Wolf's Fire

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Chapter Seventeen

| Kat |
I wake up with a dull throbbing in my shoulder. Turning onto my side, I find strong arms wrapped around me, cocooning me in. I snuggle into that warmth, wincing as a stray ray of sunlight hits my face.
"Morning," Cameron mumbles into my hair, still practically asleep. I feel like there's something I'm forgetting, but the memories of last night are overpowering me. Cameron and I had sex yesterday until late evening. We tried so many things. Me on top. Him on top... Shaking my head, I take in my Mate's scent. It's strange. He smells like Cameron, but it's blended with something else.
"I told you you were an Alpha," I whisper making him chuckle.
"Yes, you did." He says back. "We were up until midnight." My smile drops to a frown.
"Midnight?" I ask softly.
"Mhm," He answers, starting to fall back asleep.
"And I was here the rest of the night?" Cameron peels open one eye.
"Yeah, why?" I sit up, running a hand through my hair.
"I didn't shift." I look at him. "My wolf didn't take over last night." No. Every beautiful memory I have is my own. "Oh my God." Groaning into a sitting position, he rubs his eyes, yawning. In twelve years, I haven't had a full nights sleep in my bed.
I stand quickly and walk into my bathroom to run the shower. Cameron follows me, leaning against the door frame, sleep still in his eyes. Looking in the mirror my eyes drop to where my neck meets my shoulder. To where there's a purple bruise, with teeth marks evident. A slightly smaller bruise marks Cameron's neck.
Cameron pushes himself off the frame, his eyes have fallen to where mine have and sets a soft hand on my opposite shoulder. "Does it hurt?" He asks softly, pressing his cheek to mine, then lowering his head to kiss the Mark.
"It's okay," The Mark's going to be there for a while. Even with advanced healing capabilities, a mate's Mark stays put. sometimes for weeks. I'll be wearing scarves for a long time.
The shower's steam starts to cover the tip of my mirror, and Cameron's roaming hands, are making me not want to get in, despite the calling heat.
"You should go take your own shower." I say to him. "You smell-"
"Like you?" He says, taking my ear in his teeth. I push him towards the door. "I rather like the scent." Shaking my head, I pull open my shower curtain.
"I never knew you to be so brash." I tell him softly, a smile forming. He chuckles. "You want the whole world to know we had sex?"
"No." He says casually, his eyes finding mine. "I want people to know you're mine."

| Cameron |
I don't want to leave Kat. Even if we both need a shower. The word Mine continues to ring through the back of my mind as I slip into my own bedroom and turn on my own shower.
Kat's mine.
My Mate.
I don't remember biting down on her neck last night. I remember her removing my shirt. I remember her calling me an Alpha. But after that... there's nothing. I'm not stupid. I know that Mark's mine. There's nothing to tell me any different. My entire body's shaking with the need to go back to her. To hold her. To kiss her. To keep her safe.
I nearly jump out of my skin as I come out of the shower, dressed in only a towel, to see Kat's dad standing by the window watching his pack below. He turns when he sees me.
"Those look painful." He grumbles, looking at my chest and feet.
"I don't remember it." The Alpha only nods.
"How're you feeling?" He knows. Of course he knows. He's a fucking Alpha. I work my jaw. "Honestly."
"Honestly, I'm feeling like if a male were to approach Kat I'd rip their face off." He smiles.
"I almost did." He says, making me raise my eyebrows. "The day after Shira and I mated, one of my friends came into the house. He took one look at her Mark and I shoved him into the wall. I mean into the wall. My dad had to pry me off of him." He chuckles, reminscing. "It's completely normal to feel- even act on it. You're going to get into her personal space and she's going to get pissed at you for it, but it's just your Mating. Don't think too much about it." I just stare at him. "You don't see Shira and I judging. We went through it." I close my eyes.
"If we had done this before I left Eric's, what would've happened?" The Alpha's silent as he thinks.
"You would refuse to go back. There'd probably be a fight and you'd be kicked out all the same." I pull open the top drawer of the dresser and go through the clothes Shira had gotten me, and pick out a small red shirt. It fits, though loose. "There are rules and guidelines we go through in our packs. You can't take wolves from other packs, especially if they're kids... unless they find their mate... And Mate." As I turn to look at him, he goes back to watching out the window.
"You wanted this to happen?"
"We wanted you safe. And you weren't in that pack." He lets his words sink in before continuing. "Shira had Katalina when she was eighteen. We met when she was ten. I knew she was my mate when she turned seventeen. Her first Heat, I got her pregnant."
"Why are you telling me this?" He glances at me.
"Her mother and my parents didn't try and stop us. They embraced it because it's the way of the wolf." He shrugs. "When Kat goes into Heat, and it will be soon, you both have a decision to make. Shira can take Kat on a vacation... or you and Kat can... try for pups." He sighs."In the meantime, I want to starting training you." I'm too stunned for words. Her father is obviously uncomfortable. It's easy to tell Shira put him up to it. But what he's saying contains truth.
Although we Mated last night, I don't feel like I'm worth her. Worth this pack. I've lived my life treated like an Omega. I know I'm not, but I've lived that life for so long, I'm unsure if I can actually change.
"For what?" I ask absently, my mind elsewhere. He cocks his head to the side.
"To be Alpha. You have a lot of catching up to do."
"I..." Shit. The Alpha smiles.
"Call me Reginald." I force a small smile back.
"Gotcha." He laughs shaking his head.
"Bright and early tomorrow."

"Morning Cameron," Shira says lightly as I enter the kitchen. I barely hear her, too focused on Kat. She sits on one of the bar stools, her back to me, with a light scarf that matches her eyes around her neck. It's hiding my mark and I find myself supressing a growl in annoyance. I instead walk over to her and wrap my arms around her waist, nuzzling my nose into that invasive scarf.
"Morning," I answer her, my voice muffled by the scarf. Kat runs a hand through my hair as I stand there, keeping my head in the scarf. Shira turns around from the stove smiling.
"You can take as many showers as you two want, that scent's not going away." She says awfully cheerful.
"Thanks, Mom," Kat mumbles, turning her head towards mine and kissing my forehead, her hand still in my hair.
"I need you two to stay in the house today." Shira says seriously placing two plates in front of us. Kat lets go of my hair to pick up the fork. "I know you both want to shift, but please just hide out, okay? Watch a movie or something. I don't want to be dealing with a bloody pack member today." I know which pack member she's talking about. Both Kat and I mumble an okay and dig into the food, french Toast and Sausage. It's absolutely delicious.
Afterwards, Kat throws around her movie collection. Every movie she suggests I shrug at, only because I've never seen any of them and seeing that she's not getting an answer from me, she puts in a random one.
We don't even watch it.
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