Wolf's Fire

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Chapter Twenty-Eight


Pushing Cameron into the wall of my bedroom, I grab his head, bringing his lips to mine roughly.

“Kat,” He starts. “Wait-”

“No.” I need this. Him. We barely made it back into the house before I pulled him up to my room. This is naturally what he should be doing to me. But I don’t want to talk to my parents. I don’t want to be around them. They won’t come into the room if I’m with Cameron. They wouldn’t want to walk into that.

I growl.

This fabric’s invasive. I want it gone.

“Katalina,” Seeing that he won’t let me pull it off of him, I rip it right off his body. It’s his turn to growl and before I have time to process it, he switches positions, instead shoving me into the wall and bending down to kiss me.

His wolf wants this. “Take those damn pants off.” I snap. When he doesn’t move for the buckle, I do it myself, pulling his waist to mine as I undo the clasp. Cameron groans but doesn’t stop me. His butterflies kisses down my neck, only stopping so I can bend to shove his pants down to his ankles, taking his boxers with them. Gripping his item in my hand, I stroke it, making him buck and without giving him a chance to pull me back up I lick the entirety of his shaft.

“Fuck,” He bites out. He’s stopped telling me to stop. In fact he starts pushing me along, his hand finding a place in my hair as I take his member in my mouth. Moving back and forth, I force the thoughts of my parents lies out of my head, and focus instead on mate.

He pulls me back up before he can finish, and kisses me softly, again trailing kisses down my neck.

“Why am I the only one undressed here,” He says into my ear.

I wake up to pounding on the door. Groaning I turn onto my side, pressing my face into Cameron’s chest. “You have five minutes to get your butts downstairs.” Louis says through the door. “I’ve been advised not to enter.” Cameron chuckles.

“We’ll be down in a minute.” I yell back. Alone again, I run my hands over my mate’s scars, before placing a soft kiss on his chest.

“Kat,” He sighs.

“What?” Shaking his head, Cameron slides off the bed, knocking me off of him. He slides on his boxers and pants before moving to the window to look out. I can hear the pack outside, talking and laughing loudly. The smell of steak’s been making me hungry for the last hour. “What the hell Cam?” I snap. “Come back here.”

“No.” He says. I blink. “There’s a party downstairs, that your parents have thrown for me. While there is nothing more I would love to do than kiss you and make love to you all night, I would very much like to go downstairs and eat some steak. Something I haven’t had in a very long time.” He’s not yelling or angry, he’s just telling me his thoughts rationally. I’m being an ass.

“Okay,” I say, standing and heading over to my closet.


The first steak I’ve had in years. I have to hold my breath as I take a bite, knowing full well a moan would escape my lips given the chance. Kat leans into my as I eat. Or I lean into her. I can’t tell the difference. She eats beside me at one of the tables, talking to a young woman off to the side.

I don’t know anyone here. The only people I do, have dissapeared. Kat introduces me to so many wolves that I lose count. Names and faces blur together until I lose any concentration.

At the end of the night families with young children as well as the elderly say goodnight and head home, leaving about thirty of us still dancing and carrying on.

The most surprising part of the night comes at the end, when everyone as a unit, shifts. I avoid any and all eye contact with Kat as we undress, knowing full well that I’ve been fighting my urges all evening. Landing on all fours, surrounded by a sea of wolves I sniff the ground and almost throw a fit.

My sense of smell is increased ten fold in my wolf form. The smell of Kat is nauseating and I find myself shaking trying to keep myself together.

bad idea.′ I tell her. Her white wolf looks at me before rubbing herself against my body. ′Very bad idea Kat.′ She nips at my ear.

We have to shift like this for your mind link to form with the pack.′ She tells me.

While I understand the importance, maybe it would’ve been wise to wait until after your Heat.′ I bite out. Rolling her eyes, she prances ahead of me, sticking her tail up over her head to give me a clear view of her rear end. ′I’m serious Kat.′I tell her.

Lighten up Cameron.′ She tells me. We weave around other pack members until we’re at the front of the pack with Reginald and Shira. I stand between her and her family. Leaning his black head back he lets out a howl. Shira joins him, then Kat and me. The entire pack joins in the chorus.

How much pain are you in?′ Reginald’s voice echoes in my head.

‘A lot’ I answer back. I don’t have thirty seconds. Reginald looks at me, then speaks to the entire pack.

Thank you, everyone for your warm welcome initiating Cameron. You may stay and party or you may retreat to your homes. Have a great night.′ Others have already gone home and the pack Alpha knows this. I guess he was just referencing those that stuck around. I nod at him once in gratitude and bolt for the house.

I can’t be in this form another second.


There are bruises littered all over my body. Not from intentional pain. Cameron would never intentionally hurt me. When I’m in Heat, Cameron’s not himself. He’s rough, hard, and every time I try to get up, whether that be to use the bathroom or get some food he stops me, gripping my wrist or arm so tight, I gasp.

There’s a point where I want it to stop. My thoughts had been that this would be enjoyable, almost like a honeymoon. But this is brutal. While taking a shower, Cameron keeps his hands on my waist, ignoring the pelting water as he kisses my neck.

“I love you.” He says to me as I try and wash my hair.

“I love you too Cam.” I answer back trying to reach for the conditioner bottle on the top shelf.

This pain, this brutality should only last about a week or two. Then we can continue our way through high school. These two weeks will be worth it. They should be worth it. Reward is not without struggle, I remind myself.

Two Weeks Later


Two weeks. Kat’s Heat lasts two whole weeks. For those two weeks we didn’t see her parents once. I have a feeling they didn’t even stay in the house. I’m thankful we’re wolves. the bruises on Kat’s arms heal in a matter of hours. I try to not feel too guilty.

She sleeps next to me, her body curled into mine, an arm draped over my chest. Kat’s been asleep for two days now, snoring softly as her body tries to heal.

I did this for her.

I’m not ready to have children. I’m still trying to figure out who I am and how to navigate this world that Eric’s kept hidden from me. But knowing that Kat’s parents are supportive, and with Shira’s promise to me that she’d be there to help in any way we need, I feel just a bit better.

I love this.′ Kat says through the mind link. Her eyes are closed, lips parted as if she’s still asleep. I brush back her blonde hair, and lean forward to press a kiss to her temple.

I love you.′ She opens her eyes and looks up me. A smile plays on her lips.

“I want to run.” She says, her voice quiet. I shake my head.

“You’re still weak Kat.”

“I’m not-” All I have to do is look at her, for her to stop arguing. She sighs. “Can we just go outside? It looks nice out.” She’s right. It’s clear skies at the moment.

“If you can stand on your own, sure.” Groaning, Kat pushes herself up into a sitting position, then slides gingerly off the bed.

“Can you...?” She gestures to her closet. “Anything.”

“Yeah.” I answer. Helping her into sweatpants and a t-shirt, I guide her to the door. At the stairs I sweep her into my arms and carry her down.

“I feel like a bride.” She says into my ear, making me chuckle.

“Oh good, you’re up!” Shira says. Kat jumps backwards into my chest, just as I set her on her feet. Her mother rushes over to us from the kitchen.

“Mom,” Kat breathes.

“Are you guys hungry?” Shira asks. “You two look hungry. I’ll make food.” Before we can argue, she’s back in the kitchen, pulling out pans, and food from the fridge.

“Come on,” Kat says quietly, pulling me towards the sliding door.

“Thanks Shira,” I call, before Kat shuts us outside.

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