Wolf's Fire

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Chapter Fourteen

| Cameron |

I’ve never had anyone stand up for me.

The way Kat yelled at Eric.

The way she had protected me.

It was hot.

She’s perfect.

There’s always been a part of me wondering if I’d ever fight back. What would make me want to fight back? I’ve wondered what, but never who.

I don’t see her take off her seatbelt, or move to kneel on the leather seat. Hands in my hair, soft lips on my own, she pushes herself onto me. And when she kisses the tender spot at the nape of my neck, her tongue gliding over the skin, I lose my own control and grab her waist, her thighs, growling. Her hands slide under my shirt, where she feels my skin, the smooth and burned flesh. I kiss her back with that same heat.

I’m the one that leashes her. The house upstairs has windows, very large windows with a clear view of the truck, and as I push her back into the seat I look up in those windows, and I see her father standing there, arms crossed watching us. Kat jumps out of the car, growling and muttering to herself as she realizes her father stands there.

“Come in with me.” She says, catching the door as it starts to slam shut. “H-have dinner with us.” I start to shake my head. I should go back before I get in more trouble. But I stop myself from telling her that. I’m already in trouble. So, I smile, turn off the car and get out before following her up the steps.

“How long did you stay in Seattle?” Shira asks. Kat lets out a loud groan. Her Mom’s been drilling me about my travels since sitting down for dinner. Personally, I have no problem talking about it.

“About six months give or take.” I say, putting a piece of medium rare lamb in my mouth. “There were lots of people.” Shira smiles. She hasn’t stopped grinning and Kat’s dad hasn’t said a word all dinner. He’s been eating his food, resigned at the end table with a glass of wine. No one’s engaged him.

Kat helps her mom clean up. I offer to help but she shushes me immediately. My tap on my shoulder and a shrug from Kat’s father has me following him into the back office.

The room’s larger than I thought it would be with bookshelves lining every wall, a large leather couch, and a desk by a fireplace with a computer on it.

“I apologize for the secrecy,” He tells me as he studies the shelves. “As well as for my standoffish attitude towards you.” I hadn’t noticed. “I wanted to be sure before I talked to you.” He thumbs over some of the books. He pauses on a brown one with leather binding. He hands me the old book. I get one look at the cover and pause. Embossed on the cover is the name Alexander. My last name. I look up at him.

“What is this?” He gives me a small smile.

“The two packs that lived here used to be one.” He says. “We used to run this town, it’s why there are two plots of land. My family ran this one and the Alexander’s ran the property you’re staying at now.” He gives me a second to digest what his words mean. The Alexanders...

“Why does this have my last name on it?” I ask quietly. He doesn’t answer right away.

“I knew your father. You’re the spitting image of him by the way. Other than those eyes. Those are your mother's. Our family kept in touch... after the move west. Our ancestors made sure of that.”


"The pack migrated in the early 1900s. As more human came into the picture, our home grew smaller, more compact. So they moved to a protected land-"

"Flathead National Forest." He nods.

"Half the pack went with them. To live as wolves and only wolves. To have a stronger connection to the trees."

“You’ve known this the whole time?” He sighs, regret flashing on his face.

“I knew the second I saw you.” I’m confused. So, so confused.

"My parents were Alpha and Luna," I need to hear it. Someone needs to say it.

"Your parents were Alpha and Luna. And your pack was not known by its location but as the Alexander Pack. Largest in the United States." I feel a very heavy weight coming down on my shoulders. "That book is our history. And your family tree." Noticing something loose at the back of the book I pull it out by the corner. It's a photograph, aged probably twenty years. I spot a young Reginald right away and next to him... me? No, not me. My father. And mother.

I’d forgotten I had an older sister.

"Maya and Ryan. They were ten, I believe." I spot their names in the ledger on the book, side by side. And beside my own name... is Sasha. My twin. How could I have forgotten about her? The small red-haired pup I’d spent every waking day with for five years.

