Wolf's Fire

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Chapter Sixteen

*Mature Content

| Cameron |
By the time I walk into the house Kat's parents are gone. She's in the kitchen, her back to me and still naked. I turn away almost immediately. "Want anything to drink?" Kat asks casually.
"Um, no. Thanks," I clip. There's the clinking of glass as she pours herself something.
"You okay?" I jump at her voice at my neck. I'm a child. Such a child. She chuckles, wrapping her arms around my waist, her cold hands slipping under my shirt. I don't know what's wrong with me but I laugh, a very strange, high pitched sound as I slip out of her grasp. "Cameron." She says slowly.
"Yeah?" I ask my back still to her. She's quiet for the longest moment.
"Look at me." Her voice is light. I'm very aware of all the windows in this place. We're open for everyone to see. well, Kat is. And she might be completely comfortable with it. But I'm not... I'm not. I'm not. I'm not.
"Kat," I groan.
"What?" Her voice is still light.
"I'm uh- I've never..." Kat sighs.
"You've never what? Look, Cameron-"
"How about you just go put on some clothes." She's smiling. I can see it in my head.
"You've never seen a female body." It isn't a question. "Because you're in an all-male pack." I wrap my arms around myself and stare up at the ceiling. "You're a man. You've never watched porn?" I close my eyes and shake my head.
"No. Nope. Never." Again, she's silent for the longest time.
"So... clothes?" Kat snorts. Then before I can say anything, she's pulling me with her up the steps. "Kat?" She ignores me and I can't help but be aware her butt's at my eye level. "Katalina?" She spins at the top of the steps, grabbing my free hand and pulling me into her bedroom. It's the same size as the one her mom had given me, with multicolored tapestries covering the right wooden wall. A White curtain covers the two windows. On the floor's a plush white round rug, tucked halfway under the four-poster queen-sized bed.
"Do we have to do that Dominant, Submissive thing to get you to lighten up, Cam?" She knows I'll cave if she starts ordering me around. I know from her wolf, that Kat wants a Dominant male. I'm not dominant. I'm going to disappoint her.
I start to pull away, but she stops me, taking my cheeks in her hands. She kisses me softly. "You see me." She whispers, making me nod. "Now look at me, Cam." I can feel my pants tightening to where it's hurting. Hell, it's felt that way since she shifted and I just hadn't noticed.
Taking my hands, she places them on her upper waist, my thumbs brushing the beginning of her breasts as they travel down her hips, to the curve of her butt. "See," She says, letting my hands roam on their own, and bringing hers to rest on my chest. "Nothing to be afraid of."
Kat kisses me again. This time, when she pulls away her teeth graze my lower lip, and she tugs it lightly. I growl, low and territorial. Her eyes shine. "Let's take off that shirt." She whispers, grasping the hem, and pulling upward. Wolfskin are not meant to be soft creatures. What we are both doing is painful. So painful it aches.
As the shirt comes over my head my wolf breaks free, taking her shoulders, and pushing her into the wall. She hits the wood with a thump and a lopsided smirk forms on her face. I take her in, every part of her. Her peaked nipples on her beautiful breasts, the way her curvy legs are bent, a heel on the wall, allowing her naked, completely naked lower half to be in partial view.
"There's my big bad Alpha." She says, her voice light as a feather and smooth as honey. That one damn word has me spinning. One hand on the wall, the other on her cheek, I kiss her lips, her neck, and then I trail those kisses down to her beautiful breasts and I take one of those nipples into my mouth. Kat, gasps, arching her back, as my hands come to cup those breasts, thumbing over each one before trailing a hand down her stomach to her inner thighs. "Cam," She gasps, just before one finger enters her.
Kat jolts, her butt clenching as I stand, my finger still inside her as I kiss her again. Her tongue pushes against my teeth wanting entrance. I'm more than happy to oblige just as I start moving my finger, in and out slowly. She gasps between kisses.
"Too much material," She grunts, her hands going to the clasp on my jeans. That hand's pinned to the wall before I can personally register it, a growl deep in my throat.
"Not yet." I push a second finger into her entrance. She whimpers, her eyes hooded as I run my tongue over the nape of her neck.
"Cameron," She gasps, panting as I continue to pleasure her. Her bottom lip quivers. "I need more." She says shaking breaths. I try for a third, watching her eyes as I push it's way inside.
In one swoop she's in my arms. Throwing her covers back, I lay her down on the bed. Kat lays there, her head on a pillow, her legs bent and apart. She's shaking as she watches me unbutton my pants. The bulge in my boxer shorts is evident, and she growls her approval, as I lower that thin fabric.

| Kat |
He's fucking hot when he's in control. Not once have I seen his Alpha side come out. He's kept it locked away. Only with my wolf on nights that they met did he oblige her in the hunt, showing her his speed as he chased her through the forest.
This is different. His Alpha side is fully surfaced, and the look on his face tells me he's not about ready to leash it. I'd known he needed a push, just a small push, to get him to open up.
"Top nightstand." I say, my voice coming out breathless as I try to control my shaking. He has no clue how close I'd been to climaxing against that wall. My body's reeling from it.
I close my eyes, and upon opening them again see Cameron kneeling on the bed. He straddles my hips and kisses me, long and hard. He gazes into my eyes, his hazel ones to my blue ones and wraps a hand around his huge cock, stroking it slightly before looking at me again. He wants permission. I wiggle my hips and whimper. He still watches me.
"Fuck Cameron!" I whine, hitting the mattress with my right hand. Chuckling, he leans in to kiss me again but I bare my teeth. My hands go up to hit his chest, but faster than I can blink he has them both pinned at my sides.
"Patience, Kat." He says softly, grinding himself against my entrance.
"You're insufferable!" I whine, finding my hips moving with him. He kisses the nape of my neck, then releases one of my hands to take his cock. I close my eyes and arch my back as it enters me, ever so slowly. Right when it becomes painful he stops and allows my body to adjust before continuing. I gasp as he hits my cervix.
A hand reaches to touch his scarred flesh, but he again grabs my wrists, this time holding them above my head, as he starts thrusting. He kisses and nips every inch of my body. His hair tickles my cheek as he thrusts harder and faster until we fall together into heavenly bliss.
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