Wolf's Fire

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Chapter Nineteen


There was no point in trying to fight Eric. For some bizarre reason he wanted me back and so that was where I had to go. He gave me one day to pack my belongings, returning later that evening to pick me up.

Kat’s trying not to cry as I hold her in the driveway, her face buried in my chest as her fingernails dig into my skin. My head rests on top of hers as I hold her.

Alaric’s already in the car eyes on his phone while Eric’s beady eyes stare us down outside the drivers side door. “Don’t go,” Kat says quietly holding me tighter as I start to unwind myself from her.

“I have too.” She shakes her head. ”Kat,” Her lower lip quivers.

“Any day now.” Eric snaps and I can’t help but growl at him, teeth and all. Alaric whistles. Eric only rolls his eyes.

“I love you.” She lets me go as I kiss her softly on the lips. I make a point to slam the car door shut as I get in and Eric shoots me a glare through the rearview.

“Things are going to change?” Eric says as we pull up to the driveway.

“Really.” My voice must’ve sounded bored and arrogant for Eric hits the break hard, slamming me into the seatbelt. He twists to look back at me, one arm over the side of his seat.

“Listen here you little shit, I am your Alpha. You do as I say. Got it?” When I don’t answer him, Eric growls, low and angry. Instinctually I sink into the seat. “Answer. Me.”

“Yes, sir.”

“What?” I clear my throat.

“Yes sir.” He unbuckles himself and gets out of the car. Alaric does the same, opening my own door and pulling me out before I can do it myself. He drags me into the house by my collar and to the living area where the entire pack sits talking, waiting it seems. They all go silent when they see me, smell me. Alaric shoves me forward, something only Eric had really ever done, so that I trip and fall onto all fours.

“You think you can just walk out on us?” Eric growls. I consider snapping back. Telling him that it had been him that had kicked me out. But I don’t. That voice I’d learned to have in the week I’d been with Kat is squashed. I stare at the carpet, still on all fours. “You up and left. You are underage. Do you understand that. You are a child.” Everyone’s silent as they watch. “As of this moment you’re no longer attending that school.” I tense. “You’re no longer going to see that girl. You’re going to work.” I growl. Can’t help it.

“You can’t do that-”

“I can and will do what I want.” I glare up at him.


“Do I look like I care?” Eric glances at the rest of the pack. He hasn’t told them, I realize. The pack thinks she’s just some stupid crush. “If any of you see him shift, inform me immediately.” I have to shift. It’s a biological need.


“Shut. Up. Dog.” My entire body starts to shake. No one here will stand up for me. They’re too tight under his thumb to even try. “You’re job here is simple. You clean the house, cook the food, and do the laundry.”

“I’m not your-” Eric kicks me, knocking me onto my back and pinning me. His face is mere inches from mine.

“Do. We. Have. A. Problem?” His hands move to my neck. He squeezes until I’m gasping for air then releases me. I cough as I take in big gulps of oxygen. “We’re done here.”

The pack stands and rushes out, stepping around my wheezing self. Once they’re gone, it’s only Eric, Alaric and myself left. I glare at them both.

“She’s my mate Eric. You can’t keep her from me.” Eric turns back on me.

“Im your Alpha.” He says erily calm. “You are my Omega. There’s no room for debate.” He starts to walk towards the stairs when I open my mouth.

“But I’m not really an Omega.” I didn’t yell it. In fact, I said it rather calmly and quietly but I was loud enough for Eric to hear. He stops dead.

“Repeat that.” He says.

“Eric,” Alaric says slowly.

“You’re dismissed Alaric.” He tenses but nods, going into the back yard. Eric turns back to face me, flexing his hands at his sides as he thinks. He walks over to me, and kneels, so that his face is barely a foot from my own.

“You think you’re an Alpha.” He says softly before chuckling. “You’re barely a wolf.”

“My parents-”

“Were fools. Your parents were fools.” My eyes sharpen at his words. "Do you want to know a little secret, Dog?" He again, grabs my shirt. It seems to be his favorite move. "They got themselves killed." I start to snarl but he pushes me back. "I'm not done. You started this."

"Eric-" He hauls me to my feet, beginning to push me towards the stairs.

"Just listen: Your parents thought we could survive in the forest. Said they wanted to be more at one with their wolf." Eric snorts. "Your father banned shifting. Said, it messed with the "fung shway" of the place. No matter how much we pushed, he said no." He starts hauling me up the steps. "So a group of us got together, and decided some things needed to change.

"Humans are taking up more and more land. So we needed to grow and adapt. To make sure that if the time came we had a backup nearby for our pack. Your father didn't want to hear it so we chose to get rid of the problem." Eric shoves me into my room, slamming me into the bed against the wall. He follows me in, slamming the door shut behind him.

"The plan originally was to start a fire close to the den. When the Alpha and Luna went to rescue their two young pups, we'd close them off. But your father caught us lighting a bush on fire. So I had to get my hands dirty." My entire body's shaking. I make a move for the window, only to run into bars. They hadn't been there before. Down below the pack's outside, having shifted. It looks like their about to go running.

"Like the new addition Cam?" Slowly I turn around. My body's shaking.

"If you hated my family so much why keep me?" I barely hear my own voice. Eric leans against the door, arms crossed as he studies me. There' s a look there I've never seen before.

"If every single member of your family died, we'd have lost all the money the pack had. It's in the Alexander name. Your brother survived the fire. He'd almost been of age. He could've gotten us that money. But then somehow you survived."

"I told you, you could have the money." Still I cannot hear my voice.

"I don't trust a Dog." I flinch at the nickname. "You were barely three months old. The fact that you survived those wounds..." He shakes his head. "It showed how strong of a Wolf you'd turn out to be." Eric snorts.

"And Ryan?"

"He could be alive for all I know. He had some pretty serious injuries, though. He hadn't actually been taught the finances of the pack. Maya was supposed to take over... since she was the first to find her mate."

“You killed everyone in our pack.” Eric steps farther into the room. I shrink back.

"That was an unfortunate accident. We didn't account for the drought."

“You killed my parents.” Eric nodded.

“I’d do it again. I made a mistake allowing you to go to that school.” I growl, low and preditorial as I move to hit him. He stops me, pinning my arms behind my back with one hand and holding my neck with the other. “When you decide to listen to me, you can come out. I won't stand for insubordination.” He moves to slam the door.

“I’d rather die.” Eric just glances at me before shutting the door, clicking it locked. I fall down on the bed, and hot tears spill down my face.


I knew something was wrong when he didn’t come to school on Monday. After second period I had an anxiety attack in the bathroom. Louis found me and called my Mom.

"Do you want to-"

"Nope." I sit in the passenger seat of my mom's Jeep, my arms crossed in front of me as I stare out the window. Sighing Mom makes a left outside of the school instead of a right. "Where are we going?" She answers me by turning into the Starbucks at the next light.

"Iced Latte?" I shrug. Fifteen minutes later we're back at the house and all I have is a bitter coffee to make me happy. Dad's sitting at the kitchen table when we walk in.

"I'll be in my room."

"No Kat." Dad says. I turn to him. "You cannot go up to your room and mope. If you aren't going to school you're helping me outside." I shake my head.


"No room for discussion."

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