Wolf's Fire

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One Year Later


Kat sleeps soundly. Her back pressed to the back of the den, her tail tucked over her hind legs, it wags slightly as she dreams. Curled into her side, our two pups sleep. Its mid day, and I'd originally hoped Kat would be able to sit in with me on the conference call I'm to have with my parents estate attorney, a man by the name of David Polanski. But Kat's been up since early morning taking care of Keenan and Amberlee and I won't wake her. She doesn't get much sleep as it is.

The pups are beautiful in more ways than one. They both seem to take after me, with my hazel colored eyes, and red fur. The only sign that they're Kat's, comes from the solid white stripe of fur that travels from their forehead, above the eyes, to the bridge of their nose. It's striking. The rest of their bodies are a mix of reds and greys.

Climbing out of the den, I shake my fur free of the dirt and stretch my legs before heading towards the Main Pack House. Though it's noon, no one seems to be out. Most likely the adults are working, and the kids I know are at school. Grabbing my running shorts off of a patio chair, I head into the house, and straight into Reginald's office.

"Where's Katalina?" He asks from his desk as he messes with the computer.

"Everyone's asleep. Thought it best to leave it that way." He smiles at that. "Thanks for setting this up for me." I add, as Reginald hits the side of the computer with a grunt. He glances up at me and shrugs.

"It's no problem." He mutters. A buzzing noise resonates from the speaker, causing the Alpha to jump, raising his hands in the air. "Did I break it?" I chuckle, before walking around to get a view of the computer. Skype is up, and there's a picture of a phone on the screen.

"You have to hit accept." I say. Reginald lowers his hands and gives me a sheepish look, one I've only seen when he's trying to figure out technology, and using the curser, moves to click the accept button. The screen blinks, and a man's face appears.

David's much older than myself, probably seventy, seventy five years old, with gray hair and a round wrinkled face. He's wearing a nice suit, expensive probably.

"Hello?" He says, leaning forward just a bit.

"Mr. Polanski, hi." I say, leaning down to get my face in the camera. Reginald quickly stands to give me the seat.

"Ah, you must be the young Alexander." He says, adjusting the black round metal glasses on his face.

"Yes sir. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with me." He waves his hand.

"It's no problem." He says. "Your letters amazed me. Until recently I thought all the Alexander's were dead. Lets jump right into it, shall we?" He clears his throat. "Your father left behind nine individual properties, and three large investments, which today have summed up to roughly 24 million dollars."

"Are you serious?"

"Quite, Mr. Alexander." I fall back into the chair. That's a lot of money. No wonder Eric was so hell bent on getting it. "Without an heir to inherit, the money was left in escrow as per your father's request. Basically the funds were frozen. Until about five years ago." I stare at the screen for a few seconds. David doesn't continue.

"What happened five years ago?" I ask him, a bit of frustration in my voice. He sighs.

"I was approached by a Mr. Ryan Alexander." The air around me stills.

"My older brother." I say with a breath I didn't know I'd been holding.

"This is why I wanted you to meet with me in person, as per the letters. All ownerships and funds have been transferred into his name and so you have no access to it. You do however, have a claim. According to your father's will, he left the remaining funds to be distributed between his children, in the event that a tragedy such did happen, would occur." I care little to none about the money. We don't need it, especially a number that big.

But it's a chance to find my brother. I'll take it. I'd promised myself a year ago, that I'd wait until the pups grew up, so that Kat wasn't left alone raising them, however short the time may have been. But this is the best chance I have of finding my brother.

"How do I get in contact with Ryan?" I ask, leaning forward with my arms on the desk. My brother's alive and I'm going find him.

Book 2: Wolf's Inferno, Fall 2018

follows Ryan one month after the fire.

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