“You can keep that.” I sniff, then shake my head, placing the photo back in the book and handing it back to him.

“It's safe here,” I tell him. He studies me.

“If I could pick anyone to take over this pack and keep my daughter safe, I’d pick an Alexander." He says, surprising me. "You guys always have a good head on your shoulders.” Before I can respond, he claps me on the back. “Enough with the sentimental stuff. Let’s get back out there before the ladies wonder what the hell we’re up too.” I only smile, my mind swimming with blurry memories of the family I once had.

Eric takes the car from me. Against my protests, Kat’s been picking me up every morning in her little green car with Louis and their friend Carissa. Kat wants to have a real date. She keeps pushing. But I keep giving her the same answer.

Eric doesn’t talk to me. Not a word. And it's not like I want to talk to him. But this code of silence is getting noticed by the pack.

At night Eric locks my door. But I quickly realized that I can jump out of my window and get safely back inside without a scrape.


So at night, after he’s locked my door I sneak out and go visit Kat’s wolf. We meet beside her territory now. Never though do we step over that invisible line. If Eric were to track me, it'll cause more problems for Kat's Family.

Kat hasn’t brought up the topic of sex since last week. I don’t bring it up. It's not really my place. And there’s no convincing Eric of anything. As I mull over all of the facts: that my parents were Alpha and Luna of this pack, that I've been lied too my entire life and that I'm restricted to my bedroom and chore duties, I about snap.

“Get your head out of your ass.” Eric snaps Friday morning. It’s his first spoken sentence since his and Kat’s spat. I take a pause in wiping down the counters, just to breathe. The pack’s already dispersed, going about their daily routines, some still sleeping. Kat would be here in five minutes. I place the rag in the sink and turn to face Eric.

“Eric,” He looks at me, his steel eyes void of emotion. Be confident. Don’t shrink away. “I’m going to be out late tonight.” My voice doesn’t squeak and I silently praise that. Eric doesn't speak right away. He just stares at me. Then to my amazement, he says:

“Whatever.” Then not to my amazement, as I walk towards the door he says, “you won’t find the house unlocked when you get back.” I turn back to him, my eyes narrowing.

“What are you saying?” I know exactly what he’s saying. “That if I don’t come home by three, for the first time in my life, ever, you’re going to kick me out of the house.”

“Damn straight.” I laugh. I actually laugh. I hear her car pull into the driveway. Kat can wait. If he’s kicking me out, I’m unloading it all. I snap.

“You want to do the laundry?” I ask, my voice starting to shake. “You want to do the cleaning and grocery shopping and cooking? You want to cut the grass and trim the bushes?” I chuckle again, my hands covering my nose in a triangle as I suck in a breath. “Be my fucking guest!” His eyes sharpen. “I’ll tell you something, Eric, Kat means everything to me and you keeping me from seeing her, from trying to have some kind of life, is the end of it.” I get to the door, then turn back around. He’s close enough to punch me. “But I guess you need me, don’t you? I bet this place is under my family’s name.”

“Watch your mouth.” He snaps, his face growing red.

“Am I wrong?” Eric just growls, low and predatorial. “Honestly, you can have it I don’t give a shit. You can have the money and whatever else my parents left. Anything to get away from you.” Not once in this rant, did I raise my voice. Everything was spoken through gritted teeth.

He gets so close to my face tha I can feel his breath. I think he’s going to hit me but he doesn’t. Instead, he grabs me by the shirt, opens the front door and shoves me out.

“Get the fuck off my property.” He growls, slamming the door so hard the framing shakes. I turn to Kat who’s out of her car standing by the front of it, a frown on her face. I can see Louis in the backseat, his head shooting up at the loud sound.

“What’s wrong?” She asks urgently as I pull her into a hug. I place a kiss on her temple. I just smile at her, bending my forehead to touch her as I breathe in her scent to calm myself. “You’re shaking,” She says softly. I only nod, closing my eyes.

“I’m going to need a place to stay.” I tell her.

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