Wolf's Fire

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Chapter Eighteen

| Kat |

My parents were pretty adamant that although Cameron and I had Mated, we weren't to actually spend the night together in bed. However, we all realized pretty quickly that avoiding it wasn't an option.

Saturday night I fell asleep in my own bed and woke up curled with Cameron in his own. It wasn't my own doing. It was my wolf. She's adamant to be close to him. I like it, I really do but sometimes there's a limit. We'd been given an order by our Alpha. Father or no, it's valuable to listen to him. I thought maybe it would be a one-night thing, then Sunday rolled around and it happened again.

"I need you to try and be calm," I tell Cameron as he throws on a shirt. I'm still in my pajamas as I stand, and wrap my arms around his waist.

"Hmm?" He mumbles.

"We have to go to school." He turns in my arms.

"...As I'm getting ready for?" I roll my eyes.

"You've kept me in the house for two days. We're going to be around humans. You can't growl at them. You can't give them that preditorial look. You need to act normal." Human normal. He gives me a soft kiss.

"I'll try my best."

"We have to take Carissa and Louis." Cameron tenses but his face remains the same. "Please don't kill my friend." He merely spins me around and pats my butt to get me moving towards the door.

"I'll see you downstairs."

Cameron hates the scarf idea, absolutely despises it. The last two days he's managed to get me to take it off within an hour of putting it on. I throw on some makeup and clothes, choosing a light pink floral scarf to go with my leather jacket, and jog down the steps, only to stop dead. My parents are nowhere in sight, but Louis is already here, his eyes on his phone.

"Where's Carissa?" I ask from the steps. He glances at me. I see the hesitancy in his eyes as he studies the door at the top of the stairs. Cameron's room.

"She had a club meeting this morning. First of the month." Right, right. Cameron's door opens and Louis spins to look back at his phone. My heart sinks a little for him. Cameron stops next to me, brushing himself into my side in a possessive way. He nuzzles my hair soothingly and I tilt my head up to let him kiss me on my forehead.

The tensions heavy in the air and I easily notice Louis's stiff body, clearly aware Cameron's eyeing him up. After a moment I clear my throat. "We should get going." Louis waits for Cameron to get me out the door before following. He slides into the seat behind Cameron, pushing himself as close as he can to the door.


I want to rip his throat out. Kat continued to check on Louis in her rearview as she drove to the school. All I can do to keep myself from growling is clench the seat I'm in. Louis knows I'm on a tight leash. He can sense it and it's why he chose to keep quiet. I know this possessiveness will eventually pass, but currently its suffocating. Louis will be Beta when he grows up. We have to be able to tolerate each other.

Once Kat's parked Louis jumps out of the car without a word and heads into the building. Kat's unbuckling as I grab her hand. She stills but doesn't speak, only watches my hand that's taken hers.

"I don't think I can do this." I bite out. "I thought I could... but I can't." Slowly Kat turns and looks at me, her face void of emotion. She leans in, brushing her lips to mine before pulling back.

"You're mine, Cam." She says softly. "I'm yours." Leaning back into the seat I close my eyes, inhaling her scent surrounding the interior of the car.

"There are classes where I won't see you. I can't-" Kat sighs.

"With Louis," I'm silent. "I'll be in classes with Louis."

"I trust you... God, you've known them all longer than I've known you, but-"

"It's the Mark." I nod. She understands and that's all that matters to me.

The bell rings but neither of us move. We're quiet for the longest time. She kisses me again, but this time she isn't gentle. I don't hear her get out of her seatbelt but she moves onto my lap, the car still running. I growl, the sound reverberating low in my chest. She responds with the same sound, moving to kiss my neck, my cheek, the corner of my lips. Her hands roam my chest under my shirt. I think I heard another bell, but Im too focused on Kat, her body on mine. Her skins soft as my hands roam her arms and her waist.

A tap on Kat's window keeps her from undoing the clasp on my jeans. Kat springs up, her head hitting the roof. Jeanette does a circle motion with her index finger and sighing Kat presses the window button next to my arm. I can feel another growl forming but Kat rests her hand on my chest, soothing me.

"Class started fifteen minutes ago." It had been that long? Jeanette looks at me, most likely notices how burled I look, and takes a breath. "You two have five minutes to get to class or I'll have to call your parents." Kat nods once. She glances at me again. "Just get inside." Shaking her head, she turns and walks back towards the front of the building, her heels clicking on the black pavement.

Kat starts laughing, cute little hickupy noises as she rests her forehead on my shoulder. I don't laugh, but I lean my head on the side of her head, listening to her laugh.


It's a week later that I wake up knowing something's wrong. Cameron's asleep, his face buried into his pillow and his arm draped lazily across my own body. Rubbing my eyes I pick up his charging phone.

7am on a Saturday.

Quietly I slip out from under the covers. First I go over to the window, but the packs asleep. I see Nicole coming back from patrol, her brown and white spotted fur evident. Cameron shifts on the mattress, turning onto his side rather than his stomach and I smile at the innocent sleeping face.

Voices waft from outside the door, and curious, I peek the door open a crack. Familiar scents hit my nose, that immediately have me on edge.

"Thanks for meeting with us today." Alaric says smoothly.

"It's no problem." My father responds in the same fashion.

"We have appreciated you taking in Cameron, but it's time he returns home." I manage to suppress a growl but my entire body is shaking.

"You are aware that they are Mated?"

"Yes," Alaric says rather sharply. "But he is still underage-"

"Pack law states-"

"We are fully aware of Pack law, Alpha." Eric bites in. My chest is reverberating. "But by the time you file that paperwork and make it official and legal he will be eighteen. It could take up to a year to get it processed and until then he is my property."

"Eric," Alaric says so quietly I barely hear him. I understand why. Cameron isn't his son. He owns him like a slave. He's right though that it could take up to a year to initiate Cameron. It could take almost twice as long for a mind link to form between him and the rest of my pack. They all have to acknowledge him first and that hasn't happened yet, usually didn't happen until it was legalized.

My mother sighs. "Would you be up for any negotiating?" Silence.

"What kind of negotiating?" Eric says slowly. I'm sure my father can hear my heart beating in my chest and or has caught my scent by now but he says nothing.

"Cameron has every right to come onto this property. To stay here if need be. That is no question." My mother says. "But would you allow him to stay here a few nights a week? For my daughters sake." A long pause. Too long.

"We will consider allowing him to come over once in a while." Consider. Not promise. A hand on my shoulder makes me jump, and Cameron pulls me into him as he peaks out the door. I don't say anything. Neither does he. But we hold each other, taking in our similar scents.

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