. And she’s an Alpha. So explain to me how an Omega and Alpha could be mates.” My eyes might be glowing. But I’m just so damn tired of being lied to. Nick runs a hand through his brown hair, speckled with gray, eyes shooting back to the treeline. Turning around, I plan to go back inside but Nick stands.

"Cam, wait." He says sharply. I pause, one hand on the sliding glass door.

"What?" I growl out.

"You found your mate?" His voice grows soft, and when I turn back to him, his eyes are just as soft. I nod. He lets out a breath. What is that? Relief? "Good for you, Cam." He doesn't talk about my parents again, and I don't bring it up. Because at that moment, the front door slams shut, as Eric enters the house.

“It’s my turn to tell you something,” Kat says. We sit at my booth the next day, Louis glaring daggers at me from his seat on the other end of the room. If Kat's aware she doesn't mention it. Her back's to him anyway.

"Okay," I tell her. She takes my hand in both of hers and starts tracing my fingers.

"It's kind of bad."

"Okay," She looks up, her blue eyes looking for some sign not to go forward.

"My wolf and I..." She sighs. "We don't exactly get along." Her mom told me as much, but I don't tell her that.

"What do you mean?" I ask her softly.

"My wolf... she's... a free spirit. During the day it's fine. But at night... I black out."

"What do you mean you black out?" I take both of her fidgeting hands and hold them firm.

"She completely takes over my wolf form. I wake up in the morning with no memory of what's transpired." That's definitely not good. Not good at all. I was born in the wild and so my connection to my wolf , the trees the earth, it's stronger than anything. So for her to tell me that she's missing that connection, hurts. She glances over at her friends’ table. “I stopped fighting a long time ago.” She works her jaw, chewing her bottom lip. “And I recently found out she’s been doing things... without my consent.”

“What sorts of things?” She’s still watching Louis, who has his head angled so an ear is facing us. He’s listening in. She knows too.

“Being in relationships that I don’t condone.” She says sharply enough that Louis jumps. A growl is forming in my throat, but she squeezes my hand, calming me. “It’s been taken care of.” She’s silent. She lets go first and pulls out a sandwich and drink from her lunchbox. She glances at my own untouched brown bag her mom made me. “You should eat.” She tells me.

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