Wolf's Fire

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Chapter Twenty-Six

I'm in the early stages of Heat. Which means, Cameron isn't so overcome with his emotions that he can't be sensible. But he's pliable. I need my mate. My wolf's take over of my body's drained me. I need his presence. His touch.
But even with my words he doesn't move. He's tense, his hands clenched so tight I can see blood from my position in the shower. I need to remind myself to treat him as I would a pup. He knows nothing of our ways, our traditions. He's just been following me around hoping to catch up.
We haven't talked about children. These last few weeks have been so hectic there was never time to bring it up. I've watched my mother struggle to have more children. Most Alpha's have two or three litters. My parents only have me. I'm their only hope for our family's future. I won't risk waiting until I feel ready, because I have no idea what will happen in the future.
'I want pups.' I tell him through the bond. 'I don't want to wait.' Cameron's eyes go soft. A growl forms in the pit of his stomach. He walks, stalks up to me, cups my cheeks in his hands, and pulls me onto his lips. For his aggression, he's very gentle. I shove the curtain out of the way and wrap my arms around his neck, soaking his navy blue shirt. If he cares he doesn't show it. Instead he brushes back my wet hair and holds me back, studying my blue eyes.
"I love you." He breathes. Before I have a chance to react he lifts me out of the shower. Instinctually my legs wrap around his waste. Forgetting the running water, he carries me out of the room. He nuzzles my neck, his teeth nipping my wet skin and causing gasps to escape my mouth. My hands barely keep us from smashing into the doorframe, as he carries me to my mess of a bed.
I'm painfully aware that he's still dressed, his clothes now as wet as myself. Gripping the hem, I pull his shirt off and with a slight of the hand send it falling to the wood floor. His eyes are practically glowing as he stares at me. Resting my butt on the edge of my bed, he moves to untangle himself. I go to feel his chest, but he grasps my hands, leaning in to press his lips gently to mine.
'You're mine.' He says through the mind link. In response I lean into his kiss, only for him to pull away. He feathers kisses down the center of my chest, my stomach and down to my thigh. He sucks on the skin right beside my hair line. I illicit a gasp.
Cameron doesn't give me a chance to process where his lips go next. He licks and nips at the most sensitive part of body. My now free hands grip the sheets as my back arches. At that moment I know my eyes are glowing. The growl that escapes my mouth is not a normal one. My eyes meet his. He watches me as he works.
He smiles.
I love him.
He's becoming bold. Any awkwardness from our first meeting has been replaced with this self assured man. He still has a long way to go. Right now, right here, I'm happy he's mine.
Cameron moves back up to my neck, leaving me panting. My eyes flutter shut and my hands, now free, run through his hair.
When Cameron enters me there's no warning. He's gentle, again allowing my body to adjust to him. It doesn't take as much time as the first. We're meant to be together. We balance each other. He's mine. I'm his. We're mates.
We fall asleep in each other's arms.

I'm not ready to start a family.
I've barely got myself figured out. If my brother's alive I want to find him and I can't have a pregnant mate waiting for me to come home. But it's as if my wolf's taken over. All the power and need I've been feeling since this morning has intensified and I find myself loving her before I can blink.
Heat's a dangerous thing.
I literally cannot control myself. My wolf betrays me as he kisses and nips her. I wonder how long it will be until I restrict her from leaving the bed. If this is only the beginning, then I'm scared.
Kat sleeps in my arms. One leg draped over mine and her face buried in my chest. She has a smile on her face. For a short moment the thought of running enters my head. It would only be for the duration of her Heat, not a second more. But I know better.
I don't have a choice here.
I untangle myself from Kat and slip from the bed. Pulling on my boxers, I step out of the room and head to the kitchen. Food's calling me. It's nearly two in the morning and I haven't had a thing to eat since Alaric forced eggs down my throat nearly twenty four hours ago.
As I reach the last step I realize I'm not alone. Shira sits at the kitchen island. Her back's to me as I approach and while she doesn't say anything, I'm sure she hears me.
"Shira?" I ask softly rounding the corner of the island. She glances up at me, shaking her head slightly as if in a daze.
"Hello Cameron." She says unsmiling. Her white, blonde hair's pulled into a messy bun. She pulls her robe tighter around herself. "There's some left over chicken in the fridge." She yawns.
"Thanks," I mumble back.
"We're having a meeting tomorrow morning to induct you into the pack." She says as I pull out the food. I don't say anything. "Eric won't touch you again. We'll do everything in our power to make sure of it."
"Like what?" I involuntarily snap. It's Shira's turn to be silent. She doesn't appear to be angry. In fact, her eyes soften. "He took me back last time, after you said I was safe." Shira nods.
"The next time he shows up we call the police and have him arrested. They don't like to involve themselves with us so it'll be over rather quickly. Without a pack he's a rogue." This doesn't make sense to me. Shira sighs. "You have no idea what I'm talking about do you?"
"No." I tell her.
"When it became government knowledge that Skins existed like Wolfskins, they instituted rules to satisfy their need for regulation. A pack must consist of six or more wolves. They must be documented. The pack must also be controlled by an Alpha to keep the rest of the pack in line. Without a pack, you are considered a rogue. We can put those wolves down or the military will do it for us."
"Sounds serious." Shira's eyes darken.
"How do you think Eric got around that rule?" Shira doesn't hesitate to answer.
"He probably used you to say he was training you in respect to your parents last wishes. It's one of the reasons he needed you to stay with him." Snorting, I resist the urge to roll my eyes. Of course, it was about more than the money. I stick the chicken in the microwave. "Is that all that's bothering you Cameron?" I swallow, and sheepishly turn back to face her. "I can read you like an open book." Alright, alright. Shira's a friend. A very nice, mother of my mate, friend.
"Talk me through this whole kid thing?" I say slowly cringing as the microwave beeps. Surprisingly, Shira smiles.
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